Friday, September 15, 2006

Ascension into a New Earth

I've met and have talked to people and have read about how we and mother earth are going to ascend in the year 2012. One of my teachers about 4 years ago clearly explained what will happen to the earth and the human race. In away it would be wonderful if it did, sometimes I find it hard to believe because allot of things have to happen and we only have six years. I've found an article about what is going to take place over the next six years its pretty big.

It Will Happen Suddenly ...
"It will begin suddenly, without warning. Many scandals that will disclose true background about how the System works will shake human masses. Disclosures about how international energetic mega-companies earn billions selling oil, preventing at the same time inventions of free energy to come to public. Disclosures about pharmaceutical trusts that earn money with "healing" diseases that are spread with viruses created in hidden laboratories." bellaciao
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At 9:50 AM, Anonymous said...

That was very insightful and speaking of the personal ascension that we each are going thru, I wanted to share about an incredible experience that helps one to raise their vibrational level, which occured thru a wonderful and empowering Channeling session. I wanted to contact those on this blog to share about an amazing experience I had with a channel named Michael Ellegion.To describe my experience with Michael in a short paragraph almost seems like an intangible idea. My personal gain, acquired through this experience, which is infinite, I believe, will in turn benefit the world. Any one seeking clarification on their life’s mission and what their incarnation on this earth is really about should with out a doubt have a channeled reading done by Michael. If you feel called to a higher purpose but are maybe unsure of what it entails exactly, then this is definitely the thing for you! Not only is he a clear channel of light, but an incredibly intelligent and articulate man who you will immediately feel a deep rapport with. He provided so many detailed insights in to my life that I left the reading feeling more rejuvinated and balanced than I ever could have imagined. You will feel as if you are reconnecting with aspects of yourself that have previously been dormant while getting your full-life reading, and indeed, you will be. One of the things that was most amazing about the reading for me, was that I felt more awakened to my higher self immediately. For the weeks following my reading I have continually felt this connection heighten as if my higher self is coming more in to my physical body and aspects of my lower self are drifting away with the wind. It’s a beautiful thing to experience, but something hard to convey in words. I understand more deeply what I am here for and I feel more optimistic about what my future holds. Simply put, I feel more whole. I wish that everyone could experience this revelation of their hig

At 5:23 AM, ophiah said...

sounds wonderful anonymous


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