Monday, October 29, 2007

The Three Masters - !st Master

Namaste to you all, well what an interesting fortnight I had. It was full of many teachings(or rememberings, as I like to call it) and wonderful heart opening experiences. I was very fortunate to go see the first of the three wonderful beings that had touched my heart. Last Sunday I traveled down south to attend a healing circle, it was run by a very enlightened being called Abdy.

Abdy works with the Christ energy, he aligns you to the presence of the Divine to the Divine's mind, to the Divine's heart and to the Divine Spirit. Before I talk about the amazing session I and everyone else experienced, I'll rewind it to the beginning of the the week. I put out an email asking if anyone wanted to carpool, I received two replies. Sunday came, so I set off in the morning, I left a little bit earlier so I wouldn't have to rush.

Well you guessed it, the universe had other ideas, other tests, other experiences installed for me. I picked up my first passenger with ten minutes to spare, too easy. We hadn't met before so we got acquainted with each other. We were suddenly interrupted in our conversation, to our surprise the main road not far from his place had a traffic jam. 'It's ok, we've plenty of time', I said, I'm not quite sure how long we were bumper to bumper, but the time had certainly been eaten up.

I remember thinking we've still got enough time, there's nothing to worry about. So we kept on our little merry way, chatting as new acquaintances do, we had alot in common, so the conversation flowed very easily and so did the time. We both hadn't been to my next passengers place before so we had to follow a map. First lesson for the day, try remain in the NOW!! even when your in deep conversation. My new friend was half way through his next sentence, when he suddenly said 'what was the name of that street?', when he looked on the map he realised that we'd missed the street we had to turn up by along way. I quickly turned at the next street and got back on the road heading back to where we'd already been.

As I was driving, I looked down at the map, we hadn't just missed her street by a few kilometres we'd missed it by heaps. Next thing of course she rang wondering where we were. By this time we were running late, I noticed I was starting to get a bit anxious. All the good intention of getting to the session with time to spare and in a relaxed state were quickly going out the window. I reminded myself to take a deep breath at this time, and remember to relax and trust that everything was going to be ok.

We finally pulled up at her place, I asked her if she new where we going?'I've been there twice before, but I cant remember', was her reply. 'You've got a map don't you?', she said, 'no I was hoping you had one?', well the energy started to go a bit pear shaped now. Thank god she had one in her car, though it took her a while to find it. Off we set again, this time we were even later, I could feel parts of myself starting to feel responsible for getting us all there on time. My second companion played her part well in this little lesson, she repeatedly said 'she should have gone by herself' and 'that she'd never have been late'. As I kept trying to remember to just trust that we would make it there on time, my new friend unconsciously kept trying to bring my lack of trust up. When I asked her to checkout exactly where we were going in the street directory it occurred to me that she couldn't really read a map, so I was really getting tested now.

See we all have parts of us that like to have control over certain situations in varying degrees and one of mine is, I like to know where I'm going and where I am on a map(probably a reflection on what I unconsciously do sometimes in life it's self lol). I witnessed myself now starting to get even more anxious. There were parts of me that felt like saying 'look just hand it over to the other person and see what they can workout'. Next minute bang!! something went under the bonnet of my car. I pulled over, this was the first time for many years anything had gone wrong with any of my cars.

Again I took a deep breath, this time my inner guidance said TRUST!!!!, I took a another deep breath and got out of the car and lifted the bonnet, one of the belts had shredded. My first thought was how am I going to fix this, the belt had rapped around the fan, I knew if I could cut the belt, the car was still going to be alright. Next minute a thought had occured to me, that I remember seeing a pair of scissors in my car along time ago and for some reason, when I went to take them out, something said to me (guidance) to leave them in there because I might need them one day, well this was certainly that day. I quickly cut the belt and off we went, no air conditioning and no power steering, but a car none the less that was still sort of drivable.

By this time a huge energy washed over me, part of me was starting to laugh at the whole situation. It was like I could really see the whole experience from above, for what it really was, for some reason to me it was so obvious, it was like it was too obvious, that I could really see through the illusion that had been unfolding all day. I tell you they must have been really laughing up in the clouds, placing all these obstacles in front of me, to see if I would fall from grace. Well for some reason this day, I was fully aware of what was unfolding and what was really going on.

This day my whole being knew, that going to Abdy was going to be special and for some reason after the first incident of the morning that I was going to be tested, that test is one of the most important tests a human being can have throughout their lifetime and that test is 'TRUST'. It's a big one, TRUST just about comes up on a daily bases, alot of things that happen to us are all about TRUST.

I know for me that TRUST has been a big issue throughout my life. When I talk of TRUST, I'm talking about real TRUST, by this I mean trusting in everything that happens in your life is for your highest good. Having a deep sense of TRUST in the universe and life itself as it unfolds. By having TRUST we bring in positive emotions like inner peace, a feeling of being centred and grounded. When we have these energies flowing through us, we are less likely to have negative emotions like stress, anxiety, frustration and fear, no matter what the situation.

Now looking at that day, it could have been quite easy for me to allow what was happening around me to overwhelm me. Don't get me wrong there were little moments where I started to waver, I feel though after all that happened I remained very calm. There were a few more little tests right up until we got there, but you get the gist of what I'm talking about here.

We eventually arrived at the hall, with one minute to spare, yippee. The day was absolutely amazing, the shifts I experienced were profound for myself and I believe everyone involved. Now you wouldnt believe what Abdy spoke of after the session, yep you guess it, it was all about trust and that no matter what happens in your life everything will be ok. The whole day was truly a blessing for me and a catalysts for what is to come in the near future for me and the rest of my life.

My true test of trust is coming up in the not to distant future, my guidance in a meditation had suggested to me that in the last week of November to the first week of December that it is for my highest good to go back to Byron Bay, a place I love. I had the same guidance nearly two years ago, to leave where I was and to move to Byron Bay. So as I promised myself a few months ago that I would always follow my guidance no matter what, so now I'm getting ready to go.

Now what I'll be doing there I'm not quite sure, I just have to go with an open mind and most importantly an open heart. So it really is the final test for me to fully embody TRUST, this lifetime. Our inner guidance is so important for us to follow if we want to experience a more fulfilling life, with hopefully a more easier path to follow. I guess as we live out our life here on earth, it's up to us as individuals if we want to follow divine guidance or our egoic mind. I believe which ever we choose of the two (and it is our choice) we will eventually get to our destination, sooner or later, one's just a little bit less of a bumpy ride. Then again, when I think about it, if we are to remember who we truly are this lifetime we sometimes have to get down and dirty. As you all know, most of the time when we are met with our biggest challenges and come out the other side, we usually don't just take a step, we usually make a jump.

To be continued....