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  • Surfing Through Spirituality - This might not seem interesting to allot of you but for me its wonderful to see how many different souls on this planet find their way to enlightenment and spiritualism. Steven Kotler's book "West of Jesus" looks like a great read, how through surfing he has found God, mysticism, spirituality, oneness and joy.
  • Soul Power - For years we've been hearing about the power of the mind, how through our thoughts we can manifest anything we want, from money to love. This concept certainly works, but is there something even more powerful then the mind?
  • Deepak Chopra Attacked - Looks like people are living in and talking about fear again so what's new on this planet. I found some beautiful beings attacking Deepak Chopra and alternative healers.
  • Wayne Dyer's Secret To Joy - Dr. Wayne Dyer is a one of the worlds most popular self-help gurus. In an interview with Glenn Paskin, Dyer explains how we ourselves can create the life we dream of.
  • Interview with Dr. Wayne Dyer - In the interview Dr. Dyer talks about God, passion, and his own life in general. Dr. Dyer is also releasing a new book this month called, Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling.
  • Tantra and Spiritual Growth - What is Tantra exactly? Is it more than sexual pleasure? I found and article that explains some of the myths that are associated with Tantra.
  • Experiences With The Divine - Here's and article on divine experiences that everyday people have. It tells stories of peoples experiences when divine intervention happens and how it can change their lives.
  • Angels What Are they?Who are they? - For centuries humans have been fascinated by angels. Here is an article that explains some of the questions people most commonly ask.
  • Top Three Energy Portals In the world - A spiritual travel writer talks in his article about meeting a Peruvian man called Antón Ponce de León Paiva, who was taught by his elders about the secrets of his ancestors the Incas.
  • Indigo children Who Are They? - Metagifted has a very in depth article on Indigo children, it answers all the questions on who exactly are Indigo children. It explains what time frame they are between and how to distinguish if your child is one.
  • Personal Development Expo - The Personal Development Expo is on in the United Kingdom in the 28th and 29th of January. There's an impressive list of exhibitors and seminars listed, covering things like health, relationships, wealth, and spiritual growth.
  • Staying Positive Despite Negative News - In today's society the media are continually bombarding us with negative news from around the globe. Here's a wonderful article on viewing life through spirit and seeing life with loving eyes and having a more positive outlook on the world in which we share.

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