Monday, May 07, 2007

Ajanta Caves, India

Namaste to you all, here are some pictures of the Ajanta caves. I realized looking through the photos again how beautiful they were in their own right. You have to imagine how it would have looked all those years ago, just about every wall and statue was painted in bright, beautiful colours, so it would have been breath taking when it was first completed.

As you can see the temples would have looked beautiful in their day. Unfortunately it was quite dark in most of the caves, they had lighting but my camera wasn't the best so I couldn't get photos of the paintings inside.

This statue of Buddha was huge, they depicted him in his sleeping posture before he awoke to enlightenment.

A view of the valley below, Ajanta.

This was taken outside one of the caves, just look at the detail they went to.

This is a picture of the ceiling in one of the caves.