Saturday, October 28, 2006

Oneness, Love and Acceptance from India

Namaste to you all, well Im still in Pushka, the camel festival is still building. People from all over the state are bringing their camels, pigs and horses for selling. Pushka normally has about 12,000 local people and about a 1,000 tourist outside of the camel festival, once it starts they say there will be about 200,000 Indians from all over the country converge in the town and the surrounding areas and about 10,000 tourist, as you see its a huge event.

Now about the title, for the past three days I've been spending allot of my time with about ten people from all over the globe. None of us knew each other until we met in Pushka. The closeness and friendship we all share is an amazing beautiful thing. It certainly shows me how we all are one, we truly all have the divine spark inside of us. Every person on this wonderful planet is a pure, perfect reflection of me. I'am them and they are me, a child of God/dess made of the same stuff, like everything in the universe.

Now here are some more pictures.

Delhi Mosque

Lotus temple Delhi

Delhi sunrise from my room

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Postcard from India

Namaste everyone, well since being in Pushka a lot of emotions have been coming up, my heart isn't as open which is ok, I've known for some time now that Pushka was going to be the place where most of my healing will take place. I have said the word Pushka since I was about four years old, I didn't realize until I said that I was coming to India that it was an actual place.

The emotion that has come to the surface is separation, in other words not feeling one with my brothers and sisters. I have tuned in and received that I've had three past lives in Pushka and that the last life was so pleasant. I stayed across the sacred lake last night, away from the hustle and bustle. The whole evening was spent chatting to people from all over the globe. It certainly was a peaceful experience, and I realized for the first time since arriving in India that I felt comfortable tuning in to other realms. So now its time for a huge healing, I can feel it in my being, the energies are certainly starting to build.

Now its time for the travel agent cap. Jaipur was a very busy city especially around festival time. For starters I can tell you all that the Jaipur Inn certainly isn't a place to stay. Unfortunately the son has taken over the business. I found out that he was in the army for ten years and he still thinks he is. I had no problem with him but allot of other travelers did. So I left and went to a guest house called Evergreen, the rooms aren't the best, but it has a pool and a wonderful cafe with friendly staff. There are quite a few temples around the best is Amber fort.

Best advise I can give anyone coming to Jaipur is lookout for the marfia. Yes there everywhere, only use the auto rickshaws that have men in uniform anyone else is nine times out ten marfia. They wont hurt you they will just bleed you dry and there easy to pick, they have the slick cloths, speak good english and always give you compliments. Oh yeh never give a tip to the drivers if they ask you, know then for sure they are marfia.

Now on a lighter note, I unraveled one of the greatest mysteries that has plagued westerners for years, why do all Indians wobble their heads from side to side to answer you yes and no. I caught my first train the other day, I was on it for four hours and im telling you, you cant help but wobble your head. The train rocks you gently side to side and after four hours it just becomes natural, so imagine Indians who have all caught trains all their lives, its permanent.

Now for some more pictures.

View from my hotel- Agra.

Just married.

Temple outside of Jaipur.

Amber fort Jaipur.

One of the locals.

Im sorry you cant enlarge the photo's like the first ones, I cant workout what the other guy in Jaipur did to make the images smaller. I've asked around Pushka and no one knows. Hopefully I can work it out before the next post. Namaste to you all and many blessings.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Australian Cricket Team Scoop

Well, well what can I say, for most of you, you wouldn't understand but for those who love cricket you would be salivating at what your about to read and see. I met an Aussie girl in the morning and in our conversation cricket came up she told me that her brother received a tip that the Australian and England cricket teams would be staying at a five star hotel ten minutes from where we were staying. You didn't need to tell me twice, so off we went in our best backpacking clothes(old jeans and wrinkled shirt to the most luxurious place in Jaipur).

We came to the first gate heavy armed guards everywhere, they asked what we wanted, to have dinner of coarse, they looked us up and down and allowed us to pass. With a spring in our step and confidence at a high no one was going to stop us. Straight into bar we strolled. First we see the English cricket team, we walk up to the bar and casually lean on it, 'your cheapest beer kind sir'. Katheryn went straight up to the English players had a chat got some photos, and came back. My pride was to big to talk to the enemy.

We waited for about and hour but in the meantime we were introduced to the head of the ICC sercurity a very friendly guy he said he'll get us free VIP tickets so we can rub shoulders with India's elite. How good is that, boy is the universe looking after me. Next the big one, in come the Aussie team a few quick snaps, a few hello's to the boys and they were gone. Ten minutes later they came back down and sat at the bar. We waited a whole five minutes and straight over we go, I soon realized they were tired so I didn't hassle to much. I got a few photos and had another chat with a few more players. I asked if I could get a photo with the Australian captain and vice captain(Ricky Pointing and Adam Gilchrist) and here they are. They were all very humble and friendly, a fantastic night was had by all. Off tomorrow to the game we go, Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi.

Me and my mates Adam and Ricky

Me and my old mate Glen

These are from the game a couple of days later.

Some Aussie supporters

Me and the boys

At the game

Another of my mate Glen

Great Aussie support

As you see I've had a couple of wonderful days in Jaipur. I've arrived in Pushka, a beautiful little town. I'll write more about Jaipur and post some more pictures of temples and forts.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Postcard from India

Here's the pictures I promised you all finally. Oh and yes I also have another side to me, I love sport and especially cricket Im hopefully meeting the Australian team at practice tomorrow and watching them play the poms on Saturday, go the Aussies oi oi oi.

Me at the Taj Mahal

India Gate Delhi

Me at I cant remember Delhi

Postcard from India

Namaste to you all, well what can I say it just keeps getting better and better everyday. I love this country, I've had so many flash backs of past lives its not funny. Indians are such wonderful people, they have a zest for life and most of them are by in large happy, contented people. I realize that for most of them having their spiritual practices and love from their family helps them to overcome their hardships. I mean I see 95% of the people smiling and laughing a lot more then in western society. Makes you wonder who's the the poor ones.

I'm going to write about my spiritual practices that I do each and everyday. First thing in the morning as soon as I open my eyes I say out aloud thank you God/ddess for this wonderful day, gratitude I believe is one of the key ingredients to obtain peace in your life. Next I sit up and visualize a golden light in the centre of my being, I see this light envelop my whole being then I visualize this going up through the clouds into space where I see a huge crystal energy structure, this is how I see God or heaven if you like. I then see the light leave this magnificent place coming down the column into my body, this light then travels down into the centre of the earth. In the centre of mother earth I see a huge pink crystal, this is mother Gaia's heart, as soon as it hits the surface it rebounds straight back up into my being.

At this point I am now connected to heaven and earth, a feeling of calmness washes over me. I then visualize a gold field of light surrounding me, I breath this light into my nose and down into my heart chakra, the light leaves out my chest and returns to the field I do this practice for about 15 to 20 minutes if time permits. This practice was given to me by the ascended master, Master Lanto, he was on earth around 400.b.c. He told me in that life he lived in China and attained enlightenment in that incarnation. He also said he lived for 280 years.

I then call in my mind or out aloud for the amrita elixer to cleanse and activate on the highest level possible my 33 chakra system, portals, diamond plates, cells, organs, auric field, meridians, gateways and portals. This takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

After doing this I ask for my higher self to fully merge with me 3 times and say so be it 3 times as well. Next I call upon archangel Michael to cut any negative cords from my body. I call in St Germain to flood my whole being with the violet flame cleansing all parts of me again. Now I am ready to start the day. I'll write about what I do before going to bed in the next post.

I have some pictures of India I hope you like them. The Taj Mahal was spectacular, I don't understand how some people that come to India don't go and see it, or complain about it, its the most magnificent place I have seen so far in my travels around the world. I guess it just goes to show how we all peceive things differently. Im in Jaipur now, very busy it has its good points to, its well worth seeing. I've made a contact in Dharamsala, this man is the head doctor to the Dalai Lama the people who gave me his number said to just ring tell him that I want to do charity work and he"ll allow me to stay with him and his family. They also said he is revered around the Buddhist community and probably be able to introduce me to the Dalai Lama, what dream come true, life is such a grand thing. Namaste to you all and many blessings Bakalema.
P.s Images didnt work I'll put some on tomorrow

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Postcard From India

Well where do I start? I arrived in India last Tuesday at two o'clock in the morning, had a great flight everything went with ease and grace and I guess it has since I've been here. I cant say it enough how important it is to follow your guidance and your heart. How do we know when we are following our true inner guidance? Its easy everything in the universe comes to you with ease and grace, you don't have to really do a thing.

I've been thinking of how Im going to write each post, I've decided to write about my spiritual experiences first, then write a little about each place I go to and any information I can give to help out anyone who is thinking of coming to India and Nepal.

After the first couple of days adjusting to what may be perceived to be kaos in Delhi, I realized that there is no kaso, no confusion, no panic and for 95% of the time no aggression. Under all the the kaos there is another dimension, Indians all work in another world, its funny I was in the busiest part of Delhi the other day, I stopped and took a deep breath in and watched, straight away I noticed that there is no kaos there is an even flow, there is a certain structure that all Indians seem to be in, now that Im in that flow there is ease and grace a calmness that has washed over me.

You cant help but feel in a spiritual state of being, the energy, the people and everything else just seems to burst your heart open. Meditation becomes very easy, compassion, joy, oneness and acceptance are a natural thing in this type of environment. I have clairvoyance, clairaudioance and clairsentiance and it certainly has been turned up since I arrived and I know it will only get stronger.

Now I'll put my travel agent hat on, first, best thing I've done is take some advice from a friend and that is to take homeopathics for malaria, stomach bugs and anything else you can think of, I've eaten everything and fingers crossed I feel fantastic. In my heart I know I wont get sick whilst traveling around. I got put on to an old gentleman called Wal Mclintock a guru on homoeopathic medicine and everything else. He gave me a bottle of medicine that was called Asia formula it contains arsenicum ALB 30c, carbo veg 30c veratrum alb 30c and bryonia alb 30c don't ask me what they're about but boy their good.

The next best thing I did was come to a place in Delhi called Majnu Ka Tilla, Its a Tibetan community 20 minutes from the heart of Delhi, it feels like hours away. You are surrounded by Buddhist monks and Tibetan people its beautiful, peaceful and very friendly. I can highly recommend staying at Wongdhen house, great rooms, great food and great people.

So there's the first little installment they will be a lot more in detail have been a busy boy today getting ready to go to the Taj Mahal tomorrow so haven't much time. Ill make sure I set aside a few hours at each place from now on.

Namaste to you all Bakalema

Friday, October 06, 2006

Pilgrimage to India

Sorry guys for not putting out a newsletter of the past couple of weeks, I've been organizing my trip to India, Nepal and now maybe Tibet. Im leaving on the 10th of this month and flying into Deli. I hope to be traveling for a year, I plan to go all around India visiting ashrams and temples as well as meeting the Dalai Lama, which has been a dream of mine for years.

I'll write on my blog about my travels and I'll try to workout how to put photos of the trip on the blog. Im looking forward to this wonderful experience and plan to work teaching Tibetan refugees english as well as work in a few orphanages. I know in my heart that this will certainly be a life changing experience and I hope to share it with you all.

Many blessings and much love to you all and I hope that you all get a chance to follow your dreams also, remember as I've said before you have only one life and its this life, there will never be another like you and has never been another like you, so live life to the fullest, live as God intended us to live on this beautiful planet experiencing love and oneness with all, follow your heart and dreams before you know it, it will all be gone.

Lots of love, light and laughter to you all.