Thursday, September 28, 2006

Life Changing Thinking

We are all well aware by now on how important our mind is to achieving a happy, peaceful and joyful life. 'Think it and it shall be', these words and many others like them have been said throughout the ages.

Affirmations have played a big part throughout my life, and I'm reminded again from this article to turn to them once more in my spiritual practice. All of these techniques certainly work. Look back throughout your life and you'll see quite easily how when you truly wanted something, when you thought about a certain thing or person that it or they came into your life.

As I pointed out earlier people throughout the ages have known about the power of the mind, and now scientist's have finally realized it as well. So I can fully recommend letting the universe, God, source what ever you want to call it, know what you would like to come into your life. Notice how I didn't use the word want, because when you say that you want something that tells the universe that you are lacking and the thing your wanting will never come. I know it sounds strange, just trust.

Say It! Believe It! Do It!
"As I commence writing this particular article, I am reminded of what Dr. Napoleon Hill once said, "What the mind of man can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE, it can ACHIEVE."
What mighty power there is in that well known saying. Dr. Wayne Dyer puts it like this, "Believing is Seeing," and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said "When you change your THINKING, you change your LIFE
." thenassauguardian
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At 6:15 AM, Shane said...

"When myou change your thinking, you change your life" Great message :)



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