Monday, January 22, 2007

Finding Magic in Hampi and India

Namaste beautiful people, I arrived in a wonderful fairytale town in the middle of India called Hampi. This place is one of the most beautiful and at the same time strangest places I've ever been to in the world. This place looks like the Gods or giants have been playing with the rocks and have created a surreal landscape.

The whole place is surrounded by five to six hundred year old ruins and has wonderful water ways flowing all around it. This place is certainly for me, one of the highlights of my trip. The people are wonderful, their hearts are so open. The energy around the place is overwhelming, it certainly opened me up again after Goa to the love and the innocence that all of us have in our beings. I met heaps of amazing people from all walks of life and could feel it opening them up as well. So if you come to India, please put on your itinerary the magical place called Hampi.

My good friend Frank the French man(as he calls himself) found a little book written by a local guru. It's a very simple book, called "Think for yourself". This is something I've tried tell people for years, I've seen time after time people of all walks of life and on different paths, hand over their power to others. They put these gurus, teachers and mystics on such a high pedestal and don't even realize that they have all the answers inside themselves. Unfortunately most teachers, gurus etc, lose the essence of what they are trying to teach and fall for the old trap of ego. They actually start believing that they are higher then others, have something special, are different then others. I have met hundreds of them and yes they are innocent as well, but there is one problem, they are awake and should know better. It's fun to watch them, they become asleep again to their ego and let it run rampant.

This man does not like being called a guru, he doesn't have time for people who put him on a pedestal, he truly comes from his heart, he wants everyone to understand that they have the power within. He talks throughout the book about experiential knowledge, meaning we cant truly grasp something until we fully experience it for ourselves. He talks about blind faith and how it holds us back from true knowledge and I totally agree. You cannot truly know something, understand something unless you personally experience it for yourself. Teachers, gurus and mystics have their place in the world, but you all must realize that they are only stepping stones to the next plateau. Only you can find your own true path, so have a good think about who you give your power away to, you might be surprised how many people you do each and everyday. You might even find that they have more problems then you, that they don't practice what they preach, I know I have had this happen many times.

Here are some of Sadashiva Yogi's sayings.

"life is like air-filled bubbles floating on water. No more than that, there is no difference between big bubbles or small bubbles. Nobody knows when they will burst and what may happen next".

He also talks about religions and the part they play in society, here's a great little story about how humans, criticize each others religious beliefs and even will kill for their own, when will all these people realize their all talking about the same thing.

Four blind men observe different parts of an elephant, one the trunk, one the leg, one the tail and the other the top, they each try to describe the elephant. One will say'an elephant is like a snake, a long fat snake'. 'oh no you're wrong my friend,' retorts another,'an elephant is like a pillar, thick, strong and firm.' 'no, no! you are both wrong,' the third man replies. ' An elephant is broad and rough, with a slight curve.' ' you are all silly, an elephant is small and slender, with a small fluffy bit at one end,' replies the last blind man. None of them has stood back to realize the elephant as a whole, to see that they are in fact describing one and the same thing.

He has lots of wonderful advice, that I know you all know already, some of you just don't realize it yet, lol.

Here are some photos that certainly don't give this place any justice.

This is a view that you see all around Hampi. The rocks look like someone has placed them there.
One of the many Temples around Hampi.

As you can see some of the temples are quite large.

We actually arrived in Hampi when there was one their many religious festivals. These are some boys doing a traditional dance with knives.

India is very different to most countries around the world. The people love getting their photo taken, in fact they go out of their way to get into your photos.

If you look carefully near my right side, that's this ladies dread lock. It's all become one, I guess like all of us as a species have to do. Puts my dreads to shame.

This is my good friend Frank the Frenchman. He's like Peter Pan, everybody loves him, he has time to talk and play with everyone, he's a great inspiration.

This is the largest temple in Hampi, everything takes place around it.

This cute little one, is the daughter of a man who handmade me some wonderful sandals.

This was taken just down from our rooms, Hampi is surrounded by rice fields.

The boys having a jam session, or should I say trying to have a jam session.

Finally I understand why Indians use their hands to eat and not knives and forks.(do not try this at home kids).

Another view of this wonderful place.

See I told you all there's light at the end of the tunnel and don't ever forget it.


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