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  • God Bless G W.Bush - Im reminded every once in a while why George Bush and his bunch of cronies came into power and why Al Gore didn't. As with ourselves as individuals so too do we as the human race have to go through hardships to learn the truth in other words go to one end of the spectrum to fully understand what we don't want for example hate as opposed to love.
  • Dying for DDT - Kenya are thinking of reintroducing DDT to fight malaria. Its hard to see after all these years the chemical companies haven't come up with something not as dangerous as DDT. I don't claim to know the answer to this one, but I thought it was clear to the world years ago how harmful DDT was to humans and everything else that comes into contact with it.
  • China Finds Compassion - The Chinese government finally looks like it might change its hard stance against the Dalai Lama and the Vatican. It will be interesting to see if they will give any ground to either parties
  • Turning Peace Into A Consumer Trend - Deepak Chopra and Ubiquity Brands CEO Jeff Dunn have united to bring about a new concept for world peace. Chopra has proposed marketing peace around the globe instead of war, which unfortunately a lot of the worlds governments do.
  • Deepak Chopra On Hate - Here's a great article written by Deepak Chopra on how to overcome the feeling of being hated by someone else. Chopra shows us that there are some simple basic steps we can take so we don't get effected as much by other people's actions and views.
  • Deepak Chopra And Nuclear Bombs - Deepak Chopra gives his views on Iran and the cat- and- mouse game their playing with the rest of the world on their nuclear policies.
  • Tibetans Visit Dalai Lama - China has taken a few small steps towards creating a more peaceful working relationship with the Dalai Lama, by allowing 200 Chinese nationals to attend a prayer meeting with the exiled Dalai Lama in India.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr Warns America - There's an interesting article over at Beliefnet about Martin Luther King, Jr and his view on the dangers of America's unquestioning national pride and its effects on the world. Is it still happening today?

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Political News

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