Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wayne Dyer interviews Immaculée Ilibigiza

I found this interview, in which Wayne Dyer interviews Immaculée Ilibigiza very interesting and uplifting. Immaculée is a Tutsi survivor of the Rwandan genocide in 1994. She has written an inspiring book called Left To Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust. She is now a member of the United Nations Development Program and has also established the Left To Tell Foundation to help the children of Africa build better lives.

Immaculée reminds us all how important forgiveness is to attaning peace and a deep connection to God. Through my own experience in my healing sessions it is quite alarming how many people hold so much anger and hatred towards ex-partners, family members and friends. As I say to these people, 'It is very hard to find love and peace in ourselves when we are carrying around these energies of hate, guit and anger'. When you realize that through forgiveness your heart will open up and love and peace will flood through your hole being changing your hole world. When we let go of these burdens, these chains that keep us from becoming our true divine self, then and only then can we become enlightened souls, free to love and accept ourselves and everyone else on this planet.

Immaculée Ilibigiza 'Clean Your Heart and Let Love Be There'
"It's also such a great honor to have Dr. Wayne Dyer, the man who has written some of the most moving books of our time, to conduct this interview. Wayne, I'll turn it over to you now to invite Immacule'e to share her story and her passion." healthywealthynwise
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Immaculee is an amazing person and is someone whom I will always look up to. I found this and thought people would be interested,


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