Sunday, October 15, 2006

Postcard From India

Well where do I start? I arrived in India last Tuesday at two o'clock in the morning, had a great flight everything went with ease and grace and I guess it has since I've been here. I cant say it enough how important it is to follow your guidance and your heart. How do we know when we are following our true inner guidance? Its easy everything in the universe comes to you with ease and grace, you don't have to really do a thing.

I've been thinking of how Im going to write each post, I've decided to write about my spiritual experiences first, then write a little about each place I go to and any information I can give to help out anyone who is thinking of coming to India and Nepal.

After the first couple of days adjusting to what may be perceived to be kaos in Delhi, I realized that there is no kaso, no confusion, no panic and for 95% of the time no aggression. Under all the the kaos there is another dimension, Indians all work in another world, its funny I was in the busiest part of Delhi the other day, I stopped and took a deep breath in and watched, straight away I noticed that there is no kaos there is an even flow, there is a certain structure that all Indians seem to be in, now that Im in that flow there is ease and grace a calmness that has washed over me.

You cant help but feel in a spiritual state of being, the energy, the people and everything else just seems to burst your heart open. Meditation becomes very easy, compassion, joy, oneness and acceptance are a natural thing in this type of environment. I have clairvoyance, clairaudioance and clairsentiance and it certainly has been turned up since I arrived and I know it will only get stronger.

Now I'll put my travel agent hat on, first, best thing I've done is take some advice from a friend and that is to take homeopathics for malaria, stomach bugs and anything else you can think of, I've eaten everything and fingers crossed I feel fantastic. In my heart I know I wont get sick whilst traveling around. I got put on to an old gentleman called Wal Mclintock a guru on homoeopathic medicine and everything else. He gave me a bottle of medicine that was called Asia formula it contains arsenicum ALB 30c, carbo veg 30c veratrum alb 30c and bryonia alb 30c don't ask me what they're about but boy their good.

The next best thing I did was come to a place in Delhi called Majnu Ka Tilla, Its a Tibetan community 20 minutes from the heart of Delhi, it feels like hours away. You are surrounded by Buddhist monks and Tibetan people its beautiful, peaceful and very friendly. I can highly recommend staying at Wongdhen house, great rooms, great food and great people.

So there's the first little installment they will be a lot more in detail have been a busy boy today getting ready to go to the Taj Mahal tomorrow so haven't much time. Ill make sure I set aside a few hours at each place from now on.

Namaste to you all Bakalema


At 4:07 AM, Shane said...

Good to hear you arrived safely

look forward to reading your experiences :)

At 10:07 AM, Green Bob said...

Makes me want to go get Indian takeaway and come home and watch a Bollywood movie ;-)

It also makes me want to dust off the passport!

At 10:17 AM, ophiah said...

well green bob come and join me i already speak good hindi. Just have to get the head woble right and im one of them.


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