Thursday, September 28, 2006

Life Changing Thinking

We are all well aware by now on how important our mind is to achieving a happy, peaceful and joyful life. 'Think it and it shall be', these words and many others like them have been said throughout the ages.

Affirmations have played a big part throughout my life, and I'm reminded again from this article to turn to them once more in my spiritual practice. All of these techniques certainly work. Look back throughout your life and you'll see quite easily how when you truly wanted something, when you thought about a certain thing or person that it or they came into your life.

As I pointed out earlier people throughout the ages have known about the power of the mind, and now scientist's have finally realized it as well. So I can fully recommend letting the universe, God, source what ever you want to call it, know what you would like to come into your life. Notice how I didn't use the word want, because when you say that you want something that tells the universe that you are lacking and the thing your wanting will never come. I know it sounds strange, just trust.

Say It! Believe It! Do It!
"As I commence writing this particular article, I am reminded of what Dr. Napoleon Hill once said, "What the mind of man can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE, it can ACHIEVE."
What mighty power there is in that well known saying. Dr. Wayne Dyer puts it like this, "Believing is Seeing," and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said "When you change your THINKING, you change your LIFE
." thenassauguardian
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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

God and Business

I found a very interesting article on a conference held in a Benedictine monastery in Melk Abbey, Austria. It's called the Waldzell conference, and it attracts some pretty influential people from the corporate world to famous people like new age bestseller Paulo Coelho. Basically its a conference where they debate the worlds spiritual and ethical challenges and to try and change this world for the better, for peace, for feeling joy and love and that certainly cant hurt.

Doing God's business
"If you were on a mission to transform the world into a deeply spiritual place in only 48 hours, then joining a weekend conference of business leaders and entrepreneurs, sponsored by bankers, consultants and property developers, and supported by Coca-Cola, would seem an unlikely strategy." timesonline
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Some Favorite Quotes

I found an old book of mine called 'Bag of Jewels' by Susan Hayward. Here are some of my favorites from the book.

Bag of Jewels

What comes from the heart
touches the heart.
Don Sibet

Believing is one thing, doing another
Many talk like the sea but their lives are stagnant marshes.
Others raise their heads above the mountain tops, while their souls
cling to the dark walls of caves.
Kahlil Giban

This Saturday, do something you have wanted to do for years.
Something just for yourself. And repeat this process once every month.
Denis Waitley

Imagine you only have one year to live. What important things would you be doing?
How would you be allotting your time to accomplish the most you could?
This exercise is one method of going after your priorities.
Denis Waitley

We are each of us angels with only one wing,
and we can fly only by embracing each other.
Luciano de Crescenzo

Fear: The best way out is through.
Helen Keller

The soul would have no rainbow, had the eyes no tears.
John Vance Cheney

It is only an illusion that you do not have what you want.
Sanyana Roman

Hope you enjoy, quotes and sayings have played a big part throughout my life, they always seem to bring me back to reality.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What Happens When We Die?

My uncle passed away a couple of weeks ago, it certainly wasn't expected. I came across a small article from Pat Campbell, in it she gives her opinion on dying and what happens to us when that day finally happens. I agree with most of it, but who really knows what happens?I guess we'll just all just have to wait and see.

Dying Is Just Another Chapter In Our Lives
"Most people are afraid of dying whether they admit it or not. And I was no different until I reached a better understanding of the dying process. When I was an agnostic, I used to think that when you died that was it; the end of the story. At least I hoped it was that way but underneath this belief was an underlying fear that I might have it all wrong." goarticles
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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Americans and God

I found a survey done in America on how people perceive god in today's society. There certainly are some interesting results, some of them I didn't expect, see what you think. I'd love to hear from some of you to get a gauge on what type of people are looking at the website, so please feel free to write a comment.

Survey: U.S. believes in 4 versions of God
"The United States calls itself one nation under God, but Americans don't all have the same image of the Almighty in mind.A new survey of religion in the country finds four different images of God -- from a wrathful deity thundering at sinful humanity to a distant power uninvolved in mankind's affairs." statesmanjournal
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Friday, September 15, 2006

Ascension into a New Earth

I've met and have talked to people and have read about how we and mother earth are going to ascend in the year 2012. One of my teachers about 4 years ago clearly explained what will happen to the earth and the human race. In away it would be wonderful if it did, sometimes I find it hard to believe because allot of things have to happen and we only have six years. I've found an article about what is going to take place over the next six years its pretty big.

It Will Happen Suddenly ...
"It will begin suddenly, without warning. Many scandals that will disclose true background about how the System works will shake human masses. Disclosures about how international energetic mega-companies earn billions selling oil, preventing at the same time inventions of free energy to come to public. Disclosures about pharmaceutical trusts that earn money with "healing" diseases that are spread with viruses created in hidden laboratories." bellaciao
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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Archetypes and Caroline Myss

I don't know much about the archetypal healing method, I've come across a few people in my life who have shown me a little bit about it and I've always found it to be very interesting. Here is a article that explains what its all about. I know Caroline Myss is very big on the subject as well as Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, these are all experts in their own fields.

Stacked DeckPlaying the hand we’re dealt
"A couple years ago, a group of women (me included) attempted to go through Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss. Myss is a well-known author of several best-selling books on spirit, energy and spiritual life. The idea put forth in Sacred Contracts is that we are born with certain things to do and accomplish, and to have certain relationships." metropulse
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Interview with the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama has been visiting Canada for the past week. Here is an interview with the Mayor of Vancouver Sam Sullivan. His Holiness has become an honorary citizen of Canada by the Canadian government. Of coarse China has had something to say about it, they have threatened the Canadian government that by doing this it could hurt their relations, good on the Canadians for not backing down, unlike the Australian Government who don't recognize his Holiness when he comes here to Australia typical of our spineless government who love to promote war instead of peace.

Im leaving Australia in three weeks time to go to India and Nepal for a year, I'll be spending allot of time in Dharamsala where the Dalai Lama lives with all the exiled Tibetan refugees. Im going to teach them english and one of the biggest highlights of the trip for me is when his Holiness comes out on the 11th of December for eleven days to meet and be with his people, I hope to meet him personally it certainly would be a dream come true.

Transcript: Interview with the Dalai Lama
"First of all, I would like to acknowledge and respect the traditional territories of the Coast Salish First Nation People; and I would like to welcome you to Vancouver. Thank you for blessing us with your presence." Canada
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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

God Bless G W.Bush

Im reminded every once in a while why George Bush and his bunch of cronies came into power and why Al Gore didn't. As with ourselves as individuals so too do we as the human race have to go through hardships to learn the truth in other words go to one end of the spectrum to fully understand what we don't want for example hate as opposed to love. This might sound a bit odd, but as I say to people we would not know love if we did not know hate, we would not know happiness if we did not know sadness etc etc.

George Bush and his government have certainly taken most of us in the world down the road of hate, separation, greed, destruction the list is endless. Now people around the world are coming together and realizing the path that we are currently on does not serve the human race only a select few. So as a whole we all had to go down the road of destruction in order to know that as a species this is no good for us or our planet. Hopefully we will realize sooner rather then later to turn this all around and save our beautiful planet and ourselves.

I've been reading lately about Al Gore and his passion for the environment. It is wonderful to see people with this much influence standing up for this beautiful planet and our future generations.

Al Gore On MTV: The Environmental Man In Black
"Last Thursday night I decided to allow my teen son to watch the MTV Video Music Awards. I admit I'm not too keen regarding all of the current music out there, but I also remember what it was like when I was his age following my own beat, so I wanted to watch it with him to take part in something he liked. I didn't see the beginning where they announced the guests, so when I had watched as much as I could and was going to leave he said, "don't leave mom, there's a surprise coming."
Then I see Al Gore all dressed in black come out on stage to give a message to the younger generation of our country and I said, "I love this man." I love him because it was an important message that this world's environment is in crisis
..." politicalcortex
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