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  • Religion Losing Grip - Another war has started as most of us know, why? Because of religion? This is probably the main reason for most of the wars now and throughout history.
  • Work for God - Rick Warren is obviously a Christian, he has written an article on how it is important to do God's work. It's an interesting way of seeing things, I guess when I look at it's saying the same message as I've written previously and that is how important it is to use your gifts that God gave you.
  • Catholic's Attack New Age - Why do some of today's major religions attack each other and anybody else who isn't following their faith? Simple,"FEAR", fear creates separation and where there's separation love cannot exist.
  • Tibetans Visit Dalai Lama - China has taken a few small steps towards creating a more peaceful working relationship with the Dalai Lama, by allowing 200 Chinese nationals to attend a prayer meeting with the exiled Dalai Lama in India.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr Warns America - There's an interesting article over at Beliefnet about Martin Luther King, Jr and his view on the dangers of America's unquestioning national pride and its effects on the world. Is it still happening today?
  • Experiences With The Divine - Here's and article on divine experiences that everyday people have. It tells stories of peoples experiences when divine intervention happens and how it can change their lives.
  • Angels What Are they?Who are they? - For centuries humans have been fascinated by angels. Here is an article that explains some of the questions people most commonly ask.
  • Staying Positive Despite Negative News - In today's society the media are continually bombarding us with negative news from around the globe. Here's a wonderful article on viewing life through spirit and seeing life with loving eyes and having a more positive outlook on the world in which we share.
  • Jesus is a Gangsta - Queen Latifah - There's an interesting interview over at Beliefnet with the African American rapper/actress Queen Latifah, where she calls Jesus and God her homeboys..
  • Malaysia And Spiritual tourism - Malaysia has realized how important their spiritual diversity is to the countries economy with the amount of tourists that visit their religious sites throughout the country.

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Religious News

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