Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mayan Video

Namaste to you all, well there's one thing I've found out travelling around Australia, they say that we're a developed country, well my friends as far as internet services go, we would rate worse then most third world countries. There's hardly any internet cafes in the middle of Australia and as far as wireless goes half of them haven't ever heard of it before.

Hence no posts or newsletters from Ascension Gateway. I'm in Alice Springs for awhile getting repairs to my car, so I now can get on the net, yippee.

I've wanted to place this video online for probably six weeks now, I found it very interesting as I'm sure most of you will. It certainly opens your eyes up to whats been unfolding around the globe, especially the stock markets and so on. It's not how I wanted to present it, but you'll get the idea. Ian makes alot of sense regarding the Mayan calendar, it certainly will be interesting to see what unfolds.