Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year from India

Namaste to you all, well another year over, I hope you all had a safe Christmas and new years eve party. I've still for some reason got a huge resistance to get on a computer, but like I said to a guy the other night, feel the fear and do it anyway. So here we go, I had one of the most testing times on new years eve(my birthday) the day started off well plenty of fun with my Israeli friends, then I spent the afternoon and dinner with my English friends.

Looking back on it now, I guess I was trying to please everyone and really not my self. It certainly is a common thing amongst us silly humans, that we all try to please everybody around us and forget about ourselves. Then when we burn out we're no good to anybody. Well on my birthday I did exactly that, I thought I could have a BBQ with my English friends then jump on my bike and travel back to my Israeli friends to see in the new year.

After a wonderful BBQ, I left about 8pm and journeyed back up to my other friends. I got there and everyone was in a festive mood. My friends had said that they heard there was a big party just outside of the town we were in, so I thought I would go along and find out for sure, since I had a bike( there's one thing in India you all need to know, when you want to know something you actually have to physically go and see for yourself. If you ask Indians you'll get a hundred different answers, so when there's so called parties in Goa its best to go and find out for yourself). I had never been in that area so got some directions and off I went.

It was about 10.45pm so I thought I had heaps of time to get to the party and return to my friends and tell them the news. Well in the dark everything looks different, I could here loud music so I thought I was heading in the right direction. I stopped and asked some Indians where the party was exactly and of coarse they told me up that hill there. So off I went through the jungle on a little dirt track, looking for the big party. After five minutes the track started to become a goat track so thought no way would they travel this way to the party, so I turned around and started back down the hill.

As I was coming around a corner and big group of Indians were coming up the hill, I stopped them and asked If they were going to the party. 'Yes, we are', 'oh so you know where it is then', 'no, not for sure but we we're told it's up here'. So I turned around and off we went. After some time we could still here the music and now also see flashing lights. This was it for sure, we came up on to a huge plateau, we continued driving towards the lights, by this time the track had turned into a tiny sheep's track and we seemed to not be able to find a way down to the party.

So I shouted out to everyone that it's no use going straight ahead there's no track to the party, there must be another way?, lets turnaround now before we miss everything. The Indians all agreed, well with in about 5 minutes of riding around, we realised we were in a maze of rocks and small tracks. At this point it was about 11.55pm so we stopped the bikes and welcomed in the new year(I certainly didn't think I would be standing on a mountain top in the middle of a paddock singing in the new year with 16 Indian boys, I'd never meet before). At this point I was still positive so I shrug my shoulders and had a giggle to my self.

So off again we went, this track, that track and everything in between. Now we'd been riding for two hours and as you could imagine we weren't happy little campers anymore. Arguments started as well, I was certainly quite upset at this stage, it wasn't funny going around in circles in the dark and I realized after a bit more riding around that we weren't going to make it off the mountain in the dark. So I pulled everyone over, I think at this point it was around 3.30am. I said,'boys its no use, we're just wasting our time and petrol lets just sit down and relax and try to enjoy what we have', they all agreed, so we found a nice area and sat around chatting, then tried to sleep till the sun came up.

We were woken up as soon as the sunlight hit us, I looked around at everyone, we were covered in dirt and grass. A few of us organized to scout around on foot to see where we were. Well you guessed it, I started laughing we had made it back within sixty metres of the main track. We turned around and ran to our bikes laughing, off we went back to civilization.

As I was riding on the road, I thought back to the experience I'd just had, my first thought was only I could manage to get lost on my birthday new years eve, with a bunch of Indian's in the middle of no where. Then I thought what was the lesson? what was the positive out this whole experience? Well I came up with a few, number one, don't try to please to many people, do what makes your heart feel good, as long as your not hurting anyone or going back on a promise, do what makes you happy and if for some silly reason someone gets upset, realize that, that's their problem, they'll get over it and if they don't to bad. Number two, be satisfied with what you've got, if its not broken don't fix it, if your enjoying yourself don't try to chase something bigger, better etc. Be happy with where you are and what you've got, you and only you created it, if it's not for your highest good if your heart isn't open, then recreate it. Accept what it is your doing, even love it, don't blame anyone or anything for what you are experiencing, playing victim, is acting small, take responsibility for your life and accept that this is where your at and that you and only you have the power to change it, no one else can do it for you.

I remember reading a Stuart Wilde book a few years ago, he said something like this, there's only three thing's you can do in any given situation if your not happy with your life, job, relationship etc, etc. Number 1, accept it, 2, change it or 3, leave it, but do something whinging and whining doesn't do anything, other then make you bitter and unhappy. So I thought, well I just have to accept what I did for my birthday was a bit out of the ordinary to say the lease, but there was nothing I could do about it so I might as well just enjoy it.

Then I smiled and laughed all the way back to my guest house. I explained what happened to me. With only a bit of disappointment in my voice, the next thing I know my friends said that it doesn't matter because I came at the perfect time. They we're all just heading out to a huge party down south. So I got changed and off we went, I met all my other friends there and had an absolutely brilliant time. Another moral of the story is yesterday is history, there's nothing you can do about it, it's gone. Tomorrow's a mystery, tomorrow hasn't come yet, so in actual fact there's nothing you can do about it either, other then make a few plans and hope that they come off. Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present, meaning give your all each and everyday be here in the now, don't scatter your energies around, thinking about yesterday's disappointments or tomorrow's worries, be in the moment, because that's all you've got.

Here are some photo's of friends new year's eve and Goa.

BBQ with the my English friends,(sorry guys forgot to put on the red eye reduction)

My Israeli and Japanese friends later on that night.

These two crazy girls are Ana and Zoe playing dress ups as all little girls like to do.

This is my bike, Its an Indian company called Royal Enfield. They're a classic English design. Zoe took some photo's of me just before I was off on my new adventure, called Motorcycle Dairies, stay tuned.