Wednesday, September 06, 2006

God Bless G W.Bush

Im reminded every once in a while why George Bush and his bunch of cronies came into power and why Al Gore didn't. As with ourselves as individuals so too do we as the human race have to go through hardships to learn the truth in other words go to one end of the spectrum to fully understand what we don't want for example hate as opposed to love. This might sound a bit odd, but as I say to people we would not know love if we did not know hate, we would not know happiness if we did not know sadness etc etc.

George Bush and his government have certainly taken most of us in the world down the road of hate, separation, greed, destruction the list is endless. Now people around the world are coming together and realizing the path that we are currently on does not serve the human race only a select few. So as a whole we all had to go down the road of destruction in order to know that as a species this is no good for us or our planet. Hopefully we will realize sooner rather then later to turn this all around and save our beautiful planet and ourselves.

I've been reading lately about Al Gore and his passion for the environment. It is wonderful to see people with this much influence standing up for this beautiful planet and our future generations.

Al Gore On MTV: The Environmental Man In Black
"Last Thursday night I decided to allow my teen son to watch the MTV Video Music Awards. I admit I'm not too keen regarding all of the current music out there, but I also remember what it was like when I was his age following my own beat, so I wanted to watch it with him to take part in something he liked. I didn't see the beginning where they announced the guests, so when I had watched as much as I could and was going to leave he said, "don't leave mom, there's a surprise coming."
Then I see Al Gore all dressed in black come out on stage to give a message to the younger generation of our country and I said, "I love this man." I love him because it was an important message that this world's environment is in crisis
..." politicalcortex
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