Sunday, December 14, 2008

Relationship Help

Aloha to everyone, as in my last post I'm going to discuss relationships. I have been chatting to my soul sister about this subject for the past month. I received an email from her the other week. In it she gives her opinion on it all. Now you might have to read it a few times to fully grasp it.

It is wonderful that you are cherishing all the good times and qualities you both shared, for you are honoring the divinity of this creation of love together. You do forget the rest because it isn't based in truth like love is and so does not really exist. Your not alone though hun and your not getting it all wrong either, this is the journey of self discovery that we are all traveling here. I don't know anyone who is in that "ideal" relationship and I truly believe it is a cruel dream to keep holding on to. We all strive for love, as it is innate within us to seek wholeness and union, and it is this which keeps us on our life path of returning all to love in this dimension. I felt very liberated when I let go of the belief that we are here to have fun and embraced that we are here to resolve all unto love that we've held separate from it within ourselves and with others.

When we journey from this perspective the joy and miracles and sense of adventure is naturally realized. We may see others in love, just like you were in the beginning with your beloved, but that is typical in the initial stage of bonding where we only see what we want to see in each other and are on our best behavior, in other words we're more conscious. We are realizing our resonances which allows for our chakric braiding to begin. In this phase we also see each others divine qualities that enhance and inspire us. This is an important stage of bonding within the relationship but it is unrealistic to think that it can be maintained. In the next phase of relationship, as we feel safer and more familiar, we relax a bit more, letting our guard down and our more unconscious tendencies start to show, this is also important and is the beginning of the next cycle where we honor each others differences. This is where our respect grows for each other and a deeper level of trust develops if we are met compassionately. Then if this has been created mutually, a deeper more intimate level of relating blossoms.

In this we feel secure enough to reveal our vulnerable child which is our true nature, but if we're triggered in this open state of being, all our unresolved stuff from our childhood comes up. If this is met with love and compassion it may heal but if not our patterning of protection comes up creating distance through the walls of protection we put up. If acceptance and trust are developed in this stage though, then we move into the next phase of the relationship cycle where both individuals now feel safe to be totally who they are and will naturally start to explore more of their individual natures. During this growth phase there may be a moving away from each other a little to feel free enough to fully explore and reveal more of their soul essence. Then the urge to move out into the world with this new found expression of self occurs, this is natural as we want to share this with others.

Often ones life purpose is discovered in this phase and resonant people are drawn together to co-create with one another when we are expressing from our true essence. There is often a strong drive to create and bond with others and move forward in this phase and this is often misunderstood by partners if they are not yet in the same phase. This is where feelings of abandonment or jealousy may arise. The one growing will feel trapped by this and the other partner will feel betrayed. With both of these energies being held unresolved within the relationship infidelity is the likely outcome.Unresolved insecurities held by one or both partners through these initial phases of the relationship can unfortunately lead to separation if denied. If however we can trust enough to allow the space for individual growth, talk honesty, give the support and love each other through this growth phase, both will come together again with even more to offer each other, which is what keeps a relationship fresh and alive as opposed to stagnant, stale and limiting.

Unresolved insecurities held by one or both partners through these initial phases of the relationship can unfortunately lead to separation if denied. If however we can trust enough to allow the space for individual growth, talk honesty, give the support and love each other through this growth phase, both will come together again with even more to offer each other, which is what keeps a relationship fresh and alive as opposed to stagnant, stale and limiting. Once all these stages have been journeyed together through a full cycle with love, respect, trust and honesty, it is then that one usually feels the desire to marry which is the next phase of loving relationship. There is the knowing there will be the freedom to be who you are and both look forward to growing and exploring together in such a supportive relationship.

If however through any of these stages the respect, trust, and honoring of the differentiation and each others unique qualities is not founded in love, then weak links are created. These weaknesses can then easily break the next time there is any strain or stress within either partners journey, again threatening separation.I'm writing all this not to tell you what to do but to share what I've come to witness through my own journey with relationship as it may help you see things from a new perspective. I find if I can identify which phase of the relationship I'm in and where I've tended to falter in the past I can be more aware of my weak links. These are usually revealed through the reflection my partner is offering. Knowing this i can get perspective and not take it all so personally which allows me to work on my own stuff, and lovingly embrace my partner too so he can feel safe to move forward into more of himself.

So far this is working for us, I am lucky he is wanting to work in this way too, he has been just as frustrated and hurt in the past through relationships as me so we are determined to work together in the name of love. It is hard at times to be so vulnerable and open, especially when my pride gets in the way or I fear he will leave me or be hurt if I share my truths, but every time I have had the courage to do so everything miraculously changes for us.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Love and Relationships

Namaste to you all, well thing's have finally settled down for me over the past two weeks. I'm working on the Western Australian coast in a mining town called Karratha. It's not my kind of place, though it's serving it's purpose and that is to get fast cash. I've met alot of wonderful people here and believe I've met two life long friends, which is certainly a blessing.

I hope to leave around the 28th of December and head south for my next experience. I've been told by everyone there's some magical places all the way down the coast and the biggest blessing will be to get surfing again.

Now about the title, relationships can be at times one of the hardest things in our lives to have success in. Just about every human on this planet yearn's for that perfect relationship. I believe when everyone realises(as well as myself) that the perfect relationship we all seek, is first and foremost one with ourselves. When we feel good in ourselves, have self-love and are completely comfortable being by ourselves and comfortable with who we are, we then have a chance to bring that special someone into to our lives. As I believe like attracts like. Are relationships just for us to grow, help and learn together? I believe so.

I was contemplating the other day about the holy trinity many enlighten beings have talked about throughout time. For me the holy trinity is between god, yourself and your partner. Let me explain, when you have all of these three areas in your life in perfect harmony, then life is a wonderful, awesome experience. Unfortunately when you focus to much on anyone of these parts, I believe this creates suffering and usually a relationship breakup, whether it's with yourself, god or your partner.

So the key is to pay attention to the three parts of the trinity. Again as I've written before, BALANCE is the key. We all want to create a divine union with another person and the only way to do this is giving equal amounts of love and attention to all three. I see that it creates a stream from your heart to your partners and then to god. It keeps a constant flow of giving and receiving and that's how just about everything in this universe works. Give love and attention to self, god and your partner, receive love and attention from self, god and your partner, it's easy!(yeah right)

Now that I'm awake to this, I'm bringing it into my everyday life and what a transformation I have experienced. My heart is fully open to all that is, my love for self, life etc. has come back ten fold, I couldn't be more happier and at peace.

Another thing I've been fortunately enough to experience lately, is sharing. When I'm talking about sharing here I'm referring to sharing ones wounds, secrets and inner thoughts, in other words sharing everything. To be honest I've come to realise that I've never done this my entire life. The greatest reward from this, is I'm also doing it with a woman. That may sound strange but for one reason or another there's being parts of me that have never wanted to fully open up to a woman. I've always had blockages to this, parts of me that had an illusion that I couldn't trust anyone to reveal my stuff and feel safe doing so.

So whats been the result of sharing? I feel safe for a start, again that sounds strange but I know that deep down alot of people in this world don't feel completely safe to reveal their life experiences in case their not accepted or the other person might see them in a different light. Secondly I feel free, in fact I feel lighter then I have done for years, why? because I'm letting go of baggage. I'm letting go of stale energy that I guess I've been carrying around with me since I was a child. Thirdly to trust another in this world completely is a blessing in it's self. It's brought me such happiness to have finally let go and trust completely in someone else. I want to thank this person now with all my heart and soul. I have been so blessed to have you in my life, thank you.

I've also been talking to a friend about letting go on a conscious level all that isn't yours. In other words letting go of beliefs from your parents, your society and the global consciousness itself. When we realise that we're all carrying around heaps of other peoples stuff, then we can move forward in letting it all go and finally finding out who we truly are, what we truly believe in and how we would really act in everyday life. So this is what I'm going to focus on over the next few months(probably take a lifetime) is sorting out whats my stuff and whats everyone else's.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Aussie Adventure

Namaste everyone, well I finally made it to Broome, which is on the coast of Western Australia.You wouldn't believe how ecstatic I was to finally swim in the ocean again. It had been about nine or ten weeks since I'd seen the ocean and to a surfer that's agony. I couldn't believe my luck, I actually got to go surfing yesterday, it was only small but it was still big enough to catch a few. I've been able to stand back and witness how more centred and happy I am when I'm near the ocean, I feel a completely different person when near the water.

These next few posts I'm just going to place mainly pictures on them so you can all see what a wonderful country australia is.
Just playing with the camera.

This was taken in South Australia, the area is a few hours south of Adelaide.
We both enjoyed this area immensely.

One of the many problems crossing the country, I was fast asleep and Elisenda was driving,
boy what a fright I had when it exploded, thank god
Elisenda was able to control the car.

Another boarder crossing.

We just crossed the boarder of South australia and the Northern Territory
when we came across a few wedge tail eagles. When I went over to take some photo's
I found two huge tail feathers, we both thought it to be a blessing and a good sign.

This photo was taken on the way, it's actually sand under the fog,
I think we were just starting to hit the desert at this time.

This was taken just outside of Coober Pedy, we finally made it to the desert.

We were told about a place in Coober Pedy where you could camp underground.
This was one of the air shafts, it certainly was an experience.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Traveling Australia

Namaste to you all, I'm finally ready to begin again on my Aussie adventure. It was great to spend sometime staying in the one place for awhile, but now it's time to move on again. In the short time that I've spent in Alice Springs, I've certainly come to realise that there are still places around Australia where the people make the place what it is.

I realised fully that it's the people that makes a place and not just the place it's self. Alice reminds me of how most of Australia used to be. I really don't know exactly when it changed(probably after September 11) people became closed and fearful. I remember how it didn't really matter where you went or who you met, Australians were always ready to help in anyway they could. In other words their hearts were more open and helping people was part of Australian culture. I and probably alot of people have certainly noticed a shift in energy around the globe since Barack Obama got elected.

I believe we have finally turned a corner in our evolution. I feel we now have a chance to change our destiny. Whether anyone wants to admit it, America is probably one of the only countries in the world that can influence the whole of humanity. In other words if America can change and go down the road of peace, compassion and understanding, then I feel the rest of the world will follow.

Here's some more pictures of this beautiful country

This was taken along the roadside in South Australia, not sure what crop it is, it's everywhere in this area.

I brought a yabbi trap in N.S.W so my friend could see, then taste what a freshwater yabbi tastes like. You just throw them in a pot of boiling water or even better straight on the BBQ. They taste just like a prawn.

This unusual place is a saltwater lake. This lake in particular in Victoria is called the Pink Lake.

The salt covers everything, it's a very strange place to see.

We found this Blue tongue lizard near the lake. If theres one thing that's great about Australia
is how easy it is to come across wildlife where ever you go.

We stayed in a national park that was in South Australia. Because it was right at the bottom of Australia in the Southern Ocean, it had a feel as if you were in Scotland(cold, green and breezy) I loved it.

Trying to keep out of the cold wind.

This was taken in a wonderful place called Rapid Bay. I know I haven't been to Scotland
but this whole area felt like Scotland(I must have had a past life in Scotland, it felt so familiar to me, like I'd been there before) I cant wait to actually experience the real thing.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Traveling Australia

Namaste to you all, well as some of you know for the past few months I've been fortunate enough to get a chance to travel around my own country with one of my best friends. At the moment it feels as though it could be the last time I see Australia for quite awhile, so I guess it's important to me now to take a look at my own country before I head back overseas.

Our plan was to travel from the east coast to the west coast. Well for some reason we've been stuck in the middle for a month now. Yep alot of things have happened to keep us around what I call the heart of the nation 'Uluru' or (Ayers Rock as it was once called). It certainly has been interesting living in Alice Springs, which is the closest largest town near the rock. I have never lived in a town where a majority of the population are aboriginal.

I have never understood the plight of the native people of Australia and after spending a month here I'm still no further down the road of understanding how as a nation we can help the aboriginals to help themselves. Now the most obvious thing to alot of people say is education! well what I've seen so far is that, that cant work yet with these people because 90% of the children refuse to go to school and their parents don't make them.

So how can you educate a person if they don't turn up to learn. When I'm talking about education I'm not really just talking about white mans model eg maths, science and english. I mean this certainly helps in this world to have an education, but I think first and foremost these people need to learn about some of the basics of life it self, again. I think through all the pain and abuse as a people they've some how along the road, have forgotten the basic way to live in a semi-harmonious way.

Alice Springs has some of the worst statistics for crime in the world, as well as having been known to have the most alcoholics per-capita in the world. The people I have met in the town talk about how huge the mountain is to climb to help these people, alot of them cant even see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. One friend talks of the only way these people can move forward is, time! Time is needed to heal the pain and suffering these people go through and have been through. I fully agree with this statement, but what can we do to speed up the process of healing? After being around here seeing and hearing from whites and blacks I'm not quite sure.

I used to say about everybody in any situation, if you play victim you will never heal, you will never grow and move on. I still maintain that is the problem with most humans, especially these days. Humans have for some reason taken on the idea that we don't have to be responsible for our own actions, that it is because of other people, other circumstances outside of ourselves that we behave the way we do. Well sorry but I believe that once a person turns around say eighteen to twenty one years old, then it is about this time that we have to understand that we are responsible for everything we do and everything that happens in our lives.

If you want to be happy, successful, miserable, kind, loved, hated, addicted to a substance, rich, poor, etc, etc, then you and only you can have the power to change, to be what you want to be. I know some people will say but that isn't the case with everyone! some peoples circumstances are just to hard to rise above, some people don't have the choice, well that can also be very true and I can understand this. Some peoples tests are huge, but it still doesn't have to be the way they think it has to be, because as a species we all have one thing in common, we all have a thing called CHOICE!!!

Here are some pictures we've taken on our travels.

This pretty well sums up how alot of Aussies try and go about life.

This unusual little creature looks pretty harmless, dont be fooled their called blue bottles.
These little fellas have created many surfers and swimmers plenty of pain.

We stayed at one of my favorite places along the East Coast of Australia, Seals Rocks. It's still pretty untouched, which is very rare for Australia these days.

The surfing at Seals is excellent, as well as the fishing. It's great to see the local fisherman still going out in their little boats, pulling their nets in, as they've done for a hundred years.

We were told this shark was caught a day or so before the picture was taken. The locals were quite upset that the man didn't release it back into the water(and we wonder why so many creatures are becoming extinct).

Some of the locals lazying about, these guys are wild, just very friendly.

This is where I grew up as a kid. I haven't been back to the house where I spent most of my life for about nine years, ah the memories.

This pub is at Windsor, a small river town west of Sydney.

The Three Sisters is one of the most well known tourist attractions in N.S.W. Its situated in the Blue Mountains(one of my favorite places in the world).

We found a fantastic little camp ground in the heart of the Blue Mountains. We met some great people here that have been travelling around OZ for awhile. It was very significant to meet these people, they had a book called 'Camps 4' it's an atlas of Australia, that has every free camp ground in Australia. This book has been our bible, we've saved heaps of money. If you want to drive around Australia, please do yourself a big favour get this book.

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Death of the Postcard

Namaste to you all, I'd like to share with you all, what I believe is one of the most important universal laws. 'Support to our fellow brothers and sisters' this law I believe is one of the main reasons that we are on this earth, supporting and helping our fellowman in anyway we can.

If this law alone was followed by most of humanity, this world would be a much more peaceful, joyful and loving place. If we share what we have with others, if we can help in anyway possible, our own prosperity increases. Now we need to remember here, that the primary goal is to help each other first, not the reward first. If your looking for reward and acknowledgement first, then you've missed the point and the whole process will backfire.

Now to the story, I met a wonderful couple Adrian and Zoe in India, last year. The first thing I noticed about these two, was their kindness and their warm friendliness, to everyone that crossed their paths. I was very fortunate and blessed to spend some fantastic times with both of them.

At the time Ade was working on a documentary called "The Death of the Postcard" well its finished now. I was privileged to be sent the documentary a few weeks ago. I realised as he was making the film, the strong dedication he had in making this documentary, something else was very prevalent to me and what I think is even more important then just dedication and that was his passion and love for what he was doing.

So here is my little help, firstly for a friend, a brother and for what I think is a wonderful documentary. If you've ever travelled to India or South America backpacking, then I know you'll relate and enjoy this film.

'Experimental Travel Documentary around India and South America (50 mins). Director Adrian Barber collected thousands of e-mails, photos and video clips from travelers to create a shared view and narrative of contemporary travel and travel correspondence. Experience the highs and lows of travel, the bustle of the carnival, the silence of the salt flats, trek high into the Himalayas to the source of the Ganges, or walk the ghats in the ancient city of Varanasi in this beautiful and poetic film, described simply as "the life of a traveler'.

Just click on the link to go straight to his website, The Death Of The PostCard

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mayan Video

Namaste to you all, well there's one thing I've found out travelling around Australia, they say that we're a developed country, well my friends as far as internet services go, we would rate worse then most third world countries. There's hardly any internet cafes in the middle of Australia and as far as wireless goes half of them haven't ever heard of it before.

Hence no posts or newsletters from Ascension Gateway. I'm in Alice Springs for awhile getting repairs to my car, so I now can get on the net, yippee.

I've wanted to place this video online for probably six weeks now, I found it very interesting as I'm sure most of you will. It certainly opens your eyes up to whats been unfolding around the globe, especially the stock markets and so on. It's not how I wanted to present it, but you'll get the idea. Ian makes alot of sense regarding the Mayan calendar, it certainly will be interesting to see what unfolds.