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News About Travel in India
My travel and spiritual journal of a trip to India in 2006-2007. Includes travel guides to the places I have been to, spiritual insights into my travels, and photos of the beautiful country of India that I have taken along the way.

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The first blog post starts from the bottom of the page.
  • India to Me - Well it has finally come to an end, I would love to keep talking and reminiscing about India, but I guess its time to move on.
  • India Experience - G'day to you all from Australia, I wrote on my last post about giving some tips through my experience travelling around India for five months.
  • Last Days in Delhi - Namaste to you all, well I finally arrived in Delhi, it was early morning and quite cold. Its been three months since I passed through Delhi on my way down to the South of India.
  • The Road Back to Delhi - Namaste to you all, the journey back to Delhi was certainly interesting. India was going to test me right up until the last minute that I left her shores. I'd caught a little bus from Omkareshwar, and for once it wasn't overloaded thank god.
  • The Holy Place of Omkareshwar - India - Namaste to you all, well it was time to leave for my next adventure. I'd been told that there was a small out of the way village called Omkareshwar.
  • Monks of Ajanta, India - Namaste to you all, I'm going to place the last of my photos of the Ajanta caves in this post. There were a small group of Buddhist monks visiting the caves while I was there, I got some nice shots of them going about their business.
  • Journey Back to Northern India - Namaste to you all, I'm just adding pictures on this post and will write plenty in the next few posts. I'm slowly making it back to where it all started nearly five months ago, boy that's gone quick.
  • Ajanta Caves, India - Namaste to you all, here are some pictures of the Ajanta caves. I realized looking through the photos again how beautiful they were in their own right.
  • Ancient India - Namasate to you all, after visiting Ellora caves my next trip was to the Ajanta caves about an hours trip from Aurangabad. I'd heard about the Ajanta caves back in Australia so I was really looking forward to seeing these ancient temple caves.
  • Ellora, India - Namaste to you all, I'm just going to place pictures on this post dedicated to the Ellora caves. There were so many of them and I got trigger happy with my camera, so I thought I'd place heaps of photo's on this post.
  • Lost World of India - Namaste to you all, well I left Mamallapuram with a sense of excitement and relief. Excitement knowing that I'd be in one of the most awe inspiring places in India, the Ajanta Caves.
  • Ancient India - Namaste to you all, yes Im still alive just been very busy. After the quietness and solitude of Auroville, I set off again up the coast to a small coastal village called Mamallapuram.
  • Bonjour from India - Bonjour to you all, you might be wondering why the french, well my next destination is at a place called Pondicherry. Well Pondicherry was a former French colony that was first settled in the 18th century.
  • South India - Namaste to you all, well Im heading up north again along the east coast of India. Pam, Trev and I went to Madurai, its a large city with about 1.19 million people living there, so its time to get geared up again for the hustle and bustle of another Indian city.
  • South India - Namaste to you all, I'm well behind on my posts so I'm going to show you mainly pictures for a few of them. There's one story though I'd like to share with you, while we were in Bangalore getting Frank's camera I witnessed a very strange experience.
  • Travelling Through India - Namaste to you all, I think this sign says it all. I found it on a wall in a little town in the mountains and I thought it would be appropriate to start this post off with it. It's a quote from that great man Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Happiness in Hampi, India - Namaste to you all, well I'm a bit behind in my posts, since Hampi I've covered allot of territory. I've now arrived in Varkala, which is in the south of India, in a state called Kerala.
  • Finding Magic in Hampi and India - Namaste beautiful people, I arrived in a wonderful fairytale town in the middle of India called Hampi. This place is one of the most beautiful and at the same time strangest places I've ever been to in the world.
  • Motorcycle Diaries of India - Namaste to you all, as most of you all know I hired a bike and road around most of the state of Goa. Here are the pictures I took on my travels. I tell you it was very freeing to cruse around on a beautiful old fashion bike.
  • Motorcycle Diaries - Namaste to you all, well I've left Goa which is a good thing, its quite an expensive place because of the tourism factor. I left on the 11th of January and arrived in a wonderful place called Hampi.
  • Happy New Year from India - Namaste to you all, well another year over, I hope you all had a safe Christmas and new years eve party. I've still for some reason got a huge resistance to get on a computer, but like I said to a guy the other night, feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • Merry Christmas from India - Namaste to you all, sorry I haven't done any posts or sent out a newsletter in the past week, I've had what I would term Blogger block. For some reason I haven't felt like getting on a computer. I've arrived in Goa it's a great place, very touristy, it's ok for a change.
  • Well Over Diu, India - Namaste people, well I'm back in Delhi waiting to catch my plan to Goa for the Christmas break. I went back to the Internet cafe where I left my CD of Diu island and these wonderful men who run the cafe had kept it for me, very lucky.
  • Living and sharing with a Tibetan Family - Namaste to you all, as I write this its started to snow outside, the first day its snowed this year. So you can imagine its getting quite cold here, its certainly time to leave and hit the surf, yippee.
  • Freedom for Tibet - Namaste to you all, I've now spent about two weeks in Mcleod Ganj. As you know this is where most of the population are Tibetan refugees.
  • Mountains of Gods - Namaste to you all, well what another wonderful experience I had up in Mcleod Ganj. A few of us decided to hike up to the mountains and stay in a little cafe called Snow Line cafe.
  • Teachings from the Dalai Lama - Namaste everyone, well me and my old mate God have done it again. One of the biggest experiences that Ive longed for was to meet the Dalai Lama. This is one of the big reasons I came to Mcleod Ganj at this time.
  • India and the Power of Now - Namaste to you all, well I've arrived in Mcleod Ganj. In case some of you don't know, this is where the Dalai Lama now lives along with thousands of Tibetan refugees. Its a magical place, its at the start of the Himalayas. The air is fresh and clear and so is the energy.
  • Sweet India - I'm back in Delhi now, ready to go to the mountains and hopefully meet the Dalai Lama. It would be another dream of mine if i were to meet his holiness.
  • Postcard from India - Namaste to you all, well I'm still falling more and more in love with this wonderful country and its people. I've been sitting back lately watching how we humans are always looking outside ourselves for our happiness.
  • Postcard from India - Namaste everyone, Im giving a quick plug to some wonderful people I met in Pushka. I've also added some more photos of my travels.
  • Postcard from India - Namaste everyone, well I've been traveling for about almost a month now, boy has it gone quick. A lot of healing has come up over the past couple of days.
  • Oneness, Love and Acceptance from India - Namaste to you all, well Im still in Pushka, the camel festival is still building. People from all over the state are bringing their camels, pigs and horses for selling. Pushka normally has about 12,000 local people and about a 1,000 tourist outside of the camel festival, once it starts they say there will be about 200,000 Indians from all over the country converge in the town and the surrounding areas and about 10,000 tourist, as you see its a huge event.
  • Postcard from India - Namaste everyone, well since being in Pushka a lot of emotions have been coming up, my heart isn't as open which is ok, I've known for some time now that Pushka was going to be the place where most of my healing will take place.
  • Australian Cricket Team Scoop - Well, well what can I say, for most of you, you wouldn't understand but for those who love cricket you would be salivating at what your about to read and see. I met an Aussie girl in the morning and in our conversation cricket came up she told me that her brother received a tip that the Australian and England cricket teams would be staying at a five star hotel ten minutes from where we were staying.
  • Travel in India - Here's the pictures I promised you all finally. Oh and yes I also have another side to me, I love sport and especially cricket Im hopefully meeting the Australian team at practice tomorrow and watching them play the poms on Saturday, go the Aussies oi oi oi.
  • Postcard from the Country of India - Namaste to you all, well what can I say it just keeps getting better and better everyday. I love this country, I've had so many flash backs of past lives its not funny. Indians are such wonderful people, they have a zest for life and most of them are by in large happy, contented people.
  • Postcard From India - Well where do I start? I arrived in India last Tuesday at two o'clock in the morning, had a great flight everything went with ease and grace and I guess it has since I've been here. I cant say it enough how important it is to follow your guidance and your heart.
  • Pilgrimage to India - I've been organizing my trip to India, Nepal and now maybe Tibet. Im leaving on the 10th of this month and flying into Deli. I hope to be traveling for a year, I plan to go all around India visiting ashrams and temples as well as meeting the Dalai Lama, which has been a dream of mine for years.

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