Thursday, January 18, 2007

Motorcycle Diaries

Namaste to you all, well I've left Goa which is a good thing, its quite an expensive place because of the tourism factor. I left on the 11th of January and arrived in a wonderful place called Hampi. It's a small town with only a very slow dial up system, hence no posts and no newsletter. It's a nightmare to upload images and so forth, so I put it off till I got to Bangalore, which is the I.T city of India if not the world.

Now back to Goa, this place certainly brought up allot of stuff for me. Its the most touristic place in India, a bit like Miami done on the cheap. I sat back and witnessed allot of lost souls in this place from all over the world. Most people that come to Goa come to escape their lives, so 99% of the Westerners here were there for one thing, to get as drunk and as off their heads as possible. Which is OK, but sometimes its quite sad to see 40 to 60 year old people still doing acid or L.S.D if you like and there were a hell of allot of drugs I've never even heard of. Believe me there is no judgement here, for I cannot judge for I have been there my self many, many years ago, I fully understand and could see clearly in these people's eyes, the pain and suffering they were experiencing.

Like all of us, when you break it all down and take it to the core of the matter, every human being on this planet just wants to be loved and accepted. It's what we're all yearning for in one way or another. I could clearly see in these people's eyes that most of them were just trying to fit in, to be accepted by others, so because like in our school days peer pressure plays a big part in their choices, for example taking drugs etc, etc. I can through my teaching see very easily the part alcohol and drugs play, masking the pain, anger and sadness in most of the people I watched and met.

Now for those of you who judge these people, maybe you don't even realise some of your vices. To me T.V is just another form of drug, next time you walk into your living room, stop and look at your family or friends watching the T.V, they look like they're on drugs, the T.V has them mesmerised. No one is communicating anymore, no one is expressing whats coming up for them, they just sit and tune out, just like when your on drugs.

Looking back at Western society from here is quite amusing, technology certainly has played a huge part in human lives to distract us from healing and finding peace and joy. At every turn there are distractions now, our day is full of them. How can one possibly find silence, peace and joy with all the gizmo's and gadgets we've got. I spent time in Hampi and went around the outer villages, the simple life they lead certainly looks allot less stressful then in the West. I'm not saying that we have to all go back to herding sheep and growing crops, but we have to find a balance in our busy daily lives for quietness. In the quietness we find peace, the peace we're all searching for.

To be 'ALONE'(when I look at the word 'ALONE' and break it up, it becomes 'AL-ONE') when we sit in silence and give our busy mind a rest, we become whole again. Some say in this silence you'll find 'GOD', what ever you call it, we as a society don't spend enough time sitting in silence with the breath, not doing just being. So for those of you looking for peace in your heart and mind, just stop and think how much time you give to yourself and GOD. Remember please don't play victim, meaning don't have all the excuses under the sun why you cant just stop, rest and be at peace. If you want to find the peace, then joy that your all searching for, you'll find a way.

Now for the travel agents cap, for all you young people out there Goa is nothing but a party place, it's not India, it's in the middle of Western culture and some Eastern culture. Its got great beaches and some wonderful forests and the local people are quite nice.

Here's some pictures of Goa.

The local Wednesday market, girls there's everything here.

Anjuna market day.

It doesn't matter where you are in India, you just cant get away from those cows. I'm telling you they run this country and they know it.

This the hut I stayed in on Vagator Beach. These huts are everywhere all over Goa.

Don't be fooled, they say that an Italian man sculptured this about 20 to 30 years ago.

View from my hut.