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David Suzuki Quotes
David Suzuki

Dr. David Takayoshi Suzuki was born on the 24th March, 1936, in Vancouver Canada.

Published books by David Suzuki include "Genethics", "Wisdom of the Elders", "Inventing the Future", and "Looking At " which is a children's book series on science.

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  • And that, quite simply, is the issue. We live in a finite world with finite resources. Although it may sometimes seem quite big, earth is really very small – a tiny blue and green oasis of life in a cold universe.
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • Everywhere we look, human activities are tearing at the very fabric of life on Earth.
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • With an estimated population of nine billion people by 2050, we cannot continue to consume resources at the same rate and maintain our quality of life.
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • People – especially people in positions of power – have invested a tremendous amount of effort and time to get to where they are. They really don't want to hear that we're on the wrong path, that we've got to shift gears and start thinking differently.
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • The one thing I feel is very hopeful, however, is the overwhelming participation of women in the movement for change.
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • What the hell are we going to leave for our kids? What are they going to remember?
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • To me, women are by far the most important group. But I also think that elders are extremely important.
    David Suzuki Quotes
  • Aboriginal people are key because they have a different sense of where we belong and how we interact with nature.
    David Suzuki Quotes
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David Suzuki

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