Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Flow on Effect

Aloha to you all, another week gone by, again I am finding an even deeper love and appreciation of the awesome gift we are given each and every moment 'the breath of life'. I'm witnessing the natural flow on effect throughout my life because of one thing 'MY COMMITMENT TO SELF LOVE AND SELF REALISATION'.

There is an old saying 'our outer world is a reflection of our inner world', over the past month this saying has been unfolding as exactly that. Through turning my attention and intention to finding inner peace and love, what naturally happens? experiences in my outer world reflect my inner world. People and situations are coming into my life each and everyday to support and nurture me once again.

If we look at ourselves in this way for example, think of a picture you might have seen of a universe. It's a mass of energy swirling around the cosmos, there are many parts that make up this universe. In the core of the universe is the main energy point. This centre point has a gravitational effect, everything is held in perfect alignment because of this force. Floating around are many other important energy points, exactly placed with perfection. Throughout the universe there many different areas which hold different energies, from warmth to extreme cold, places where it is dormant and places where there is much life.

Even though what we may perceive are many different polarities throughout the universe, there is one undeniable thing, every single part of the universe no matter what it is, makes that universe a whole. Now we must be mindful that things will also gravitate towards this universe from outside of it's self. They can just pass through or have a huge impact, what is meant to be will be.

Like the universe we are made up of lots of different parts. Those parts of us are all perfect, they are doing their job in divine order. Now the difference between humans and the universe is that humans label everything, for example good and bad, wrong and right, desirable and undesirable etc etc. Where as the universe (nature) will just accept all parts of it's self, will witness things passing through it's space and just keep on being as it was.

So I look at my self as a little mini universe spinning around in space. If the core of my being is strong, is glowing, then I naturally will attract the same universes(people) and experiences to me, without getting to off centre one way or the other. Each and everyday I'm moving through my own inner lessons with more ease and grace, which builds my inner core of light, which then allows me to enjoy more of life.

There are natural laws of the universe, I realise now on a deeper level then I ever have before, by turning within for self love, by building that inner core so it is solid and strong. There is a natural process that unfolds after that. Everything in our outer world reflects back to us, to enhance our inner world. It builds up momentum like a snow ball effect, self esteem and love builds, more and more people and experiences come into our lives that helps this inner love grow. It is a natural reciprocating effect, by nurturing and loving our own being, we inadvertently attract people and experiences to enhance this. I guess it's a bit like the law of gravity, 'what goes up must come down', 'what shines out must shine back' .

I just want to add this little saying my best and dearest friend wrote to me awhile ago,(not sure if it's his).

Dark times are good for learning and growing, but the light times are what life is all about. I can add to that, the more light times the more light comes through, the more lighthearted we become.