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News About Alternative Health
Full listing of all the alternative health news stories that have been posted
on the Ascension Gateway Spiritual News Blog.

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  • Healing with Acupuncture - Here's an article on acupuncture something I haven't experienced yet, I suppose when Im traveling through India I'll get a chance.
  • Serving Humanity Serving God - One of the greatest things a human being can do is to serve his fellow brothers and sisters. It is such a rewarding, uplifting experience. That's why im going to India and Nepal to help out where I can, serving people less fortunate then me, I know in my heart that it will be a life changing experience.
  • The Power of Belief - The power of the mind, faith, or belief, this little article shows how strong, how wonderful we humans really are. It shows the importance of faith is, some call it the power of the mind, what ever you call it, its remarkable what humans can do.
  • Alternative Choices - It's pleasing to read that more and more people in the west are choosing alternative health products and therapies. This shows that people are becoming aware of what else is out there besides the normal run of the mill doctors and drugs.
  • Give Stress the Boot - Tired, stressed and depressed, these words seem to be coming up allot these days. The western world and now the eastern world which is also catching up I might add, seem to be in a complete mess.
  • Yoga and Depression - Unfortunately these days more and more people are turning to anti-depressants to overcome depression. Drug companies push hard for sales of their drugs and encourage doctors to sell them. I believe in a lot of cases alternative therapies could be used, for me drugs just mask the problem and usually have side effects.
  • Alternative Health - Kinesiology is one of the great alternative health modalities that truly heals on all levels. I've had many healings from this modality myself and can highly recommend it. This article gives you a bit of understanding and information on how kinesiology works and what it can heal for you.
  • Laughter the Best Medicine -Here's an article that shows laughter is one of the best ways to have less stress in our lives. We all know now how important it is for our health and overall wellbeing to remain as peaceful and happy as possible.
  • Alternative Health Path - A study has shown more and more people in today's society are turning to alternative medicines and therapies as a way of healing their body and minds.
  • Seven Principles of Huna - For those wanting to learn more about the 7 principles of Huna, here's a summary.

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Alternative Health News

Alternative Health News

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