Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ellora, India

Namaste to you all, I'm just going to place pictures on this post dedicated to the Ellora caves. There were so many of them and I got trigger happy with my camera, so I thought I'd place heaps of photo's on this post. If any of you go to India, I feel this is one of those must see places.

I also noticed the energy as I was travelling north again it certainly felt lighter, the people were more friendly and I could speak Hindi again which helps in communicating what you want. The north of India seems to be the place for me I realized, I liked the south but I just feel more open hearted in the north, everything seems easier. Then I think or is it just me who is lighter, more at ease? I don't know sometimes I think, does our environment effect us or is it we effect our environment? I think its the latter.

Hope you enjoy the photos, I certainly loved this place.

Shiva temple, Ellora.

Me playing with my camera.

As you can see in this photo, they are huge.

Shiva temple.

These girls came from a Muslim school, a few hours away from the caves.

These were the first caves of Ellora, the Buddhist were the first to start building they're temples.
This statue of Buddha was very impressive, I was alone here for quite awhile, so I got to meditate, as you can image the energy was very calming. Monks had been chanting and meditating in here for hundreds of years.

I felt so peaceful and open hearted being around the Buddhist caves.

Just look at the roof, the detail in the carvings were incredible.

I wouldn't have a clue how they carved the roof like this in 600 AD, its just fascinating how skilled people were so long ago.

One of the many huge halls, that the Buddhist monks prayed at.

Another view of the caves.