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Famous Teachers by Category
Listing of famous people categorized by profession, belief, country, and interest.

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  • Famous Activists - List of famous activists including Environmentalists, Human Rights Activists, animal rights activists and more.
  • Famous Atheists - A list of famous people from throughout the world and history that don't believe in a god or any other deities.
  • Famous Authors - Includes authors including Self-help Authors, fictional authors, non-fictional authors, poets, Famous New Age Writers and playwrights.
  • Famous Black People - A list of famous black people from around the world and throughout history that have influenced the world. Including Famous Black Women
    Famous Black Men and Famous African Americans.
  • Famous Dead People - Listing of famous dead people that include spiritual leaders, politicians, entertainers, authors and famous psychics.
  • Entertainers - Famous celebrities including Actors, Actresses, sports people, TV hosts, Musicians, pop stars, psychics and movie directors.
  • Famous Feminists - A listing of famous feminists from history and from around the world that are in various feminist movements.
  • Famous Men - List of famous men from history included are famous religious leaders, celebrities, spiritual authors, psychics, deceased males and male politicians.
  • Famous Native American Indians - A listing of famous Native American Indians. The list includes Native Indians that have made their mark in America's history and in present day America.
  • Nobel Peace Prize Winners - A listing of famous people that have won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts in promoting peace.
  • Famous Philanthropists - Including famous celebrities, business leaders and world leaders that give their money and time to charity organizations and institutions.
  • Politicians - Including all the famous Presidents, prime ministers, government officials
    public servants and world leaders.
  • Psychics - A list that includes psychics including pet psychics, mediums, astrologers, tarot card readers, psychic celebrities, channelers and numerologists.
  • Psychologists - A listing of famous psychologists that include descriptive, analytical,
    transpersonal, feminist therapists, clinical and sport psychologists.
  • Religious Leaders - Listing of famous religious leaders and people including Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Baha'is, Muslims, Hindus, New Age, free thinkers, Philosophers and
    Religious Founders.
  • Famous Royals - A list of famous people that are of royal blood or who have been married into a royal family.
  • Famous Scientists - Find famous people who's profession is being a scientist and that through their studying the art of science have changed the world.
  • Spiritual People - Famous Spiritual people that includes spiritual leaders
    spiritual healers, spiritual musicians, New Age People and spiritual thinkers that all believe in a form of spirituality.
  • Theologians - A list of famous theologians from around the world and from history. Includes people that study Christian theology, feminist theology, process theology and
    moral theology.
  • Famous Women - Included are famous women from around the world and from history. The list includes famous celebrities, deceased women, Famous Female Writers, psychic mediums, musicians, Famous Women Activists, New Age Thinkers and politicians.
  • Famous Vegans - A listing of famous people that have choosen to become vegans.
  • Famous Vegetarians - List of famous people that are vegetarians from around the world and from throughout history. Included in the list are famous celebrity vegetarians, vegetarian activists and vegetarian spiritual leaders.

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Famous People by Category

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