Saturday, October 28, 2006

Oneness, Love and Acceptance from India

Namaste to you all, well Im still in Pushka, the camel festival is still building. People from all over the state are bringing their camels, pigs and horses for selling. Pushka normally has about 12,000 local people and about a 1,000 tourist outside of the camel festival, once it starts they say there will be about 200,000 Indians from all over the country converge in the town and the surrounding areas and about 10,000 tourist, as you see its a huge event.

Now about the title, for the past three days I've been spending allot of my time with about ten people from all over the globe. None of us knew each other until we met in Pushka. The closeness and friendship we all share is an amazing beautiful thing. It certainly shows me how we all are one, we truly all have the divine spark inside of us. Every person on this wonderful planet is a pure, perfect reflection of me. I'am them and they are me, a child of God/dess made of the same stuff, like everything in the universe.

Now here are some more pictures.

Delhi Mosque

Lotus temple Delhi

Delhi sunrise from my room