Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mountains of Gods

Namaste to you all, well what another wonderful experience I had up in Mcleod Ganj. A few of us decided to hike up to the mountains and stay in a little cafe called Snow Line cafe. It took about five and half hours to reach the cafe. The climb was about medium level hiking but once we arrived the view and environment was unbelievable. So all the sweat and pain in our legs was soon forgotten.

Here are some great pictures of one the most beautiful places on earth, the Himalayas. The locals say that these are where the gods hangout, and I could fully understand why.

On the way up.Still on the path.

I was walking past this monk and his two friends, one of them was very old and slow so I cut up a little slope to get in front of them, next thing I know this monk pushes past me running and laughing, I realized he wanted to race me so off we went. We had both walked probably for three hours so we both were tied but we both raced for about 50 metres to the top. As you could imagine at 2800 metres above sea level that's pretty hard, we fell into a heap laughing. We didn't say anything to each other we just had a big hug and laughed again, its times like these that words aren't needed.

Nealy there.

First sighting of snow. This is Aju, I met him at the little village going to the top, he said he actually worked at the cafe we were going to. Its actually the only cafe where we were all going.

Um not quite what I was expecting, yep that's the Snow Line cafe, well no turning back now.

I think you 'd all agree not a bad view from the front door, I guess paying three dollars a night is reasonable.

That nearly looks like a professional shot.

The gang settling in for the night.

Morning has broken, (hope Cat Stevens doesn't have a copy right on that).

Say your prayers.

Gods country.Saying goodbye to the boys.

And goodbye to the Snow Line Cafe.