Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ancient India

Namaste to you all, yes Im still alive just been very busy. After the quietness and solitude of Auroville, I set off again up the coast to a small coastal village called Mamallapuram. This little coastal village certainly was geared up for the tourist and their dollars. Tamil Nadu's government and its people just haven't caught on yet with most other parts of India, and that is where they have their most touristy places they still have a huge problem with garbage and raw sewage. Yep it's laying all over the main beach, it breaks my heart to see such neglect to one of my favorite places, the beach.

Unfortunately I had alot of emotional turmoil come up at this point, I didn't tune into it but I have a feeling it was about past life experiences. As soon as I got there I wanted to leave, there were a few things I looked at, but as we all know when we're not centred and in a open hearted space things on the outside don't look as bright and beautiful. So of course the universe places people and experiences to test us even more.

I went early to probably one of the main attractions in the village, its called the Shore Temple. As you've probably guessed it was built right on the beach, it's said to have been originally built in the 7Th century. As I walked up to the gate I noticed a big sign out the front saying 10R's for Indians and $5 American for others. Now usually I wouldn't care, but this day because of what was happening on the inside of me affected how I saw the world on the outside. As I know it really isn't alot of money but I got on my high horse anyway and thought if it was twice as much or even maybe three times as much but not twenty five times the amount. I listened to foreigners I met along the way that were living in India and they complained about it quite a bit"saying its not the money its the principle", well on this day I let it affect me as well and didn't go in.

So what's the lesson in all of this? number one for me is, it certainly shows me that when we're in a positive, happy mood we don't come across these situations, we don't even see them, they don't even come into our world. But when we're in a negative mood things just get under our skin, the tiniest thing seems so huge. Is it a test, is it to help us let go of that negative energy? thinking about it, it's probably both. When the pressure builds the final person or experience usually isn't the whole reason that we let go with an outburst of anger or frustration, for me it's a culmination of things that happened to us over a period of time. We also have to realise that it could be numerous other things that we're not aware of that are affecting us at the time(remember we are multidimensional beings, there's many, many more dimensions and things in these dimensions that are playing out each and every moment of our lives, that can upset us).

How can we deal with this constant bombarding of outer influences, how do we find the real reason for how we're truly feeling, whats really going on inside? I stress inside, for I believe that whats ever happening in our inner world determines what happens in our outer world. We are like walking breathing magnets, we attract everything to us to accept and then love, once we do that we transmute that energy, hopefully for good. So most importantly don't beat yourself up when your in a negative mood, just breath and accept it, try to witness what's truly going on inside(sometimes just ask yourself, what's this all about, where is this coming from, don't worry if you don't get an answer, keep practicing this though) and above all try not to dump your energy onto someone else. I've talked before on how if you can't pin point where the negative energy is coming from( when I say negative energy, try not to see or label that as bad, just accept that we are made up of negative and positive forces, just like the rest of the universe, the way we humans relate to the word negative is just the mind or ego if you like labelling another thing, making just another thing wrong, don't fall for it.) you understand why your doing what your doing then accept it and let it go.

Here's some more pictures.

Shore Temple, Mamallapuram.

Rock carvings.


Shiva Lingam in the Trimurti Cave Temple.

Local girls on the beach.