Friday, December 14, 2007

Divine Bliss

Namaste, Aloha and greetings to you all, well what a fantastic life experience I've been having since arriving 'HOME' (Byron Bay). I emphasise the word home, because finally since arriving back from India seven months ago, it feels like home living back in Byron Bay.
Words cannot describe how I feel, if you could see inside my being, my soul would be dancing uncontrollably. My whole being is bursting with joy and happiness, why? because I followed my heart and my guidance. That's all where here for, its what makes our heart sing, if we're follow our heart everything in the universe supports us and nurtures us. Its like a universal law I believe, a bit like karma, what you put out, you get back.

I know for alot of people its hard to just let go, to just follow your heart, your passion, your guidance, but I tell you now 'ITS ALOT HARDER NOT TO, PERIOD'. So I implore you, if your standing at the edge of that cliff, wanting to dive off into the the abyss, into the true river of life, let go, jump and I assure you, you will be caught by the web of life and carried to places that you'd never had dreamed of. There's an old saying that quite a few people use and its one of my favorites 'FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY'.

As you all know when I left the Sunshine coast, I really had nothing to come to when I arrived in Byron. How quickly that changed, I had meet my first angel a few months back, in Sunshine. We are both involved in a fabulous project, its a healing day that a few of us have organised that will be held on the 19th of January. Its called 'Awaken to Joy', we're hoping to get as many people from around the Sunshine coast community to come together in oneness, through many different forms of healing and fun.

I thought a few weeks ago before I came down to Byron I had worked out some short term accommodation, but unfortunately or so I thought at the time it fell through. Again I didn't panic, I just asked my guidance why this had happened, and it simply said 'that there was a better opportunity coming and just relax', so I did. Well at one of the meetings, my new found angel proceeded to let everyone know that she was moving to Byron Bay in the next few weeks(actually it was one week before I was guided to go) well you didn't have to ask me twice, it was so obvious that this angel could help me. So I asked and of course she said 'yes, I'd gladly have you come and stay'. When I arrived that day, I couldn't have felt more at home, more welcomed by this nurturing angel. The place that I was to live for two weeks, was the last place I had lived in Byron before I went to India. Suffolk Park is about two minutes south of the heart of Byron Bay, its a quaint little village right on the ocean, I was about one hundred metres walk from the beach, how blessed was I, living in what I thought, back then, was the best placed I had ever lived in Australia.

Suffolk Park, paradise at my door step.

My friend and I spent some wonderful time together, we could clearly see right away, that we had connected for many reasons, mainly to help each other grow and heal past experiences mostly to do with relationships. In one of our conversations, where we got on to the subject of people following gurus, she said something that I thought was quite ingenious, yet simple at the same time. She said for me to spell out aloud the word guru, well to my surprise the answer is in the word it self, when you say it out aloud 'G,U,R,U', it says it all. I believe we need teachers in our lives to help us to the next level of consciousness, to show us the way, but I don't believe we in this day an age the need to hand over all our power to someone else.

When we allow the universal current to flow through and around us, things come to us, with ease and grace. This was shown to me within the first few days of arriving in Byron. The next angel appeared for me on day two, she had lined me up a job. It was working on a farm, in the hinterland of Byron, I was to pick blueberries. I knew I had at first, take what I could, what was to unfold was such a heart warming experience. The farm is situated in the rolling hills of the Byron Shire, the place where we were picking blueberries had a stream right next to the crop, you could hear the sound of the waterfall all day. The people I worked with, were such beautiful souls, my boss was more like a long lost friend, instead of an employer. So imagine this, standing there picking blueberries, listing to the birds and a majestic waterfall, laughing and chatting with beautiful people(oh and I might add, eating as many delicious blueberries as possible, heaven).

The other thing I noticed was that everyone I ran into, were so glad to see me back, Byron's like a big community of soul family. The unconditional love that flows around this place is such a blessing. The conversation that transpired between just about everyone I connected with again went something like this, 'Hi great to see you, welcome home, are you here for good? they'd say, 'yes for about a year' , 'fantastic, can I have a healing'. Yes everybody said just about the exact same thing. 'Ok' I said to god, 'I get it you want me to do, go back into healing work'. It was so obvious, that the universe wants me to get back into what I love and what I'm good at. This time I'm going to do it a different way, I'm going to set boundaries on how many healings I do a week, instead of trying to help and assist everyone all at once.

My next little test, was that I had to move out of Suffolk Park, I guess, things had run their course, maybe my friend and I had healed and learned what we needed to, and it was time to move on. Without even putting it out there yet, I was presented with my next gift, I found a room in the hills fives minutes from Byron's CBD. Its a small little community, that two of my soul family live at. I took a trip out there, I'd been there twice before, but only ever at night. What a glorious surprise, this place has its own little Shiva Temple, spring water and an energy that makes your heart open up with joy. As you can imagine I took it straight away. Its like living back in India in a way, this time I have my own little Temple.

The greeting sign at the front gate, it says it all in the name.

My accommodation, simple but sweet.

View from my room.

My own Shiva Temple.

Some of the gardens, ahhh the serenity.

I've been here for a week now, I've met some wonderful people and had such wonderful experiences. Which leads me into my next little teaching, 'THE ART OF MANIFESTING'. On the Monday and Tuesday just gone, I had no work, when it rains you cant pick blueberries, so I wasn't needed. I guess this, in the past would have brought up a little bit of fear, about where I was going to get money from. So on Monday evening I sat in meditation and simply placed out to the universe what I would like to have come into my life, 'NOW'. I asked why I hadn't really got a more stable job yet and that if I'm meant to be here then I would like some more support, with financial matters. My higher self just simply said to 'relax', I already have a job. So as I've said in the past, my guidance is all I have now and that I will trust in it, no matter what. After my meditation I was also called on, to ask Ganesh to clear all obstacles in my path that maybe stopping me form getting my ideal job(Ganesh is the destroyer of illusions and obstacles). With that and this is the key, once you've placed out your intention to the universe, simply let it go, this is the crucial part of the whole process of manifesting, to just let it go, knowing and believing with your whole being that it will come to you.
So Tuesday I awoke completely forgetting about what had occurred the night before, by ten o'clock the phone rang to come in and do some work on the farm. Off I went on my merry way, unaware of what was going to transpire later on that day. After I had finished working, if you could call it that. My boss came up to me and said 'that they were really happy with the way I worked and they wanted to give me more work, for example driving tractors'. I was very humbled and of course I said 'yes', thank you god I said to myself as I drove home that afternoon. While I was cooking my dinner, my phone rang, the person on the other end of the line, was an employer that interviewed me a couple of weeks ago, I'd completely forgotten about them. He said 'you've got the job, can you start tomorrow?, well hows that for manifesting, two jobs in one day, I ended up taking the second one after talking to the farmer, at the end he said that I could come back anytime if I ever wanted a job. Some may say its luck, I don't believe in luck at all, what I do wholly and solely believe in now, is the power of following your heart, following your guidance in everything that you do throughout your life and we are truly taken care of if we're open to it.
I wake up with so much excitement to start the day and have so much gratitude when I lay down to sleep. 'LET GO' , take the plunge, its fun in the river of life, its never boring, everything comes to those who risk to follow their heart.
Byron Bay lighthouse, its known throughout Australia, Its the furthest eastern point of Australia.
The endless beaches of Byron.

If you look closely, you can see a pod of dolphins, around the rocks of the lighthouse throughout the year, you can see whales pass by on their migratory journey up the coast. Dolphin and sea turtles are abundant around Byron.

Another beautiful view of the sacred place.


At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Jacob said...

Hey, are u going to do any more blogs?

At 8:38 PM, Blogger ophiah said...

Hi Jacob, for sure brother I've been busy organizing my next adventure, which you'll see over the next 6 months. Im sailing a boat back from the Virgin Islands to Australia. I'll be posting all my experiences from the trip. Blessings.


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