Saturday, November 22, 2008

Aussie Adventure

Namaste everyone, well I finally made it to Broome, which is on the coast of Western Australia.You wouldn't believe how ecstatic I was to finally swim in the ocean again. It had been about nine or ten weeks since I'd seen the ocean and to a surfer that's agony. I couldn't believe my luck, I actually got to go surfing yesterday, it was only small but it was still big enough to catch a few. I've been able to stand back and witness how more centred and happy I am when I'm near the ocean, I feel a completely different person when near the water.

These next few posts I'm just going to place mainly pictures on them so you can all see what a wonderful country australia is.
Just playing with the camera.

This was taken in South Australia, the area is a few hours south of Adelaide.
We both enjoyed this area immensely.

One of the many problems crossing the country, I was fast asleep and Elisenda was driving,
boy what a fright I had when it exploded, thank god
Elisenda was able to control the car.

Another boarder crossing.

We just crossed the boarder of South australia and the Northern Territory
when we came across a few wedge tail eagles. When I went over to take some photo's
I found two huge tail feathers, we both thought it to be a blessing and a good sign.

This photo was taken on the way, it's actually sand under the fog,
I think we were just starting to hit the desert at this time.

This was taken just outside of Coober Pedy, we finally made it to the desert.

We were told about a place in Coober Pedy where you could camp underground.
This was one of the air shafts, it certainly was an experience.