Saturday, August 12, 2006

Praying for a New God

Is it time for a new God? Master Charles Cannon thinks so, and I tend to agree with him. You have to admit the three major players in the world, Christianity, Islam and Judaism are certainly going down a path of destruction. I hope sooner rather then later the people of this world will choose something new and leave these prehistoric, hate mongering, power tripping religions behind. The original teachings of these religions was beautiful, they all spoke of love, peace and compassion, but im afaid they have all lost their way.

Obviously most of the people in these religions are beautiful people who follow their beliefs with a kind heart and promote love, peace and harmony but unfortunately there is a large group of people in all these religions who distort what their religion teaches. Maybe it would be a good thing if all these old worn out religions and belief systems get left behind to form a new more loving, peaceful, accepting belief system. Then maybe all this fighting and segregation would stop.

New Age Mystic Declares, 'It's Time For a New God'
" Virginia-based visionary and new age mystic, Master Charles Cannon, says humanity is at an historic crossroads and, in his words, "It’s time for a new God." Known world-wide as the originator of the Synchronicity Experience -- a technological approach to modern, contemplative holistic spirituality, Master Charles has dialogued on this controversial theme in talks given at his Virginia Sanctuary as well as during a recent tour of Australia." prweb
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