Monday, June 12, 2006

Ba`kalema's Messages

Here are some more messages I channeled on my little pilgrimage to the Blue Mountains. I'll get the photos on the next edition. I realized why the book "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho came across my path again and that is the full realization that Im following my personal legend as he would call it. In other words Im following what I came to this earth to fulfill and that is following my heart and dreams, doing what I love. You'll know what you are meant to do, what your destiny is, its easy just ask yourself "WHAT BRINGS ME THE MOST JOY AND HAPPINESS IN MY LIFE?" and go do it.

It's as simple as that! Life is pretty simple its just we like to complicate things as much as possible, the real truth of the matter is it's our mind, our ego that complicates things and that's usually fear based, no is always fear based. I know if you read this straight away that most of your minds will say "oh it's not as easy as that" and your mind will give you a thousand excuses that it is impossible to just drop everything and start following your heart. I also know that most thoughts will be around money, how can I survive? How can I support my family?Well I tell you now you weren't born to survive you were born to flourish in God's playground and when you start doing what you love doing the universe will fully support you in all areas.

What I also learned this week was that Im a FREE MAN!!! I can just about everyday of the week do what I want when I want to do it. When I so called have to go to work to earn money(healing work) I don't call it work I call it fun, I think of how lucky I am, how blessed I am and how grateful to God, Goddess and the whole universe for my life.

I remember a fellow work colleague where I used to work telling me "I cant wait to retire, Im going to retire at 56 yrs old(he is now 42 yrs old) so I don't have to do this pathetic job anymore and I don't have to work for someone I don't even like". To this I said "Im retiring at the start of next year", he laughed at me,"what do you mean?", "I mean Im leaving this job and following my dreams, doing what I love, not having hopefully to work for someone ever again. To me I'll be retired because everyday I'll do what I want and what God wants, just like a retired person, the only difference is I did it at 34 yrs old and most of society does it at 65 yrs old or older now."

Another thing I realized is that if you work five days a week at a job you hate or for someone you despise, get four weeks holidays a year you get 129 days where you do what you want to do, that's out of 365 days a year(about one third), not many hey, then when you think about it, times 129 by lets say the average working persons life (these are the people who hate their job, boss etc) 65 yrs you get roughly 8385 days (give or take a few) in your life where you can do what you want, not many is there. So what am I trying to say?If you have a dream follow it with all your passion, heart and energy, don't stop until you've given it all you've got then at lease you know what its like to truly live.

Ba`kalema's messages
The ego is as fragile as and egg shell
Yet we give it such strength
We let it become as hard as granite
When we allow the flow of God's love
To wash over us
Sooner or later even granite will succumb
To the power of ALL THAT IS

If you think you are not of this world you're right
The only world that exists is yours
Everyone else on the planet are all living in different world's
No two are the same

You Have no limitations when you fully understand and embody
That you are an instrument of God a divine spark of God
Nothing is impossible when God dwells within

Seek not for solitude in a cave
Contemplation in a temple
Enlightenment in an ashram
For this way is of old paradigms
The most magnificent cave, temple and ashram that you will find
Is within you, it's in your heart
Where God the all loving, all knowing, all compassionate dwells
You can make a daily pilgrimage to this sacred place
Without going anywhere