Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Postcard from India

Namaste to you all, well what can I say it just keeps getting better and better everyday. I love this country, I've had so many flash backs of past lives its not funny. Indians are such wonderful people, they have a zest for life and most of them are by in large happy, contented people. I realize that for most of them having their spiritual practices and love from their family helps them to overcome their hardships. I mean I see 95% of the people smiling and laughing a lot more then in western society. Makes you wonder who's the the poor ones.

I'm going to write about my spiritual practices that I do each and everyday. First thing in the morning as soon as I open my eyes I say out aloud thank you God/ddess for this wonderful day, gratitude I believe is one of the key ingredients to obtain peace in your life. Next I sit up and visualize a golden light in the centre of my being, I see this light envelop my whole being then I visualize this going up through the clouds into space where I see a huge crystal energy structure, this is how I see God or heaven if you like. I then see the light leave this magnificent place coming down the column into my body, this light then travels down into the centre of the earth. In the centre of mother earth I see a huge pink crystal, this is mother Gaia's heart, as soon as it hits the surface it rebounds straight back up into my being.

At this point I am now connected to heaven and earth, a feeling of calmness washes over me. I then visualize a gold field of light surrounding me, I breath this light into my nose and down into my heart chakra, the light leaves out my chest and returns to the field I do this practice for about 15 to 20 minutes if time permits. This practice was given to me by the ascended master, Master Lanto, he was on earth around 400.b.c. He told me in that life he lived in China and attained enlightenment in that incarnation. He also said he lived for 280 years.

I then call in my mind or out aloud for the amrita elixer to cleanse and activate on the highest level possible my 33 chakra system, portals, diamond plates, cells, organs, auric field, meridians, gateways and portals. This takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

After doing this I ask for my higher self to fully merge with me 3 times and say so be it 3 times as well. Next I call upon archangel Michael to cut any negative cords from my body. I call in St Germain to flood my whole being with the violet flame cleansing all parts of me again. Now I am ready to start the day. I'll write about what I do before going to bed in the next post.

I have some pictures of India I hope you like them. The Taj Mahal was spectacular, I don't understand how some people that come to India don't go and see it, or complain about it, its the most magnificent place I have seen so far in my travels around the world. I guess it just goes to show how we all peceive things differently. Im in Jaipur now, very busy it has its good points to, its well worth seeing. I've made a contact in Dharamsala, this man is the head doctor to the Dalai Lama the people who gave me his number said to just ring tell him that I want to do charity work and he"ll allow me to stay with him and his family. They also said he is revered around the Buddhist community and probably be able to introduce me to the Dalai Lama, what dream come true, life is such a grand thing. Namaste to you all and many blessings Bakalema.
P.s Images didnt work I'll put some on tomorrow


At 6:47 AM, Shane said...

Thanks for sharing :) It seems things are manifesting as you saw they would. I am happy for you and know that you're loving the experience :)If you do get to meet the Dalai Llama please give him some love and a big hello from me :)


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