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Spiritual quotes database and information on spirituality and the self. Ascension Gateway adds new famous quotes by spiritual leaders, motivational speakers, inspirational authors and enlightened beings.

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Below is a selection of new inspirational, spiritual quotes by famous spiritual leaders.

  • I just love life. I mean, you know, I love every second of it. I love people.
    Richard Branson Quote
  • For me, the spiritual quest will be a life-long work in progress.
    Dan Brown Quote
  • Immature love says: "I love you because I need you." Mature love says: "I need you because I love you."
    Mahatma Gandhi Quote
  • Feeling unworthy is like putting a huge obstacle into the God force, into the life force which is everywhere.
    Dr. Wayne Dyer Quote
  • If you are a Christian, you are free to think that all these religions, even the queerest ones, contain at least some hint of the truth.
    C.S.Lewis Quote
  • Humor is in fact an essential element in the mirth of creation. We can see how, in many matters in our lives, God wants to prod us into taking things a bit more lightly.
    Pope Benedict XVI Quote
  • But to me the notion that spirituality is separate from the rest of life does not allow for a practical approach to living a life that has extraordinary quality.
    Tony Robbins Quote
  • So, that is my final lesson from the universe--you just do what you need to do, and stay on track.
    Oprah Winfrey Quote
  • If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
    14th Dalai Lama Quote
  • I see the potential for a new world being born in front of me and all around me, and I feel the only way to bring that potential into being is to know myself.
    Gary Zukav Quote
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