Thursday, August 31, 2006

Healing with Acupuncture

Here's an article on acupuncture something I haven't experienced yet, I suppose when Im traveling through India I'll get a chance.

Alternative Healings: Is Acupuncture a successful therapy?
"Leesburg, August 30, 2006- Health has a supreme place in one's life. When health is lost, the entire peace is lost; the body wants care and cure. Acupuncture is a complementary method of medicine or healing the body.Acupuncture is gaining popularity day by day almost in all countries of the world, even hospitals in India have arranged their courses for the physicians."
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Environmental Protections: STOP BUSH GOVERNMENT!!

I live in Australia so Im not that familiar with what the Bush Government has proposed for the American environment, if its like any other policy that they have come up with since taking over power(illegally I might add) it cant be good for your country. They have a website for you to protest. Don't let this government destroy your beautiful country stand up and be counted.

Speak up for environmental protections: don't let Bush co-opt cooperative conservation
"The Bush administration is holding a series of "listening sessions" across the country as it promotes its so-called "Cooperative Conservation" agenda.
Please help ensure that these sessions are not used to undermine environmental laws. Submit a public comment letter to let the administration know that voluntary conservation efforts complement, but absolutely cannot replace, strong environmental laws. You can also go to to check for listening sessions in your area that you may be able to attend in person. The Bush administration has already proposed a package of “cooperative conservation” legislation that would weaken the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act [link:]. The administration may use input from these sessions to promote these and other harmful changes to environmental laws, so it’s vital to respond with a strong conservation message. You can help by getting on the record as a supporter of a strong Endangered Species Act and other environmental laws. Please submit a written comment to the Bush administration regarding its cooperative conservation listening tour. If you’ve been involved in a local cooperative effort to protect endangered species, you can speak from personal experience about how environmental protections brought people in your community together to conserve natural resources. These stories will greatly increase the strength of your comments. California listening sessions: Redding, California, 1 p.m., September 13, 2006, Cascade Theatre Colton, California, 10 a.m., September 28, 2006, Colton High School Auditorium
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Heal with Love

Here's a small article on the powers of love, something most of us already know about. There is nothing in this universe love cannot heal. I love the quote they have from Gary Zukav "people need to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is. Without love, our mental and physical vitality is impaired, our resistance to sickness is lowered and we cheat ourselves of new, joyous possibilities."

This is what I personally believe as well, they also talk about forgiveness, for me forgiveness is the only way to open your heart up fully and set yourself free, free from fear, anger and the suffering we hold when we don't want to forgive people in our lives.

Love life anew, start afresh
"An unwillingness to forgive others for the real or imaginary wrongs they have done us is a poison that affects our health: physical, emotional and spiritual. If your inner thoughts are dominated by gripe and groan, if you are a consistent bellyacher or worrier, you are shortening the years of your life just as surely as you are growing older by the day." hindustantimes
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Serving Humanity Serving God

One of the greatest things a human being can do is to serve his fellow brothers and sisters. It is such a rewarding, uplifting experience. That's why im going to India and Nepal to help out where I can, serving people less fortunate then me, I know in my heart that it will be a life changing experience. First im going to work with the Tibetan refugees in India then go to Nepal to help the orphans throughout their country, I can feel my soul jumping for joy just knowing that Im going to fulfill this part of my life. In this article Dr. Kishore Narra is doing just that serving his community by helping those people who cant afford proper healthcare its fantastic, blessings to Dr. Kishore Narra and his staff.

Hindu temple's health clinic a way to 'serve God by serving humanity'
"Dr. Kishore Narra began volunteering at the Livermore Shiva-Vishnu Temple's bi-weekly health clinic almost four years ago, as a way to give back to his community.
The doctor of internal medicine, also a long-time devotee at the temple, said the temple is more than a religious landmark. It also is place for those looking for public services.
"People go to pray, but, as a temple they also have to care for humanity," Narra said. "And this is what I can offer
." mercurynews
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Spiritual Lawyer

This shows me more and more how the world is changing for the better. Who would have thought ten years ago that there are lawyers out there that have a spiritual approach to life. Well there is and his name is William van Zyverden. Lets hope it spreads into all areas of law, it would be a wonderful thing if it happened sooner rather then later.

Peaceful resolve: Holistic lawyer 'works with the entire client'
"The Holistic Justice Center in Middlebury sounds as if it might be a place to chant, burn incense and gaze at crystals.Instead, this prosaic one-room office above a mortgage company accommodates attorney William van Zyverden's legal practice. No posters depicting Buddha or medicinal herbs on his bare walls." burlingtonfreepress
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David Suzuki's Australian Tour

Great news David Suzuki is coming to Australia, I've done a bit of research on him and he certainly seems a fantastic man. We need a hell of allot more people like David Suzuki to save this planet. If I wasn't going to India Id be down there for sure.
The Challenge of the 21st Century
David Suzuki's talk .............. Anvil Hill Project Watch Association Inc. (AHPWA) have secured the assistance of Dr David Suzuki in their efforts to combat the Anvil Hill Open Cut Coal Mine proposal. CCBR supports AHPWA in their campaign to prevent the approval of the proposed Anvil Hill Coal Mine in the HunterEvent: The Challenge of the 21 st Century, Putting the World Back Together Supporting artists are the African Tribal Drum Group "Karifi -The African Experience" and "Les Saxby of Yidaki Didj and Dance" Tickets will be on sale through Ticketek Agencies from Monday 31 July. Dr David Suzuki will be personally signing copies of his autobiography which will be on sale on the night. This is his last Australian Tour.Mon 04 September 20066pm ­ show starts 7pmEnmore Theatre, Newtown - NSWCost: $71.90/62.Contact: Ticketec
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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Illusion of War

Larry Bucaria writes in his column that we should all bless America and also Israel. He writes that 'all citizens of all faiths enjoy our wonderful country', I wonder if this is really true, I know I'd hate to be of middle eastern appearance walking through some of the towns in the bible belt of America. I wonder how many Muslims get harassed each day throughout America by other people of other faiths as well as the Bush government.

Sorry guys but he also says that 'not to forget that it was our Judeo-Christian beliefs which made it possible for a new nation to succeed.' Its funny as a nation, I don't see America has succeeded in anything other then be the biggest war mongering nation in the past 60 years. I know there are allot of wonderful people in America, and I know that the governments throughout the years have chosen to go to wars where there has been no need to other than to help their own cause, but its the people who elect them, so there's no excuse.

People like Bucaria obviously live in a bubble like allot of people throughout the world he also writes 'these convictions were based on mutual respect for life and the rights of the individual' Im sure again if you go an ask the native Indians who were on the land before these Judeo-Christians came and took over and slaughtered thousands of them for hundreds of years about the mutual respect for life and the rights of the individual I dont think they'd agree and lets not forget the millions of African slaves that were brought to the counrty to build it, great Judeo-Christian values hey.

Yes he is right about one thing, the poor young men and women that have to go fight these wars, its them and the innocent civilians I feel sorry for and my prayers go to them. He also writes about 'defending democracy' what a joke the democracy word has become try imperialistic, control freaks. The original meaning of the word democracy is so far from what the Bush, Howard, Blair and Israeli governments stand for its a joke.

God bless America and Israel
"While citizens of all faiths enjoy our wonderful country and the tremendous benefits we take for granted, let’s not forget that it was our Judeo-Christian beliefs which made it possible for a new nation to succeed. These convictions were based on mutual respect for life and the rights of the individual." metrowestdailynews
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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Praying for a New God

Is it time for a new God? Master Charles Cannon thinks so, and I tend to agree with him. You have to admit the three major players in the world, Christianity, Islam and Judaism are certainly going down a path of destruction. I hope sooner rather then later the people of this world will choose something new and leave these prehistoric, hate mongering, power tripping religions behind. The original teachings of these religions was beautiful, they all spoke of love, peace and compassion, but im afaid they have all lost their way.

Obviously most of the people in these religions are beautiful people who follow their beliefs with a kind heart and promote love, peace and harmony but unfortunately there is a large group of people in all these religions who distort what their religion teaches. Maybe it would be a good thing if all these old worn out religions and belief systems get left behind to form a new more loving, peaceful, accepting belief system. Then maybe all this fighting and segregation would stop.

New Age Mystic Declares, 'It's Time For a New God'
" Virginia-based visionary and new age mystic, Master Charles Cannon, says humanity is at an historic crossroads and, in his words, "It’s time for a new God." Known world-wide as the originator of the Synchronicity Experience -- a technological approach to modern, contemplative holistic spirituality, Master Charles has dialogued on this controversial theme in talks given at his Virginia Sanctuary as well as during a recent tour of Australia." prweb
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Friday, August 11, 2006

Eckhart Tolle Living in a Fantasy

Paul B. Farrell has an interesting point of view on Eckhart Tolle's best-selling book 'The Power of Now'. Is Eckhart Tolle's book creating monsters in America and around the globe? Paul Farrell thinks so, he explains some interesting points on Jim Cramer who is the host of CNBC's "Mad Money" and Eckhart Tolle and how both men are dangerous, see what you think.
Danger! 'Mad Money' and the 'Power of Now'

"Breaking news? It's so obvious, it can't possibly be news. Right? And yet, in America's zero-attention-span culture the obvious is what people usually ignore, dismiss or deny. So no wonder newspapers use all capital letters. Readers don't know they're living in the "NOW!" But it's not really news. It's what spiritual gurus have been saying for thousands of years."
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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Flow of Giving and Receiving

I hadn't realized until I started my healing business that it was hard for me to receive. Clients would offer me extra money after the healing and I witnessed myself refusing it. It wasn't until about the fifth occasion when the client pointed out that I should look at why I have such a big problem receiving, didn't I think I was worthy enough to receive?. I thought about it for awhile and realized id been a person who always gave to others, whether it be money, a hand with a job, or even in the bedroom. It was certainly true there was apart of me that didn't think I was worthy enough, so I went about changing it I started excepting from others with an open heart and I soon realized how great it feels to receive and to give. Like I say balance is the key to everything and like Shakti Gawain said, "Receiving and giving are opposite energies that are inextricably linked together in the natural flow of life, like inhaling and exhaling. If one aspect of that cycle doesn't function, the entire cycle ceases to function and the life force cannot move freely."

It is just as blessed to receive as to give
"Q. It is pleasurable for me to give, but I have difficulty receiving. Can you help? -- F.H., New JerseyA. In the Bible, Acts 20:35, it states, "It is better to give than receive." Many of us have heard this and taken it to heart. We seem to have enormous confusion in this area: some with giving, receiving or both." sun-sentinel
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Friday, August 04, 2006

Image, Labels and Ego

Thank god for Andy Metcalfe, I wouldn't have survived much longer having no label, no name for the group of people I associate with and have similar beliefs and values with. Yes we are finally called something 'Hedolists' yipee. I know most humans love to belong to society, fit in, be recognized, but come on do we really have to be called anything?. To me labeling is part of the ego, the ego needs others to recognize them, for me this is just another ego driven way of being.

Im not anything other then a human being, I feel in my heart the more Labels we drop the better. We are all one, made up of the same stuff, yes we are individual as well, with our own uniqueness but the core essence of who we are is the same, when we let go and let our being guide us and not our ego, labels and groups lose their significance.

New name for a new, new age
"A new demographic term, that brings together all manner of spiritually-aware, holistically-minded and environmentally-friendly people has been born in the UK. ‘Hedolists’ are the new, new-agers it seems, bringing together an interest in holistic, natural living with an all-out zest for life." prleap
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wayne Dyer interviews Immaculée Ilibigiza

I found this interview, in which Wayne Dyer interviews Immaculée Ilibigiza very interesting and uplifting. Immaculée is a Tutsi survivor of the Rwandan genocide in 1994. She has written an inspiring book called Left To Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust. She is now a member of the United Nations Development Program and has also established the Left To Tell Foundation to help the children of Africa build better lives.

Immaculée reminds us all how important forgiveness is to attaning peace and a deep connection to God. Through my own experience in my healing sessions it is quite alarming how many people hold so much anger and hatred towards ex-partners, family members and friends. As I say to these people, 'It is very hard to find love and peace in ourselves when we are carrying around these energies of hate, guit and anger'. When you realize that through forgiveness your heart will open up and love and peace will flood through your hole being changing your hole world. When we let go of these burdens, these chains that keep us from becoming our true divine self, then and only then can we become enlightened souls, free to love and accept ourselves and everyone else on this planet.

Immaculée Ilibigiza 'Clean Your Heart and Let Love Be There'
"It's also such a great honor to have Dr. Wayne Dyer, the man who has written some of the most moving books of our time, to conduct this interview. Wayne, I'll turn it over to you now to invite Immacule'e to share her story and her passion." healthywealthynwise
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