Thursday, June 29, 2006

Psychic Phenomenon

Well here we go again another bandwagon humans can jump on and this ones a big one that I don't think will go away for along time, its called the psychics-mediums phenomenon. Its become huge business over the past couple of years and why has this new craze become so popular?

There are a number of reasons, the number one reason is there's a part in all of us that knows there's more to us then just the five sensors, meaning we all have the ability to have psychic powers, it is part of who we are. Second most popular reason is that most people have become disillusioned about religion so they are turning to something else, because people these days have more information about everything and can use their own judgment on what's truth and what's lies. The religions of the world don't have such a tight grip over the populace, people around the world are fed up with the larger religions and their fear based ideas. Of coarse the churches are feeling the pinch so they attack what their fear and when we are in fear we are not in love, love has completely left most religions, funny that being that love is what they're all supposed to be based on. Please don't get me wrong when people follow the teachings of most of the worlds religions and do mean 24hrs a day, 7 days a week that's fine its a beautiful thing, but unfortunately most people only do it one day a week if that.

So what's this all saying for me its about one of my favorite sayings "Live and Let Live" if everybody followed this simple saying what a beautiful, peaceful world we would live in. Sometimes when im meditating I try to imagine what it would be like living in a world where all human beings loved each other, cared for each other and accepted each other and there was nothing but peace (you all should try sometime), its sad because it doesn't matter how hard I try the images I get are so foreign to me I cant hold them for long. All I and everyone else who wants a peaceful world can do is create peace and love in our own hearts, then and only then will this wonderful world start turning around.
Paranormal packs halls, sells books and floods airwaves
"The special events hall at the Jacob Javits Convention Center is not an easy space to fill.
But on a balmy spring night, Sylvia Browne packed the 30,000-square-foot space as easily as a global trade show or a jobs and careers fair. And her product? Immensely more entertaining. Browne is a psychic-medium, meaning she -- at least according to her -- receives information beyond her five senses and hears the musings of the dead
." sfgate
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Monday, June 26, 2006

Japan having a Whale of a Time

Im sorry guys but sometimes I just don't understand human beings. Through my teachings and spiritual understandings I try not to judge, I try not to fall for the illusion that sometimes comes my way, in other words I try not to let things upset me. In this case I let all that go out the window, I can not for the life of me understand why Japan needs to still kill one of the worlds most beautiful creatures whales.

I live on the beach in Australia at a place called Byron Bay, its the most eastern point of Australia and at the moment all the whales are migrating to the warmer waters. On a daily basis they are spotted just off the coast, what magnificent, graceful, wonderful beings these animals truly are. I wish the rest of these gutless governments around the world would do more than vote against whaling countries like Japan, they should place sanctions and try and hit them where it hurts. Because of greed, corruption and back handers these poor majestic animals have to die for nothing other than filling the fat bellies of rich Japanese people. The only thing whales and other creatures of this world should be shot with is a camera.
Japans Fisheries Minister Defends Vote. antara
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Monday, June 19, 2006

Surfing Through Spirituality

This might not seem interesting to allot of you but for me its wonderful to see how many different souls on this planet find their way to enlightenment and spiritualism. Steven Kotler's book "West of Jesus" looks like a great read, how through surfing he has found God, mysticism, spirituality, oneness and joy. I can fully relate to this because I surf and surfing has been a big part of my life since I was 11 yrs old. There is just something about it that opens your heart to the overwhelming power, simplicity, harmonious, connectedness and oneness you feel with the ocean or sister sea as I call her.

This article reminds me again that the greatest temple, ashram and church that you can connect to yourself (which is really connection to God) is nature. Why do so many people on this earth think that to find enlightenment, to find God we have to join a man made religion with its man made structure. God is everywhere and I know for myself one of the closest times I am to God is when Im surfing. So please remember if you can, make going out in nature a major part of your life it certainly works on all levels of opening us up to the oneness.

Finding God while looking for waves
"Freelance journalist and author of the novel "The Angle Quickest for Flight" (a Chronicle best-seller in 2000), Steven Kotler is a seeker. "My earliest childhood belief," he writes in his new book, a surprisingly entertaining nonfiction account of his own spiritual quest through surfing, "was the sneaking suspicion that the world was a much more mysterious place than people were letting on." sfgate
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Work for God

Rick Warren is obviously a Christian, he has written an article on how it is important to do God's work. It's an interesting way of seeing things, I guess when I look at it's saying the same message as I've written previously and that is how important it is to use your gifts that God gave you. I certainly don't agree with all of it, though the underlying message I do, plus its always good to see how other people think and accept them in every way, for they are all our brothers and sisters they are all a divine spark of God.
God's View of Work
"Everybody works. It doesn't matter if you are a student, you still have to work. If you're at home, you still have to work. If you're retired, you still have to work! Since work is such a major part of our lives, it's important to know what the Bible teaches about work." saworship
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The Power of Belief

The power of the mind, faith, or belief, this little article shows how strong, how wonderful we humans really are. It shows the importance of faith is, some call it the power of the mind, what ever you call it, its remarkable what humans can do.
Placebos prove health is a state of mind
"THE recent suggestion from some top UK doctors that the NHS should not fund alternative therapies because they are of unproven effectiveness puts the spotlight on the so-called placebo effect.For most of my medical career the word placebo meant merely a technical aspect of drug trials. Volunteer participants were divided into two groups - experimental and control." icwales
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Monday, June 12, 2006

Ba`kalema's Messages

Here are some more messages I channeled on my little pilgrimage to the Blue Mountains. I'll get the photos on the next edition. I realized why the book "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho came across my path again and that is the full realization that Im following my personal legend as he would call it. In other words Im following what I came to this earth to fulfill and that is following my heart and dreams, doing what I love. You'll know what you are meant to do, what your destiny is, its easy just ask yourself "WHAT BRINGS ME THE MOST JOY AND HAPPINESS IN MY LIFE?" and go do it.

It's as simple as that! Life is pretty simple its just we like to complicate things as much as possible, the real truth of the matter is it's our mind, our ego that complicates things and that's usually fear based, no is always fear based. I know if you read this straight away that most of your minds will say "oh it's not as easy as that" and your mind will give you a thousand excuses that it is impossible to just drop everything and start following your heart. I also know that most thoughts will be around money, how can I survive? How can I support my family?Well I tell you now you weren't born to survive you were born to flourish in God's playground and when you start doing what you love doing the universe will fully support you in all areas.

What I also learned this week was that Im a FREE MAN!!! I can just about everyday of the week do what I want when I want to do it. When I so called have to go to work to earn money(healing work) I don't call it work I call it fun, I think of how lucky I am, how blessed I am and how grateful to God, Goddess and the whole universe for my life.

I remember a fellow work colleague where I used to work telling me "I cant wait to retire, Im going to retire at 56 yrs old(he is now 42 yrs old) so I don't have to do this pathetic job anymore and I don't have to work for someone I don't even like". To this I said "Im retiring at the start of next year", he laughed at me,"what do you mean?", "I mean Im leaving this job and following my dreams, doing what I love, not having hopefully to work for someone ever again. To me I'll be retired because everyday I'll do what I want and what God wants, just like a retired person, the only difference is I did it at 34 yrs old and most of society does it at 65 yrs old or older now."

Another thing I realized is that if you work five days a week at a job you hate or for someone you despise, get four weeks holidays a year you get 129 days where you do what you want to do, that's out of 365 days a year(about one third), not many hey, then when you think about it, times 129 by lets say the average working persons life (these are the people who hate their job, boss etc) 65 yrs you get roughly 8385 days (give or take a few) in your life where you can do what you want, not many is there. So what am I trying to say?If you have a dream follow it with all your passion, heart and energy, don't stop until you've given it all you've got then at lease you know what its like to truly live.

Ba`kalema's messages
The ego is as fragile as and egg shell
Yet we give it such strength
We let it become as hard as granite
When we allow the flow of God's love
To wash over us
Sooner or later even granite will succumb
To the power of ALL THAT IS

If you think you are not of this world you're right
The only world that exists is yours
Everyone else on the planet are all living in different world's
No two are the same

You Have no limitations when you fully understand and embody
That you are an instrument of God a divine spark of God
Nothing is impossible when God dwells within

Seek not for solitude in a cave
Contemplation in a temple
Enlightenment in an ashram
For this way is of old paradigms
The most magnificent cave, temple and ashram that you will find
Is within you, it's in your heart
Where God the all loving, all knowing, all compassionate dwells
You can make a daily pilgrimage to this sacred place
Without going anywhere

Friday, June 09, 2006

Travelling with Paulo Coelho

I didn't realize that best-selling novelist Paulo Coelho would be so popular in Russia even their president had a chat with him and said how much he enjoys his books. It is so pleasing to see people like the Russian president read books written by people like Paulo Coelho. I acually just picked up a book written by Paulo Coelho yesterday, the book is "The Alchemist" I had read it in the nineties and enjoyed it immensely, I guess it has a new message for me or to remind me of something I've forgotten.
Paulo Coelho Travelling across the Siberian steppe
"Crowds of fans have swarmed on to railway platforms to see the author at remote outposts along the Trans-Siberian route to Vladivostok. More than 1,000 people turned up for one book-signing en route and groups of fans waving signs and begging autographs have appeared at his window at every stop." mb
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Monday, June 05, 2006

Dying for the Truth

I was sent this email by a friend, it talks about what allot of people around the globe are starting to become aware of and that is does AIDS really exist? I've herd throughout the past couple of years from certain people that they know of proof that the Aids virus doesn't exist, its all been made up by the drug companies in partnership with governments around the world. So have a look for yourself and see what you think.
A VERY IMPORTANT article in leading European newspaper 'The Business', continuing its series of articles started in May 2004 (circulated twice by WWV last year) exposing once again the successful brainwashing of most of the human race. When we have clarity about the (reptilian) control agenda on this planet currently promoting a phony 'war on Terror', financial enslavement, false 'pandemics' and general fear and mayhem, we easily see through the HIV/AIDS myth for the devastating lie that it is.

Yes, the human immune system IS severely compromised in these highly polluted 'End Times' and many are falling victim to a broad range of diseases, but to blame much of it on a harmless retrovirus is absurd.> Ignorance is the only epidemic here! Read this long, but most informative article, refer to websites quoted and be sure to NETWORK WIDELY - the more people we can awaken now, the fewer will be 'culled' by licensed pharmaceutical drug pushers and fear (especially in Africa, where people are highly susceptible to superstition with white-coated 'Aids doctors' now replacing the 'witchdoctors' and pointing the bone 'finger' of condemnation. Even healthy young Africans die 'to order' - terrified, AND I HAVE RECENTLY WITNESSED IT). SPF "The circular reasoning scandal of HIV testing" (WWV can send you other articles and references if this approach is new to you and you wish to research further) "The Business" newspaper (UK) Neville Hodgkinson May 22, 2006. It was an icon of compassion, a sign you cared. To wear the red ribbon meant to express solidarity with HIV/AIDS victims everywhere. It signified> you knew the importance of antiviral drugs and HIV testing, Aids awareness and condoms - and of the urgent need for a vaccine. In contrast, if you cast doubt on the ever-burgeoning and massaged HIV/AIDS stastics; or suggested the billions raised for HIV research and treatment might be better spent on established medicines and in fighting poverty; or - perish the thought - if you questioned the very theory that AIDS is caused by a sexually transmitted virus, you lost your right to be considered a sensible and decent member of the human race! You were a 'denialist', a 'pariah', a 'flat-earther', a 'crackpot'. Even if you were a leading scientist, your funds would disappear and your ability to publish in mainstream journals> reduced to zero.

Today, whether it is frightening the residents of a Cornish town (Newquay) with a cluster of purported infections, or causing the former head of the South African National Aids Council to apologise for having unprotected sex with an 'HIV-positive' Aids activist, or enabling U2 front-man Bono to edit an issue of the UK Independent newspaper dominated by impassioned accounts of Africa's HIV/AIDS plight, the virus that has held such a sway in the popular mind for more than 20 years is still never long out of the news. It is now (like cancer) VERY BIG BUSINESS: American Express, Motorola, Gap, Converse and Armani are among the corporate giants supporting Bono's RED campaign promoting special products to raise funds for Aids in Africa. But unreported in Bono's 'Independent' (or in any other edition of this newspaper, which for years has followed an unquestioning line on Aids) there are signs that the power of the red ribbon is in serious decline.

In the USA, where respectable opinion has long held the HIV theory of Aids to be immune to questioning, a controversial 15 page critique in the influential HARPER'S magazine has caused culture shock. As well as detailing a cover-up by government scientists regarding Aids medication trials, the article approvingly quotes scientists who have argued for years that HIV is NOT the cause of Aids.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post last month published an investigation headlined "How Aids in Africa was overstated", arguing that "increasingly dire" and inaccurate assessements of HIV infections by UNAIDS (the joint United Nations Programme on HIV/Aids) had "skewed years of policy judgements and decisions on where to spend precious healthcare dollars". In India, a proposed Red Ribbon Campaign through the national rail network has been abandoned, following a national convention on HIV in Bangalore last October (2005) attended by more than 1,500 HIV-positive people, where the once-fashionable symbol of Aids awareness was ceremoniously rejected. In front of TV cameras, a six-foot red ribbon was cut into pieces as a protest against the "oppressive and patronising" symbol. Speakers said there were no similar icons of solidarity for people suffering from other diseases. The ribbon's connotations that "HIV = AIDS = DEATH" - the scientific orthodoxy subscribed to by UN agencies, pharmaceutical interests and thousands of activists around the world - was said to further the isolation, discrimination and sense of doom suffered as a result of an HIV diagnosis. Veena Dhari, the first woman in India to declare herself HIV-positive, said that when HIV-positive people see the ribbon, "we feel like committing suicide". She called on all Aids organisations to stop using it. The story appeared on the front pages of newspapers as well as national TV in India, where media have proved more resistant than in most African countries to huge pressures to conform to international opinion on HIV/AIDS.

Two years ago, Richard Holbrooke, former US Ambassador to the UN and now president of the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, an alliance of 200 international companies promoting Aids testing, treatment and support, said in Washington that a major impediment in dealing with AIDS globally was that many governments - and people - were still in "a denial phase - they believe they have no Aids problem." Citing India as an example, if it did not change its policies it would soon have the highest HIV/AIDS tally in the world. By last year that had already happened, according to Richard Feacham, head of the Geneva-based Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the main beneficiary of Product RED. "The epidemic is growing very rapidly and is out of control" Feacham said in Paris. "there is nothing happening in India today that is big or serious enough to prevent it." India had to wake up, because without action, "millions and millions and millions are going to die" That is not the view of Anju Singh of JACKINDIA, a Delhi-based Aids policy study group. Singh, chief guest at the Bangalore convention, told 'the Business' last week that "there are no reports - not even anecdotal ones - that reflect visible proof of an epidemic in this country". The official estimate for HIV infections are around 5 million; but a dearth of Aids cases - averaging 10,000 a year over the past 10 years - suggest that is grossly wrong. Nor has there been any abnormal increase in death rates, even in suspected "high-risk groups" such as red light areas. The Indian government does not publish data for Aids deaths; but "questions we got asked in Parliament have elicited a cumulative figure of 1,100". When UNAIDS published a figure of 310,000 Aids deaths in India in 1999 alone, and a cumulative total of 558,000 Aids orphans, JACKINDIA challenged them publicly. In late 2001 the figures were withdrawn - but only after being used earlier that year to project the staTe of the epidemic in India at the UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS in New York.

"For years now, agencies like the CIA, World Bank, UNDP, UNAIDS, a plethora of NGOs as well as articles published in respected science journals have been talking of an exploding epidemic in India, and African-like conditions", Singh said. "We have consistently challenged the agencies that claim India is underplaying figures and is in denial; none of them has been able to provide any alternative data or evidence to substantiate their claims". The iconoclastic Harper's article, entitled "Out of Control: Aids and the Corruption of Medical Science", has sparked intense debate. Greeted by a> chorus of condemnation and calls for resignation of Harper's editor, it has nevertheless found many defenders. It was written by Celia Farber, a journalist and long-standinfg critic of the science surrounding the HIV theory. In an editorial, The Columbia Journalism Review accused the magazine of "racing right over a cliff" in publishing Farber. A blog called New Aids Review responded that the editorial was "a poor specimen of what journalism students are learning at one of the great universities", adding that the author would do better to write a thesis on 'The Media in Aids: How journalists failed the American public'.

But even some long-standing HIV/AIDS activists have admitted themselves shaken by the facts Farber set out about the lethal potential of some antiviral drugs; and the controversy has also taken the lid off a claim made repeatedly in reponse to attempts to reopen the debate on the cause of Aids, that only a handful of scientists question the orthodox view. Thanks to the internet, an association started 14 years ago to press for a scientific reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis now lists more than 2,300 public dissenters, including Nobel Laureates in chemistry and the medicine on its website( ) Many have advanced degress in the sciences and medicine as well as direct experiences of workng in the public health sector in Africa and other supposedly HIV ravaged parts of the world. One of these is Dr Rebecca Culshaw, assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Texas, a mathematical biologist who for 10 years studied and published models of HIV disease and treatment. In an internet posting entitled 'Why I quit HIV', Culshaw calls for a BAN on HIV tests. She says they do "immeasurably more HARM than good" because of an "astounding" lack of specificity and standardisation; she adds that many people are being treated with drugs on the basis of an insupportable theory. "My work has been built in large part on the paradigm that HIV causes Aids and I have since come to realise that there is GOOD EVIDENCE that the entire basis for this theory is WRONG".

In Australia, the idea that anyone can be diagnosed as infected with HIV is to face a court challenge. In a hearing set down for July, the lawyer for a man found guilty of endangering the lives of three women through having unprotected sex (one woman has tested positive while the other two are negative) is to call evidence from a Perth-based group of scientists who during nearly 25 years researching the scientific literature on Aids have come to an even more RADICAL CONCLUSION than the American dissenters quoted in Harper's. The group ( ) will testify that "HIV" has NEVER been isolated from the tissues of Aids patients and that in consequence the HIV test has NEVER been validated and there is NO proof that HIV is transmitted sexually.

Dr Robert Gallo, the American government researcher whose team developed and marketed the first test kits, says in a letter in this month's Harper's that "no test in medicine is perfect, but done correctly and with a confirmatory second test, the HIV blood test developed in our laboratories comes close." Gallo and others, including activists promoting anti-viral drugs in S Africa, make similar assertions in their rebuttal of Farber's article saying that: "HIV tests were highly accurate from the time they were developed in 1984 and have become more accurate over time as the underlying technology has evloved. HIV tests are among the most accurate available in medical science". However, as demonstrated, in a two-part investigation published in 'The Business" in May 2004 (see panel) experts have known since the early years of Aids that "HIV" test kits could NOT BE USED to diagnose Aids. Delegates at a WHO meeting in Geneva in 1986 heard that the kits were licensed to protect blood and plasma donations, AND NOT as a screen for Aids or people at risk of it. But, dictated by public health needs, usage had expanded and "in was simply not practical" to stop this, as Dr Thomas Zuck, of the US Food and Drug Admin, put it!

The 100 experts from 34 countries heard that, though the tests were useful in safeguarding blood supplies, something more was needed to distinguish genuine infection with HIV. Dr James Allen, of the US Centres for Disease Control programme, said studies suggested some people were reacting to components of the cell line used to grow HIV for many of the test kits licensed in America. Other reactions occured because of antibodies to normal cell proteins, naturally occuring in the body. Allen warned that the problems could be magnified in areas of the world that did not have the sophisticated facilities of America. The meeting was told that a so-called "confirmatory test", called western blot, relied on the same principle as the test kits it was supposed to be checking and so was liable to the same kind of false-positive reactions. Subsequent research has repeatedly confirmd this problem; more than 60 conditions that cause such false-positives have been documented. One is TB,> which produces symptoms of Aids as defined in Africa and is immensely widespread among impoverished people.

As the HIV/AIDS paradigm won worldwide acceptance, increasingly complex procedures for trying to make a reliable diagnosis came into being. But the basic problem - not being able to validate any of these procedures against pure virus taken from patients - still remains. Harper's has published pages of letters in the latest (May) issue in response to Farber's article, which appeared in March. Roughly half are supportive, half against. The first letter is from Culshaw who writes:"This debate should have happened long ago, before an unproven hypothesis of an immune-destroying retrovirus was THRUST upon vulnerable public, and without being thoroughly critiqued in the scientific literature. Despite the promises made in 1984, there is still no cure and no vaccine. Instead, there has been fundamental erosion in scientific and clinical standards, with implications reaching far beyond HIV. To do the best we can for those affected by Aids - including those in Africa, where Aids presents a clinical picture quite different from that in the developed world - there urgently needs to be an honest scientific debate".

There is an association between testing HIV-positive and risk of developing Aids. This is the main reason scientists believe HIV is the cause of Aids. BUT THE LINK IS ARTIFICIAL, a consequence of the way the test kits were made. It never proved possible to validate the tests by culturing, purifying and analysing particles of the purported virus from patients who test positive, then demonstrating that these are not present in patients who test negative. This was despite heroic efforts to make the virus reveal itself in patients with Aids or at risk of Aids, in which their immune cells were stimulated for weeks in laboratory cultures using a variety of agents. After the cells had been activated in this way, HIV pioneers found some 30 proteins in filtered material that gathered at a density characteristic of retroviruses. They attributed some of these to various parts of the virus. But they never demonstrated that these so-called "HIV antigens' belonged to the new retrovirus. So, out of 30> proteins, how did they select the ones to be defined as being from HIV? The answer is SHOCKING and goes to he root of what is probably the biggest SCANDAL IN MEDICAL HISTORY. THEY SELECTED THOSE THAT WERE MOST REACTIVE WITH ANTIBODIES IN BLOOD SAMPLES FROM AIDS PATIENTS AND THOSE AT RISK OF AIDS. This means that "HIV' antigens are defined as such not on the basis of being shown to belong to HIV, but on the basis that they react with antibodies in Aids patients. Aids patients are then diagnosed as being infected with HIV on the basis that they have antibodies which react with> those same antigens.

THE REASONING IS CIRCULAR!! Gay men leading 'fast-track' sex lives, drug addicts, blood product recipients and others whose immune systems are exposed to multiple challenges and who are at risk of Aids are much more likely to have raised levels of the antibodies looked for by the tests than healthy people - BECAUSE the antigens in the tests were chosen on the basis that they react with antibodies in Aids patients. But this association DOES NOT PROVE THE PRESENCE OF A LETHAL NEW VIRUS. The tests do discriminate between healthy blood and the blood of patients with Aids or Aids-like conditions, because Aids patients suffer a range of active infections and other blood abnormalities, some of which are transmissable. This is why the tests are useful as a screen for the safely of blood supplies. BUT TO TELL EVEN ONE PERSON THAT THEY ARE HIV-INFECTED ON THE GROUNDS THAT THEY HAVE ANTIBODIES THAT REACT WITH THE PROTEINS IN THESE TESTS IS AN UNWARRANTED ASSAULT

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Alternative Choices

It's pleasing to read that more and more people in the west are choosing alternative health products and therapies. This shows that people are becoming aware of what else is out there besides the normal run of the mill doctors and drugs. Everything has it's purpose on this planet, there certainly are wonderful, helpful prescription drugs out there that do allot of good, but there are just as many that do allot of harm.

We all need to be discerning on what is best for our own situation. Through constant meditation which deepens our connection to God/Goddess this becomes easier. When your connection is strong to your higher-self you need not ask anyone other then your higher-self what is best for you in any decision making. I try to on most occasions ask "is this for my highest good" and wait for a clear answer, you'll know the difference if the answer is abrupt, negative or fear based you know that's from your ego, if its loving, kind and positive you'll know its from your higher-self.

So start today to turn within for your answers, get that connection strong and the only way to do that is start using it. Start off with small things like food for example"is eating this food for my highest good", then work your way up when you feel more confident that the answers you are receiving are for your highest good.
Patients Want Alternative Medicines, Despite Proof of Efficacy:
" Patients with urologic disease say they want to take alternative medicines despite a lack of proof of efficacy from randomized, controlled trials, and even if these products might cause them harm, according to research presented here at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA)." docguide
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Friday, June 02, 2006

The Now Power

Eckhart Tolle's wonderful book "The Power of Now" is certainly one of the best books I have read. Here is a little article about how powerful being in the now really is. If you haven't read the book please do yourself a big favor and go out and get it.
There is no problem
"When you are full of problems, there is no room for a solution. So whenever you can, create some space so you can find the life underneath your life situation. Use your senses fully. Be where you are. Look around. Just look, don’t interpret. See the light, shapes, colours and textures. Be aware of the silent presence of each thing." commonground
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