Monday, October 08, 2007

Home is Where the Heart is

Aloha to you all, I just realised that tomorrow is the, 10/10/2007 its exactly a year ago, that I left Australia for India. Like I guess most of us, I cant believe how quickly a year has gone. It truly only feels like yesterday that I was saying goodbye to a good friend of mine at Brisbane airport. I've been witnessing myself over the past couple of days and I've noticed that there's still apart of me that wishes I was still there.

I know that its so important to be in the now and its just as important to have a 'gratitude attitude'. Its funny in the past couple of days friends that I met over in India have been unconsciously contacting me again, to bring up my stuff. I realise too how most of them had touched my soul and brought me great joy. I also realise that its ok, to acknowledge these beautiful souls and my fantastic experience that I had in India and to just let it go.

Something else has come to my attention, when one of my closest friends came and stayed with me over the past week, I hadn't taken any photos of where I live. So I thought I'd place some photos of the area that I live in. It took me awhile to settle down here, because for some reason I never liked the place. If you'd said a year and a half ago that I'd be living in the Sunshine Coast area for a while, I would have laughed my head off, well here I am and have been living here for about four months.

I guess god/goddess wants me to really learn gratitude and to appreciate every part of my life no matter whats happening. I have to realise and fully embrace, that I'm exactly where I'm meant to be, doing exactly what I'm meant to be doing, period. This is a very important teaching for myself and probably most of the population, by having deep gratitude, acceptance and love for all areas of our lives, then we are naturally flowing with life. By trying to fight against certain areas of our lives we automatically become stuck. Instead of flowing down the stream of life in our little canoe, by fighting our circumstances, by resisting them we some how turn our canoe around and start paddling up stream against the flow, what does that bring? suffering and turmoil.

'WHAT WE RESIST, PERSISTS', its sometimes hard to understand this law or to even believe that its possible, believe me it is, 'SO LET GO AND LET GOD'. I had some experiences over the weekend that were very tempting to say least. Last week I was asked, to ring a friend of mine and find out times for a meditation class, I used to attend in another town, before I left to go to India. Well I found out, that my friend no longer lived there, so I got chatting to the lovely lady who owned the house. See my friend used to be her carer, he had told me about it a few months ago. It all seemed so perfect, she was still looking for someone, I had rang, she also wanted someone to do full time healing in her house etc etc. So off I went, down to have an interview with her, it seemed so perfect, I could help someone who really needed help, get back into my healing work full time, live where I really wanted to live, spend more time on my website. Though there was one thing missing, divine timing, my higher self explained to me that it wasn't for my highest good to go there now, plus a few other things.

I thought I had embraced my circumstances fully here, but as soon as an opportunity came up I was ready to drop everything and run. Its nothing to do with anything outside of myself, its feeling comfortable within myself no matter whats happening around me. When I fully learn this lesson then and only then will I move on, into another experience. I realise too that's there's lots of little reasons why I'm here. I ran into a lady not far from where I live, that has a few orphanages in Nepal, its been a dream of mine as some of you would know to first do volunteer work in Nepal, then set up an orphanage as well. She has plenty of contacts and information about it, which is a blessing, who knows it could be a huge reason that I'm on the Sunshine coast, was to meet this lady. Again a huge part of me just wanted to get ticket and go to Nepal, but again its all about divine timing and whats best for me now. For many reasons the universe wants me to stay in the Sunshine Coast, so that's exactly what I'll do, with gratitude, acceptance and love.

Here's some pictures.

View from my room.

The house.
The backyard.

This was taken at a small village called Montville, its about 45 minutes from my place.

This is part of the Kondalilla Falls, my parents used to live about a ten minute walk from here.

This is one of the headlands in a national park about a ten minute drive from my house. As you can see there's plenty of beautiful places to visit, that are only a short drive from where I live, how blessed am I.