Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Postcard from India

Namaste everyone, well since being in Pushka a lot of emotions have been coming up, my heart isn't as open which is ok, I've known for some time now that Pushka was going to be the place where most of my healing will take place. I have said the word Pushka since I was about four years old, I didn't realize until I said that I was coming to India that it was an actual place.

The emotion that has come to the surface is separation, in other words not feeling one with my brothers and sisters. I have tuned in and received that I've had three past lives in Pushka and that the last life was so pleasant. I stayed across the sacred lake last night, away from the hustle and bustle. The whole evening was spent chatting to people from all over the globe. It certainly was a peaceful experience, and I realized for the first time since arriving in India that I felt comfortable tuning in to other realms. So now its time for a huge healing, I can feel it in my being, the energies are certainly starting to build.

Now its time for the travel agent cap. Jaipur was a very busy city especially around festival time. For starters I can tell you all that the Jaipur Inn certainly isn't a place to stay. Unfortunately the son has taken over the business. I found out that he was in the army for ten years and he still thinks he is. I had no problem with him but allot of other travelers did. So I left and went to a guest house called Evergreen, the rooms aren't the best, but it has a pool and a wonderful cafe with friendly staff. There are quite a few temples around the best is Amber fort.

Best advise I can give anyone coming to Jaipur is lookout for the marfia. Yes there everywhere, only use the auto rickshaws that have men in uniform anyone else is nine times out ten marfia. They wont hurt you they will just bleed you dry and there easy to pick, they have the slick cloths, speak good english and always give you compliments. Oh yeh never give a tip to the drivers if they ask you, know then for sure they are marfia.

Now on a lighter note, I unraveled one of the greatest mysteries that has plagued westerners for years, why do all Indians wobble their heads from side to side to answer you yes and no. I caught my first train the other day, I was on it for four hours and im telling you, you cant help but wobble your head. The train rocks you gently side to side and after four hours it just becomes natural, so imagine Indians who have all caught trains all their lives, its permanent.

Now for some more pictures.

View from my hotel- Agra.

Just married.

Temple outside of Jaipur.

Amber fort Jaipur.

One of the locals.

Im sorry you cant enlarge the photo's like the first ones, I cant workout what the other guy in Jaipur did to make the images smaller. I've asked around Pushka and no one knows. Hopefully I can work it out before the next post. Namaste to you all and many blessings.



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