Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mountains of Gods

Namaste to you all, well what another wonderful experience I had up in Mcleod Ganj. A few of us decided to hike up to the mountains and stay in a little cafe called Snow Line cafe. It took about five and half hours to reach the cafe. The climb was about medium level hiking but once we arrived the view and environment was unbelievable. So all the sweat and pain in our legs was soon forgotten.

Here are some great pictures of one the most beautiful places on earth, the Himalayas. The locals say that these are where the gods hangout, and I could fully understand why.

On the way up.Still on the path.

I was walking past this monk and his two friends, one of them was very old and slow so I cut up a little slope to get in front of them, next thing I know this monk pushes past me running and laughing, I realized he wanted to race me so off we went. We had both walked probably for three hours so we both were tied but we both raced for about 50 metres to the top. As you could imagine at 2800 metres above sea level that's pretty hard, we fell into a heap laughing. We didn't say anything to each other we just had a big hug and laughed again, its times like these that words aren't needed.

Nealy there.

First sighting of snow. This is Aju, I met him at the little village going to the top, he said he actually worked at the cafe we were going to. Its actually the only cafe where we were all going.

Um not quite what I was expecting, yep that's the Snow Line cafe, well no turning back now.

I think you 'd all agree not a bad view from the front door, I guess paying three dollars a night is reasonable.

That nearly looks like a professional shot.

The gang settling in for the night.

Morning has broken, (hope Cat Stevens doesn't have a copy right on that).

Say your prayers.

Gods country.Saying goodbye to the boys.

And goodbye to the Snow Line Cafe.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Teachings from the Dalai Lama

Namaste everyone, well me and my old mate God have done it again. One of the biggest experiences that Ive longed for was to meet the Dalai Lama. This is one of the big reasons I came to Mcleod Ganj at this time. I was hoping to meet his Holiness, well while on the bus from Amritsar I started talking to a wonderful Australian guy, he told me that the Dalai Lama was giving teachings to people from the 22ND of November to the 27Th of November.

So the next day after arriving a few friends and I asked around, most people said we couldn't go unless you were at a certain level of teachings in Buddhism. So we were pretty disappointed and had to accept that we probably wouldn't see his Holiness. So off I went to Bhagsu to see the waterfall and look around this magical place.

The next day I went looking for a place called the Children's Village, I was told I could do volunteer work there(another reason for coming to Mcleod Ganj). I found the village but it was getting late so my guidance told me it would be dark by the time I headed back from the village. So I turned around and started back down the trail. It was a great exercise for my guidance because there were quite a few times where I had to choose left or right, so as you all know just ask your higher self which way or what to do and you'll always get the right answer for your highest good no matter what situation.

On the way back I was playing around with my camera, when I spotted a woman and a man coming down the hill. So I waited for them and asked if they could take a picture of me and the mountains(this is so all of you will believe me that I was actually in India,lol). They took my photo and I took theirs. On the way down I chatted to the woman about different things, we got on to the subject about the Dalai Lama's teaching day's, she said that her and her father were going, I asked how they got away with it, she said they spoke to a Tibetan monk and he said 'it would be fine', 'His holiness loves people to come along and see what he's teaching'. Well I thanked her greatly and told her how the night before I said to my friends while at dinner that,' I'm trying to follow whole heartedly the belief that everyone I meet is an angel sent from god to come into my life and give me a message and to be fully aware of what the message is they have given me' and she certainly was an angel. She fully agreed, so off I went and registered, It was very dear about five rupee's, lol, that's about two cents.

The next day we all attended his Holinesses teachings, what are heart opening experience. There were people from all over the globe, from every different walk of life and yes we were all surrounded by Buddhist monks. I tuned into what else was going on in other dimensions, when his Holiness and all the monks started chanting there was a beautiful wave of deep blue and green healing energy washing allover us. What an experience, when the day ended the Dalai Lama walked past us all smiling and giggling as he seems to always be doing, what a wonderful being of light he truly is. Tomorrow I hope to shake hands with him that would just about top the whole trip.

Here's some photos of this wonderful place, I cant wait to get right in the Himalaya's.

Monks washing their clothes.

Mountains, Mcleod Ganj.

View from the Dalai Lama's Residence.

Waterfall, Bhagsu.

Me and a mate, oh wait a sec two monkeys.

On the trail.

Monks in the temple.

Rain coming.

India and the Power of Now

Namaste to you all, well I've arrived in Mcleod Ganj. In case some of you don't know, this is where the Dalai Lama now lives along with thousands of Tibetan refugees. Its a magical place, its at the start of the Himalayas. The air is fresh and clear and so is the energy.

I have posted some previous articles on how important being in the NOW is. Well my first story is about when I was in Delhi doing my last post. I didn't realize until I left Delhi that I'd left my CD with all the photos of Diu Island. I had a wonderful story about a inspiring family that I met on Diu, but alas no CD. I realized as I was doing the post I was also thinking of the train trip to Amritsar, instead of being in the NOW. I also realized that its a bad excuse when we say we forgot something, because its not that we forget, its really to do with thinking of past or future events instead of being in the NOW. Oh well all I can Hope for is when I get back to Delhi they kept my CD.

The next story is about really being in the NOW as well as how precious our lives truly are. I was meandering around the mountains heading for a small waterfall near a little village called Bhagsu. As I was walking I noticed a western girl walking about 20feet in front of me. The next minute bang, two large boulders a bit bigger then basketballs came crashing down, they just missed her by about two feet. I ran over to see if she was alright, she was, but was obviously shaken up. I asked 'what did she think of the whole experience?', she said 'that straight away she thought how easy life can be taken away from us, in one split second it can all be over'. I also added that 'this is why its so important to live your life doing what you love, not what you think you should be doing'. I also asked 'what she was thinking about at the time the boulders came crashing down?', she replied 'that she was thinking about the next place she was traveling to, instead of being aware of the beauty that was surrounding her at that moment'. I know for one when you stop and think about it, how many times we're walking through a forest or along a beautiful beach and guess what we're in our minds thinking about the future or the past, missing everything around us.


Here's some photos of Amritsar, Amritsar is the holy city for the Sikhs. Its a beautiful place with wonderful people. Sikhism is certainly a wonderful religion, very open hearted and loving. After spending time in India I can certainly understand why Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism started. Through my observations I find Hinduism has allot of flaws in it. Hinduism is the equivalent to the Roman Catholic Church. Its based around power and greed, most Hindus don't follow their beliefs, most of what I can workout its all for show. A huge portion of them are very materialistic and are locked fully in their ego's. So now after spending time here the people around Rajasthan, Delhi and these area's are no different to the western way of searching for fulfilment outside of themselves.

Here's some photo's of Amritsar.

Golden Sikh Temple.Golden Temple.

More turbans then you can poke a stick at.

Golden Temple.

Who's that handsome lad? You have to wash your feet in the holy water and cover your hair before entering the temple grounds.

At the border between Pakistan and India, everyday both sides put on a show for the people. All the Indians shout and dance for their solders and Pakistan do the same, there's allot of testosterone flying around. I think just about everyday, they would pack the stands on both sides of the border.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sweet India

Namaste, everybody sorry I didn't send out a newsletter on Tuesday, I was traveling across the countryside and if you've ever travelled through India it can be one hell of a ride. I'm back in Delhi now, ready to go to the mountains and hopefully meet the Dalai Lama. It would be another dream of mine if i were to meet his holiness.

Now for another story, Its hard to get down in word's, they will never justify the experience, I and six other men had a week ago. Here go's, I'd arrived on Diu Island as I said I was going to do. The promise of white sand, palm tree's and the main reason, going surfing. But unfortunately, the sand was dark, not to bad, but when you come from Australia, if the sand isn't pure white and the water isn't aqua green or deep blue it's just not the same. The moment I'd realized what the island was about I thought to my self that I would stay for about two to three days tops, how wrong I was.

On the First day after unpacking, I hired a moped(my brother-in-law would not be happy, he's a biker and if you ride anything else other then a Harley Davidson, Triumpth or B.S.A, your a girl and a sissy, so I wont tell him or his mates of the shame I brought to his club, lol). Oh yeah that reminds me of a joke, What does sleeping with a big woman and a moped have in common? They're both fun to ride till your mates find out. Hope that's not to rude for some of you. Back to the story, I went all around the island, wind flowing through what hair I have left, sun on my back, what a great feeling. I was guided to go to a beach and walk around the headland, and there to my great delight were waves, not big but still waves.

I ran back to my bike, and headed straight for what i thought was the place to hirer or by a surfboard. How wrong was I, they didn't have a clue what I was talking about, I had to draw it in the sand and still no luck, arrrrrrr. I forgot to tell you, Gujarat state is way behind the rest of India, not many tourists go there, which I thought would be nice, but no tourists means hundreds of Indians gathering around asking a thousand questions in bad English. No ego here, but I could imagine what it would be like to be a celebrity, believe me you wouldn't be one for quids(oh unless you have a huge ego, oh that's right most of them do).

Well at the end of the afternoon I finally scummed to the fact i was not going to get a surf in. So I thought I'd make the most of my stay and enjoy what the island had to offer. The last stop was at a hotel complex right on the beach, I was thinking of moving to it, because of the location, as I pulled up and peered at the beach I heard a familiar voice,' Domonique'? Yes it was my good friend Erez, ah a friend I thought, things a looking up. He introduced me to his friends, who made me feel very welcomed. I stayed at the other hotel that night and moved over the next morning.

Sorry better get on with the story, so after a couple of days, while I was having breakfast, a young Indian guy asked me to join him and his companions. I agreed, he brought me lunch, which is very unusual for an Indian, i realized after talking for a while Piyu was a wealthy Indian and I know when Indians are rich they have money to burn. During the conversation he asked me if would be interested in going to the wildlife sanctuary to get up close to a lion. He didn't need to ask me twice, one of his friends was the king of the lions. Malick was his name, he was about 5ft nothing, but he certainly had a presence about him, so I asked could I bring some friends, 'for sure', Piyu said. I asked a few more questions on what was going to take place, they said,'we go into the jungle, late at night and look for lions'. 'Oh of coarse', I said,'um what about a gun just in case'?, 'no we have Malik, he has been with the lions since he was a kid, they respect him, there's no problem', 'of coarse' I said.

They went on to explain what a lion's characteristics are when you come across one. 'They give you three warning's before they come and kill you','oh thank god', i said 'i was a bit worried for a while there'. 'The first warning, the lion will get up and turn it's back on you then turn its head around and look you straight in the eye and growl once'. 'The next time, if your still hanging around, they'll get up again do the same thing, but this time they'll growl twice'. 'The third and most important, they'll get up turn they're back and lift they're tail vertically, that's when you know they're really angry','so then you run right', I said,'no when the lion is charging at you, you stand still', 'yeah right', i thought, I'm going to stand still while a three hundred kilo lion or two are running at me. I nodded my head, 'I understand'.

A few of Erez's friends, turned up we told them the plan, they agreed straight away. Erez turned up last I explained what we were up to, he was in for sure. So we all got ready, and left for the jungle. The name of the sanctuary is Sasan Gir, other things happened on the way out there to test us, but I wont go into them because the story is dragging on a bit. For hours we travelled, I thought we'd be there in and hour or two. Malik got a call from a friend to say that there were two male lion's feeding in a certain area and we'd better hurry up if we wanted to catch them. so off we headed to a little village in the middle of no where.

We finally arrived at our destination, it was about two o'clock in the morning, everyone was pretty tired. Malik said we had to go on foot, to see the lion's so into the forest we went, armed with two torches and one major rule as so called protection,'don't run if the lion is coming to kill you. (oh, I forgot to tell you all, lions don't eat you, they'll just slap you out with their paw, you usually die from a heart attack before the lion kills you, few that makes me fill even better again. They told me there's nothing to worry about, lions don't eat you only leopards do, oh I'm feeling better all the time, not), back to the story, we left the village and headed for the hills in the dark.

I'm so glad there was a half moon out so you could see a bit. We all followed Malik and Piyu in single file. We weren't aloud to talk, so I guess it created even more excitement, or was that tension, anyway, about three kilometre's into the forest we heard a strange noise, yes it was a roar of a lion in the distance. I've never heard any sound like it, it wasn't what I was expecting. So on we went maybe for another kilometer, then Malik stopped and turned on his torch, he told us to stay back, while he looked for the lion. Next minute he calls us over, as we approached you could smell a dead animal so we knew we were close. Malik then smiled and said 'look' and there not twenty, maybe thirty feet away was a huge male lion, devouring a buffalo.

We stood in awe, even though it was a young lion he was still huge. The adrenaline was certainly pumping through our bodies now. Next thing after maybe five minutes( not sure on time, it all stood still), the lion gave us a warning to go. The thing that made me even more nervous was the fact that somewhere in the dark was another huge male lion looking at us, Malik told us its time to go, he didn't need to tell me twice. So we headed back to the cars, feeling like you've just experienced one of the most profound things any human can experience.
I cant describe the feeling, standing in the dark, in the middle of nowhere face to face with a huge wild lion. I've jumped out of planes, and tried just about everything else that will scare you, but I think this tops the list. As all of us said its a story for the grandchildren. I certainly realize more and more whilst on this trip how blessed I truly am.

We didn't get a photo of the lion as you could imagine, I even forgot to take one of Malik and Piyu. I did manage to get one of each of the my friends who I got to share such a profound experience with.

Yuav and Noan, (forgot to get correct spelling of their names will do that when I get to Goa).
These two are the best of friends, both are great guys, ( We all think Noan should be a Bollywood movie star, lol)

This is Magen and you all know Erez, If there's one guy you want to be in the middle of the jungle face to face with a lion its Magen. I don't think anything would scare him, he's a very calm and centred man, his name actually means shield in Hebrew, so the boys were all saying if the lion charges can we hide behind you, lol.

Here's some more pictures of Udaipur.

View from a Restaurant, Udaipur.

Old man, Udaipur temple.

Kings Palace, Udaipur.

Sunset, Udaipur.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Postcard from India

Namaste to you all, well I'm still falling more and more in love with this wonderful country and its people. I've been sitting back lately watching how we humans are always looking outside ourselves for our happiness. How we always think the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I watch how Indian women have so many ways to make themselves look whiter, so they are more appealing to Indian men, more pure etc etc. Then when I'm back in Australia or most other western countries around the world, I witness how women have a thousand products to look darker, more tanned, even to the extent of laying in the sun day after day, knowing full well that by the time half of them are forty they look like they are sixty and with the problem of skin cancer they don't care, because it's more desirable to men.

I also notice how more and more Indians are wanting to have a western way of life they perceive this as a better way of being. The more material gain the happier they will become. Then when I'm back in a western country more and more people are dissatisfied with their lives and the rat race, so they search for something else to fulfill the void and nine times out of ten they turn to some form of eastern way of philosophy and teaching.

When Will we all realize that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, how we look etc etc. That their is nothing in this world that can fill that void other then self love and acceptance. No one has the answer, no one knows what's best for us, then us. So please start today to turn within, look in the mirror, look into your eyes and see what a perfect being you are, you are unique, not one person (except identical twins, lol.) looks, acts, thinks, and can do what you can do, no one. I dare say that most of you have never stood in front of a mirror naked and not judged, just accepted every little square inch of yourself and loved it. I could guarantee that most of you have never looked directly into your eyes and said from your heart 'I love you'. You might be surprised at your reaction, you may cry, you may even laugh at yourself at how serious you've taken this Game we call LIFE, that's why they call us the HUMAN RACE because it's all a game.

Now for the the travel agents cap, Jodpur has certainly got the best fort I've seen so far, the view is magnificent. The city it self is not so good, I only went to the fort, there is also a temple and a palace I didn't go to either, sometimes you can get to templed and palaced out. Next I went to Jaisalmer, here there's a fort and what everyone comes for, the camel safari's. I stress do not go on one organized buy your hotel, they will push you to the limit to sign, don't, go to an independent company you'll get the same deal a third of the price(oh yeah its best to pick a small camel, big one's make you very sore).

Next I went to Udaipur, I loved this place, the lake is huge and the people are wonderful, no hard sell. It's where the 1982 James Bond movie Octopussy was shot and yes just about every restaurant in town plays it every night at seven pm and yes like everything in India, its turned up so loud you cant hear yourself think. The city has such a wonderful charm to it, its probably one of the most romantic places I've been to in the world. Though I was missing one vital ingredient, a woman, oh well cant win them all.

Here's some pictures of my travels.

Sunset in Pushka.

View from Jodpur fort.

Jodpur fort.

Old man Jodpur.


Cannon in Jodpur fort.

Bedroom Jodpur fort.

My trusty desert ship, not.

Desert dunes, Jaisalmer.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Postcard from India

Namaste everyone, Im giving a quick plug to some wonderful people I met in Pushka. I've also added some more photos of my travels.

Local enjoying the food.

View from a temple Pushka.

Diana has her own business in India, its called Hair Art. She does everything to do with dreadlocks. She's the best I've come across, she really knows her stuff. Diana did a wonderful job on repairing my dreads as well as added a few things to them eg. shells, beads etc. She works in Goa over Christmas at the flea market and while she lives in Mumbai, she works at Al's Tattoos. So if ever your in these area's give her a ring on 09326108738 or 09822487792.

Me after the fantastic job by Diana.

This is Dean, relaxing as usual, Dean is a tattoo artist, who uses the old traditional Maori technique. He uses one needle, no electricity. He's very passionate about his work, every tattoo is done like a ceremony. I watched him do a tattoo on a English guy and I must say his work is very fine. Dean also works in Goa, so if ever you come over and are wanting a quality tattoo done in the traditional way, look up Dean. His business is called Nagual and his website is,

Now here are some photos of some wonderful people I met in Pushka.

This is Airez from Israel, he's traveling around India on his motorbike. We hit it off like we'd known each other for ten years, his life in some ways was running in a parallel world with mine. I hope to meet up with him on Diu island in a couple of days. This island has beaches like the Bahamas and has one or two surfing beaches. So I hope to buy a surfboard and teach Airez surfing. Im looking forward to swimming in the ocean again, I realize now how I cant stay away from the beach for too long. I've been thinking lately of buying a bike myself when I get to Goa in Christmas. It sounds very freeing to be able to go where you like when you like, see what happens.

This from left to right is, Tristan, Pam and Trev. The three of them are from England, they only met each other in Pushka like myself. Pam and Trev are moving to Newzealand and thought they'd stop off in India before starting work. They've been many times to India like most people I meet, there's something about this place that once you come here you just want to keep coming back. I think I can say that India would be the most revisited country in the world. Tristan is a traveling around India by himself, he certainly fits in well, very calm and laid back. Pam and Trev taught us all a card game called sh*thead, we spent quite a few hours having a great laugh playing this game(I can safely say that by the time I left Trev was crowned King Sh*ithead, I think he lost eight times on the last day I was leaving, It maybe a world record).

Many blessings to all of you. Bakalema

Postcard from India

Namaste everyone, well I've been traveling for about almost a month now, boy has it gone quick. Allot of healing has come up over the past couple of days. I left Pushka on the 31st of October, by this time the next onion layer had come to the surface. My higher-self had told me, that going to India was going to help me heal my major core wound and that is anger. Throughout my life this anger has shown its head in different forms. I actually thought I'd healed it years ago, but no it surfaced about 4 months ago in a different form.

By the time I'd left Pushka it was really in full swing, I was going in and out of having an open heart, loving everything and everybody, to completely shutting down and not wanting to talk with anyone. I arrived in Jodpur, in the afternoon went to a good guest house, which eased the emotion I was going through thank god. The next day after meditating for quite a while in the morning I visited the huge fort that overlooks the whole city. It certainly was impressive and I think just spending that morning alone with no one hassling me really shifted the energy I was feeling.

On top of the mountain I contemplated about some of the belief systems I had taken on over the years. One of them that came to my attention was about forgiveness, I had allot of emphasis on this over the past couple of years. I also had a full belief system in that there is no such thing as good and evil, no such thing as right and wrong etc, etc. Well I fully realized how contradictory this is, to forgive someone or even yourself as I used to do is to say that they have done wrong or that you have done wrong. I realize whole heartedly that there is nothing to forgive it just is. I believe acceptance is a better path to take and maybe (sorry Christians), forgiveness was made up by the church.

Accepting all that is, I know now heals these parts of ourselves that we try and fix, avoid, make wrong and so on. By accepting where your at in every moment, accepting and loving these parts within and those outer experiences that in our life, helps ease and centre your being. When we are at ease and centered then we can be more aware of what's really going on, not what we perceive is going on. In other words see life with a higher awareness that helps you make choices that for your highest good.

Now I'll put on my travel agent cap, Pushka is a lovely place, for the girls there's plenty of shopping to be had, from jewelry, clothes and just about anything else you can think of. I can recommend staying at the Lotus Hotel across the lake, great view, very quite and great staff. Because of the festival they put up their prices so we went to the Moon (old) Cafe, now its just before the bridge you take a left, now this is very important, do not go in the first one its called the Moon Cafe as well (don't ask) its dirty, dearer and the staff are unfriendly, go ten meters past and walk up the path. The gardens are quite nice its all freshly painted, very clean and the staff are absolutely wonderful.

In Jodpur I stayed at Yogis Guest House, its clean, foods good and the view is great. There's really not that much to see around Jodpur except the beautiful fort and a few palaces. I only spent one day here and left for Jaisemer. Its well know for its camel safaries, I did the camel desert trip for two days one night, believe me you wouldn't want to go any longer. I've been walking around for two days now like a cowboy, very sore. I've now arrived in Udaipur, its wonderful, very clean and quite. Now I went on and overnight bus, it was hell, the roads coming here were like goat tracks, so trying to sleep in your sleeper was impossible, never again. Oh one good tip for the boys, some of these buses hardly stop, so its hard to go to the toilet, I took an extra water bottle with me so I could pee in it. It certainly was trickier than I thought, but it worked, are its good to be a man LOL. There was a girl in the next cabin who had to wait for about three hours, along time to hold on if your busting. Oh yeah fellas don't mix your water bottles up in the dark, I woke up half asleep and nearly drunk the wrong liquid LOL.

Next post I'll write about the healing I had in the desert, very moving for me and heart opening. Here's some pictures. Many blessings to you all and much love. Bakalema.

Sunset over the holy lake at Pushka.


Told you all I'd find God and it only cost me ten Rupees.

View from my room, Lotus Hotel.

Camel festival.