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  • Science Catching Up - I found a small article, about scientists simulating out of body experiences. It sounds a bit out there, I find it very interesting when ever science crosses over to the spiritual side of things.
  • Americans and God - I found a survey done in America on how people perceive god in today's society. There certainly are some interesting results, some of them I didn't expect, see what you think.
  • Ascension into a New Earth - I've met and have talked to people and have read about how we and mother earth are going to ascend in the year 2012. One of my teachers about 4 years ago clearly explained what will happen to the earth and the human race.
  • Archetypes and Caroline Myss - I don't know much about the archetypal healing method, I've come across a few people in my life who have shown me a little bit about it and I've always found it to be very interesting.
  • Heal with Love - Here's a small article on the powers of love, something most of us already know about. There is nothing in this universe love cannot heal.
  • Spiritual Lawyer - This shows me more and more how the world is changing for the better. Who would have thought ten years ago that there are lawyers out there that have a spiritual approach to life.
  • Image, Labels and Ego - Thank god for Andy Metcalfe, I wouldn't have survived much longer having no label, no name for the group of people I associate with and have similar beliefs and values with.
  • Gift From the Present - We hear all the time how important it is to stay in the present moment. Roland Rodriguez talks about how on his daily walks he mostly tires to stay in silence, in doing this it helps you stay in the present moment.

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