Monday, September 24, 2007

Spring in My Step

Aloha to you all,( I guess I better explain to some of you the true deep meaning of aloha). As most of you would all know Aloha comes from the Hawaiian people and just about everyone would have heard of this greeting. What alot of people wouldn't know as I didn't, the sacredness and power of this word. Aloha has many different meanings it's not just saying hello. When someone greets you aloha, it's not just a hello it's a deep honouring of one soul to another.

Some of the meanings I've come across and there's countless more, here's what the actual word means, Alo = presence, front, face] + [hâ = breath, "The presence of (Divine) Breath." Here are some of the english words to describe this sacred word, love, affection, compassion, mercy, sympathy, kindness, sentiment, grace, charity; greeting, salutation, regards; sweetheart, lover, lover, loved one; beloved, loving, kind, compassionate, charitable, lovable; to love, be fond of; to show kindness, mercy, pity, charity, affection; to venerate; to remember with affection; to greet, to hail.

To me especially aloha (like the Indian greeting namaste) has two more profound meanings, the first, I recognise and honour the god/goddess in you brother/sister and the other, we are one with each other for eternity. I really do believe by greeting people who would be open to you saying aloha or namaste constantly, would hopefully remind us of how important it is to understand that we are all one. By honouring everyone we meet along our path we honour ourselves, by seeing the divine in another we are automatically seeing the divine in ourselves.

What a fantastic spring equinox experience I had on Sunday, I had a very enriching day at a gorgeous friends place. The day started out with my friend channelling Lord Maitreya. The channelling was all about relationships, he talked about the true deeper meaning of relationships. We were also blessed, with some clearing techniques which helped shift a few blockages. I'll be posting the channelling within the next week, hopefully some of you might be able to also receive something from it.

One of the the best things about the day, was again meeting more like minded, open hearted people. As I wrote similar in a previous post, 'as the petals of our heart unfold like a flower in the morning sun, permeating our divine essence, so too do we then allow others to do the same'. The afternoon was also filled with an unusual Indian sweat lodge to say the least. The rocks weren't quite hot enough, so there wasn't much sweating going on, but the releasing and warmth of everyone's heart was enough to make the experience a success.

So the whole day was to have the intent of bringing in our heart desires for the next year and letting go of the old and being thankful for the year that passed. Remember one of the major key's to everything we do throughout our lives is 'INTENT'. It doesn't matter what you do in life even the small mundane things, having a purposeful intent allows us to experience everything on a deeper level.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Flow on Effect

Aloha to you all, another week gone by, again I am finding an even deeper love and appreciation of the awesome gift we are given each and every moment 'the breath of life'. I'm witnessing the natural flow on effect throughout my life because of one thing 'MY COMMITMENT TO SELF LOVE AND SELF REALISATION'.

There is an old saying 'our outer world is a reflection of our inner world', over the past month this saying has been unfolding as exactly that. Through turning my attention and intention to finding inner peace and love, what naturally happens? experiences in my outer world reflect my inner world. People and situations are coming into my life each and everyday to support and nurture me once again.

If we look at ourselves in this way for example, think of a picture you might have seen of a universe. It's a mass of energy swirling around the cosmos, there are many parts that make up this universe. In the core of the universe is the main energy point. This centre point has a gravitational effect, everything is held in perfect alignment because of this force. Floating around are many other important energy points, exactly placed with perfection. Throughout the universe there many different areas which hold different energies, from warmth to extreme cold, places where it is dormant and places where there is much life.

Even though what we may perceive are many different polarities throughout the universe, there is one undeniable thing, every single part of the universe no matter what it is, makes that universe a whole. Now we must be mindful that things will also gravitate towards this universe from outside of it's self. They can just pass through or have a huge impact, what is meant to be will be.

Like the universe we are made up of lots of different parts. Those parts of us are all perfect, they are doing their job in divine order. Now the difference between humans and the universe is that humans label everything, for example good and bad, wrong and right, desirable and undesirable etc etc. Where as the universe (nature) will just accept all parts of it's self, will witness things passing through it's space and just keep on being as it was.

So I look at my self as a little mini universe spinning around in space. If the core of my being is strong, is glowing, then I naturally will attract the same universes(people) and experiences to me, without getting to off centre one way or the other. Each and everyday I'm moving through my own inner lessons with more ease and grace, which builds my inner core of light, which then allows me to enjoy more of life.

There are natural laws of the universe, I realise now on a deeper level then I ever have before, by turning within for self love, by building that inner core so it is solid and strong. There is a natural process that unfolds after that. Everything in our outer world reflects back to us, to enhance our inner world. It builds up momentum like a snow ball effect, self esteem and love builds, more and more people and experiences come into our lives that helps this inner love grow. It is a natural reciprocating effect, by nurturing and loving our own being, we inadvertently attract people and experiences to enhance this. I guess it's a bit like the law of gravity, 'what goes up must come down', 'what shines out must shine back' .

I just want to add this little saying my best and dearest friend wrote to me awhile ago,(not sure if it's his).

Dark times are good for learning and growing, but the light times are what life is all about. I can add to that, the more light times the more light comes through, the more lighthearted we become.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Nature of Things

I realised over the weekend there was one main ingredient I had forgotten, one vital piece of the journey that we're on, while we're here on this amazing planet. 'NATURE', yes I had forgotten how important nature is to our well being (silly billy, lol). I've surfed since I was twelve years old, there were times throughout my life when surfing was placed on the back burner. When I hit thirty, it became my passion once again.

For some unknown reason since coming back from India, I haven't surfed much at all. If there's one thing in my life I know creates, so much pleasure, joy, healing, oneness, peace etc etc, its surfing. I went for my first surf in three months, that's the longest I've stayed out of the water for years. I tell you I really like to make my growth periods very hard, no half heartedness here lol.

The other blessing I got to experience over the weekend, was going for a forest walk, the backyard of the house that I'm living at has a huge forest(how blessed am I). Now being an Aussie, some of you might question why I used the word forest instead of bush(to everyone that doesn't know outside of Australia, Australians call the forest, bush. We like to shorten everything, lol). Again when we look at the word 'FOREST', if we break it up what do we get? 'FOR-REST', and that's exactly what happens to our whole being on many levels, when we are surrounded by nature.

So please remember as I have done once again, how much of a necessity it is to connect to nature. If there's one thing that will uplift your spirits and open your heart its mother nature. This is why its called 'MOTHER NATURE' because what do mothers do for us 'THEY NURTURE US'. That's probably why they didn't need to change the word 'NURTURE' much, because 'NATURE and NURTURE' mean the same thing.

Now when I go surfing, I just don't go surfing, I'm fully aware of the cleansing powers of the ocean. I call the ocean 'sister sea' and I ask her to cleanse my whole being, from my auric field right down to the cell's of my body. Being in the water also allows me to let any frustrations out, so as I'm paddling I place my head under the water and give a good old scream from the depths of my being. You'll be amazed how freeing it is, many of us especially in the West don't allow ourselves to let go, you might not realise how much energy you store in your body.

Through learning Ka Huna massage, I quickly realised how much the human body stores energy. One of the main areas that I found held alot of energy was the jaw. Think about it, every time you hold back on saying something, every time you don't speak out, energy has to go some where. When its to do with communication that energy remains in the jaw. So make it part of your weekly or even daily ritual to have a good old fashion scream, I guarantee you'll feel a whole lot better for it.

Make being in nature a priority if you can, I know just by the two fantastic experiences I had over the weekend, I feel awesome. It's wonderful to have that spark, spring and spirit in my soul again. Like everything you do throughout your day place out an intention, when you do get to go into nature, ask to be cleansed, ask for guidance on what ever is troubling you. Above all have gratitude to God/Goddess remind yourself how blessed you are to be here, to be able to experience such a precious, wonderful gift and that gift is 'LIFE' it's self.


Science Catching Up

I found a small article, about scientists simulating out of body experiences. It sounds a bit out there, I find it very interesting when ever science crosses over to the spiritual side of things. The more science starts to understand that there's more out there then just the 3D world, I think the better. I can feel there really is a change coming. More and more people around the globe, day by day, are becoming awake that we are not separate that we are one. That there's a deeper purpose to life then just surviving, then just material gain etc etc.

I as many know there has never in the history of the world been so many awakened beings on our planet at once. It is an exciting time to be here on this beautiful earth. The more institutions like science align to a deeper understanding of our universe, the more people out there will see that the whole concept of spirituality, has a major part to play in the evolution of the human race and our beloved planet.

Out of body experiences in laboratory
"The experiments of Dr Rupert Sheldrake, whose concept of “extended mind” is one of the more interesting developments in biological research this century, seem to have touched off a number of other scientists to follow suit." spiritual-nirvana
>> New Age News

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lasting Change

For the past few weeks I've had many experiences that keep pointing to a very important subject -"how to make positive changes last?". I read an article on this issue today and again parts of my being feel that a lot of what so called "self-help experts" are telling us doesn't give the whole picture.

The article I had read is from a very famous author and after reading it, part of me still feels there are some major components missing. They don't tell you how to truly move through your stuff to have a more permanent state of happiness, joy and love. Now there was a time in my life where I believed that if we truly wanted to move into a permanent state of open heartedness, unconditional love and joy it could be achieved in this life time; if this was your heart's desire. Many people laughed and some even ridiculed me for suggesting such a thing. Well, as I write this, I realise that there's part of me that still feels that this can be achieved. I ask you this one question; if you are a person that believes in ascended masters eg Jesus, Buddha and Babaji then what is one of the main messages that every single one of these masters passes on? 'You can do and achieve as I have done'.

Why do humans limit themselves, settle for second best, choose to believe that there are limits to what we can do and achieve? simple 'FEAR'. Right from when we're born most of the human population is bombarded with limiting thought beliefs, words and action from every angle. Well, if you are another person that believes that 'we are all one' and that we are all, in essence, a seed from God. Then you'll have no problem in believing 'if they can do it (ascended masters) then so can I'. There are a few major things that keep us stuck and things that keep us repeating our old patterns.

Let's look at them; see, the thing that I find is a major problem in many self-help books is they seem to only focus on the mind. Yes, our mind is one of the most powerful instruments in the universe, but we must remember that we are all made up of many things and it is just one of the pieces that makes the whole. You see I had an amazing experience the other night. I was very fortunate to have had a deep, old wound come to the surface that needed to be recognised, loved and accepted. Now, seven years ago when I was going through a very emotional time after my divorce, I read alot of self-help books, I practiced every moment of the day turning my belief systems around into positive , loving ways of being. Well seven years later that exact same energy came to the surface; the difference this time, I have the tools and knowledge to move through it.

Why did this happen? Well for me, I know fully now, especially after the other night, part of my being was still carrying the wound or energy that was from that experience and to be truthful I bet you it was probably from an even earlier experience. What did I do different? I ALLOWED IT TO BE, I welcomed it for it is a part of me, I allowed my self to feel it deeply. It lasted for an hour, mind you it was very intense, the end result I know in my being that I have moved through it now. The lesson and experience is now complete and with that I am becoming a more loving whole being.

So, after all that, what I'm trying to understand? that there is a process for truly making a permanent change, first allow what ever it is, pain, fear, sadness etc etc to come up allow yourself to really feel it deeply, go right into the feeling, accept it on all levels and I can pretty much guarantee it will pass. After this process is complete then I believe this is the time to start on the positive thoughts, words and actions, in some way there is now a part of you that can now allow these processes to take root. In a way we could look at it as emptying your vessel to allow God/goddess to fill that void, with love.

What's another key in forming a new solid positive way of being? REPETITION. You must have a continuous flow of positive thoughts, words and actions to make a permanent change in your life. Now things will come to the surface that's guaranteed, depending on how much work you've done will depend on how often and severe it will be for you in your life and how much you want the lesson before you to drag out. But there's one thing I know somewhere, some part of me understands that it will slowly but surely dissipate over time if you have a true desire to live your life on this earth as if your living in heaven.

I reminded a friend the other day of a saying that I use to fully believe in and again am starting to use 'BE IN THE WORLD, BUT NOT OF THE WORLD' in other words be present and accepting of the world around you on all levels but remember not to get caught up in it, see it for what it truly is 'A WONDERFUL JOURNEY FROM ONE POINT TO ANOTHER'.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Being Open to All That Is

This article was sent to me the other day, some of you might find it interesting. It's similar to what I put on a post the other week and guess it again may explain why so many people are going through huge shifts. I know most of my friends around me are going through similar processes to what I've gone through. I guess on many levels there are many of us that have chosen to be on this earth to open up and understand who we truly are on a deep level, so its inevitable that we'll go through some hard times.

So the only way we can accomplish becoming an open hearted being, to become completely whole and come from a space of unconditional love, is to bring all parts of us into the light. When we fully understand that there are many parts of ourselves that have been wounded throughout all time, space and dimensions, then we understand that working with just some parts of our being wont be enough.

Its taken a while but science has finally come on board and understood that there isn't just this 3D dimension. Through quantum physics, scientists are realising we live in a multidimensional universe. I believe to take the holistic approach in becoming our full potential this lifetime we have to be open to believing that we are made up of many parts. Some of these aspects of ourselves can be effecting us in this lifetime, in other words the here and the now.

For example, do you ever wonder why you cant attract money or a partner that you feel you could have a divine connection with?. You've tried all the self-help books, relationship books and how to have abundance in your life books and it just doesn't work. Well this is when we need to look outside the square, when we fully understand that there is no past and there is no future there is only the now then we understand that everything is effecting us in the now. For example, that as a child we took on the belief that we didn't deserve love or we made a vowel of poverty from another lifetime these can still play out in this lifetime, in this now space. You might not believe this but on some level we a getting effected by these parts of ourselves for example, inner child, emotional body, chakras, feminine and masculine self etc, etc.

Now sometimes it can be hard to access these parts on our own, that's why there are plenty of healers and healing techniques around that can help in these areas. Where do you start? well start by letting the universe know that you'd like to work on a certain part of yourself and that you'd like assistance in finding the most appropriate practitioner or healing modality for you at this time. Be open to little signs along the way, for example hearing a friend mention a fantastic healing he or she received or a pamphlet standing out, be open, look for signs.

Also especially in these times, I know we can easily get effected by outer energies if we are off our centre. If we're not grounded and our pillar of light, auric field are not as strong as they could be, sometimes we are open to other peoples thought forms and energies around us. We can even be effected by the mass conscious mind. Be aware that sometimes we may feel ok and then wham out of the blue we feel off centre again. Take note of who's around you at the time, what your listening to on the TV or radio. If something does come up, ask if it is yours and you might find that sometimes it isn't. Now some of you might be thinking, well that's not taking responsibility for our stuff etc that you wouldn't have had it come up if it wasn't yours. I'm not suggesting that its all the time, I'm just pointing out that on occasions if your not strong and clear in yourself we can be susceptible to energies outside of ourselves.

Go on the inner if you can and ask who or what its about, then just simply hand it back. If you feel you've had your power taken away from someone in your life try speaking to them on the inner. If that doesn't work go and talk to them about it(if their open), tell them how you feel (don't use blame or attack), but always go with an open heart and see them as an innocent child of god. Most people wouldn't even know that they are dumping on you or taking some of your energy from you. Know that every interaction we have in our lives with anyone, there is a transference of energy on some level, period.

Remember you don't have to go through it by yourself, ask and thou shall receive. These times are huge and we need all the assistance we can get. Be open for assistance on all levels, just ask the universe, know and see yourself getting what you've asked for.


"ENTERING THE HIGHER REALMS can really bring aboutstates of confusion. Yes, we are beginning a residency in thehigher realms, but we haven't completely left the old 3D worldyet! Much of what we believed regarding higher ways of beingand living were at times inaccurate. This information arrivedthrough a 3D mind, or rather through adis-connect state of mind. Much of the spiritual information thatwe were taught, or that we bought into, was therefore comingfrom a lower vibrating level of consciousness.

As many of us are having some very strange and interestingexperiences through the ascension process, we can then becomequite confused about what is really going on, and whateverything was really all about in the first place. Add to this theenergy shifts. When we experience an energy shift, it serves toraise our vibration. When this occurs, much of everything withinand without is moved around. And during this time of so much"vibration raising," things are adjusting and lining up in regardto a critical mass, so that change can occur. This can cause aconfusing waiting period. It is no wonder then, that we canbecome very confused at times and not know what in the worldis going on!

Confusion can occur when we thought that things would unfoldin a certain way. If we were to believe, for instance, that as weraise our consciousness, everything just naturally gets better andbetter, we would be in for a big surprise. The purging andreleasing resulting from the ascension process creates depressionand challenging energies, to say the least. And then there are thelong periods of waiting, as mentioned above, where we seem tobe in a void or in limbo as we are waiting for others to catch up,while we are also "rebooting" or re-aligning for the next step. Wemay continually expect that the next step will be oh so muchbetter, and then are usually disappointed and let down when itisn't.

Dying while in a 3D body is a very long process. Yes, there aremoments of really experiencing great feelings of a higher order,but the process is also very real, as it takes us through anddeeply into ourselves. It also seems to stop and start...and thiscan cause confusion as well.

"Have we gotten anywhere at all?" you may wonder at times. Orperhaps you may have had feelings that all this ascension stuffcreated absolutely nothing New. The truth of the matter is thatwe have made incredible progress. Taking an entire planet oflower vibrating energy and raising it up is no small matter.Things began at higher levels and then needed to trickle downinto the physical. In addition, the lightworkers began theirascension journeys far ahead of everyone else, and therefore havebeen at it for a very long time. This was their service forhumanity, and this is one reason why it may seem like things aretaking forever. But for others, they have yet to begin.
If you were to look back on what your life was like a year ago, orperhaps even a few months ago, I would imagine you would seethat great changes had occurred. You probably are not the sameperson you used to be and you are also probably in a verydifferent situation in many areas of your life.

Confusion can result when we are seeing a process that doesnot resemble what we had imagined in our old 3D mind. But ourold 3D mind did not know much. For the most part, it wasdisconnected from Source. And in addition to all of the above,those of us who are here experiencing the ascension process as aservice to humanity, are at the helm of the process as well. Thismeans that things can literally change on a dime. At higher soullevels, we get together, have regular meetings, and arrive with aplan. And although there is most certainly a general plan, thelogistics and road to get there are subject to "wiggle room." Sojust when we think we know and understand what will happennext, it doesn't! (Unless, of course, you are very consciouslyconnected to yourself at a soul level...)

If you have chosen this page, you are being encouraged to knowthat all is always in divine and perfect order. Being in themoment can greatly ease any discomforts that confusion canbring. If you can get out of the way in regard to analyzing andneeding to know, you will connect more greatly to Source in thelong-run. The higher we begin vibrating, the more clarity wereceive, as we are beginning to "see" things at a much higherlevel from the other side of the veil. And clarity is not alwayswhat we thought it would be! But as we progress further andfurther along our paths of ascension, we begin to find much morepeace, as we truly begin to find the clarity that was alwaysthere...we just weren't vibrating high enough to understand it yet."

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Inner and Outer Relationships

Circumstances over the past month have changed dramatically for me, is it because there has been a huge shift on the inner for me, then this reflects on my outer world, you bet. Going through what I'd gone through over the past few months, clearing's, deep reflection, facing my self with honesty and integrity and being fully aware of where I come from in all areas of my life, slowly but surely I've come through the other side with a new zest and deeper understanding of life. It's easy to get wayward on our own self-growth, to lose focus on what brings us joy and happiness and to forget about what's really important to us.

As I've said before there's now more distractions then ever in the history of the human race, everyone's so busy now we forget about ourselves. We give every excuse why we cant just sit and be, meditate and reflect on where we are in our lives. One of the biggest is when we're in a relationship, this is probably one of the greatest distractions of all if we allow it, because I know for me and alot of society, when we're in a relationship it's easy to fall into the trap of, first placing our inner focus on the person that is the subject of our love and affection and secondly if and when the relationship starts to fall apart we then do the old blaming game and focusing on trying to fix the other person instead of taking responsibility for our own actions. These are certainly fabulous distractions on not dealing with our own inner work.

The key I believe is to communicate right from the start to your partner, friends and loved ones that each and everyday you need time for reflection, meditation or just quite time. Establish this important boundary first off and stick to it. The important thing here though is making that commitment to yourself, if you cant commit to yourself then you wont be able to commit to anyone, simple.

Like any cycle in the universe relationships come and go, with ourselves and with others, for me now on a deeper level then I have ever had, I finally realise how important it is to have the discipline and commitment to having a strong loving relationship with my self each and everyday throughout my entire life. Through total commitment to one's self this is how we can make permanent, positive changes to ourselves which will effect all other areas of our lives. I looked at my current circumstances and at first I felt that I was upset to be alone again, but then I realised that in this word alone there is a key, for when we break it down and look at it, we see what it really stands for "AL-ONE", so over the past month that has been what I've achieved again, a deep connection to my self, to source and a deep commitment to inner work and reflection.

It was said to me by a beautiful friend of mine that her friend describes relationships as 'growth machines' and I fully agree, for me relationships are a necessity and show me where I'm at in regards to my self-worth and self-love. If we can take on the understanding that everyone, especially people that we have an intimate relationship with is a teacher and an angel sent to help us grow and learn more about ourselves, if we all looked at it like this there would be alot less hurt and bitterness in the world if the relationship has run its course and ended.

I personally couldn't be more grateful to the teacher/angel that had come into my life, she helped me learn more lessons about my self in such a short time then any other relationship I've had in the past it was such a blessing for me. I believe that everythings speeding up on all levels and what we may have taken to learn in say five to ten years in a relationship we now learn in say six to twelve months. I know in my heart that one of the biggest gifts that has come up for me through it was there was still alot of things that needed to be brought to light about my childhood and how it has effected me throughout my adult life, especially concerning relationships.

As I've been saying to all my beautiful friends lately, I have chosen to be at all times fully aware, real and come only from integrity in all areas and moments in my life. Now I'm not saying that I haven't been this way throughout my life, it's just I'm taking it to a new level, where I'm aware if on some level I'm trying to manipulate a situation in some way or unconsciously trying to get things to go my way, whether its for mine or the other persons highest good.

I gave a healing to a friend the other day and one of the things I pointed out to her was that when we choose to start loving, nurturing and respecting ourselves then and only then can we attract a person of like mind, its a natural law. I said to her 'IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN?' and this certainly goes for me as well, when will we finally choose to fully start loving ourselves and having a healthy relationship with ourselves first, to go within and not without. I have learnt so much through relationships and I feel now in my heart I would like to have a divine union with another being, to make two parts become one. I fully understand on a deeper level this can only be achieved when I have a divine union with my self first. I accept what has occurred in my life and don't regret anything, far from it, but I feel It really is time for me to make one of the biggest commitments a human being can make and that is the path of self-love.