Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Monks of Ajanta, India

Namaste to you all, I'm going to place the last of my photos of the Ajanta caves in this post. There were a small group of Buddhist monks visiting the caves while I was there, I got some nice shots of them going about their business. If there's one thing I know and that is, where ever I was travelling through India and I came across any Buddhist monks I felt at peace just being around them. They have this calming effect on me and I guess maybe everybody else who comes into contact with them. I think its their humility and gentleness that inspires me to find that in myself.

As I write its quite easy for me to feel that gentleness wash over me, its an energy that I'd certainly like to achieve in every waking moment. I've tried for many years to find that peace and stillness at all times, is it possible? or is it a case of when I feel it to enjoy it at that moment and not to be attached to it, and when I'm not in that state to just accept what I'm feeling and not be attached to that either? I find myself questioning beliefs and my understanding of things alot lately. I was once told by a friend that in just about every instance when ever someone is talking of their beliefs or explaining how they understand the way life works, you can pretty well find a contradiction in everything that they say.

So is it a case of me trying to hard and not allowing things to just be? or do I have to be more mindful of where I'm at and work on things to better myself as a human being? I find that just about every belief or tool that I use each and everyday is getting questioned, does that mean that I've come to a point in mylife that I just have to let go of everything and start again? who knows? I guess I just have to experience another faze of mylife and be happy in that.

Do we as Westerners try to hard, is it our ego that's striving for all these things to feel complete in ourselves and its all just another illusion that keeps us separated? Sometimes I find myself even questioning this so called spiritual path that I've been on in the past sixteen years, what if its all just another illusion and when we die we sit up there in where ever we are suppose to go and have a good laugh at ourselves, oh but what if that doesn't even happen and when we die we just turn into dust? I guess we'll all just have to find out for ourselves.
Here are the pictures.

It looks a bit like I might have set this up, these are all just candid shots.

Caught me out.


At 2:27 PM, Poons said...

Only ignorant talk of Divinity and Fate: Vasistha taught Ram. Divinity and Fate is Ignorance, Only Self Effort is Supreme!


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