Monday, July 28, 2008

Short Aussie Trip

Namaste to you all,
through my travels around the web I came across this little message. Hope you enjoy it, as I have.

May all my wishes come true.
May all my suffering come to the end.
May all my happiness be fulfilled.

May all wishes of people I love come true.
May all sufferings of people I love come to the end.
May all happiness of people I love be fulfilled.

May all wishes of people I hate come true.
May all suffering of people I hate come to the end.
May all happiness of people I hate be fulfilled.

May all wishes of people who hate me come true.
May all sufferings of people who hate me come to the end.
May all happiness of people who hate me be fulfilled.

May all wishes of all living things come true.
May all sufferings of living things come to the end.
May all happiness of living things be fulfilled.


I wanted my two Catalan companions to experience
as much of the Australian culture as possible.
Part of that culture (for good or bad) is drinking copious amounts alcohol. So first stop was a famous pub on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

As you can see Aussies certainly have some strange terms for things.

I tried to take Antoni out in the bush to see his first kangaroos
in the wild. It didn't happen. Then when we arrived at my parents
place, they said: "Oh!, just go down to the University; their are there all the time".
So we did and here we are, a family of kangaroos.

This was taken in the rainforest, in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.

Finally after a few days we arrived on Fraser Island. I believe that to really
see this big, rugged country of ours, 'four wheel drives' are a must. There's endless beaches
and rainforest all around Australia.

One of the local inhabitants....yes! it's a dingo.

There were heaps of beautiful forests all over Fraser, certainly great for tree

Our first night on Fraser Island. Antoni had never had roasted
marshmallows, so he was like a little kid who'd just been let loose in
a candy store.

Some of the wildlife on Fraser.

Some more wildlife of Fraser, probably one of the most beautiful
creatures that I've ever seen in the wild...he he
This is my beautiful partner Elisenda.

This is Orchid Beach. I felt it was the best place on the island.
We were very fortunate, we were the only ones camping on the whole
beach, ahhh!... paradise.

After a few days on Fraser we took my car back to Brisbane
and hired a van to take us to Cairns. What a ride!, hardly anything worked
on it and by the time we got to Cairns, we thought we'd have to push it
for the last fifty kilometres. In a way it made the trip more fun (in a testing kind of way).

We stopped in a place where I lived sixteen years ago. It's called Bowen. At that
time I felt it had some of the best beaches in Queensland,
and it still has. Its one of the only places I've revisited that hasn't
changed too much.

Another friend we spotted along the way. I haven't seen an echidna for a long time.

We stopped in a few more places on the way up. We finally arrived
in Cairns. A lady told us to go to a special animal park just outside
of the city. What a great place! I know its not as good as the wild,
but Antoni only had a few days left so I thought it would be better
to see some of the animals that he hadn't seen before. It was my first
time ever to see a baby koala. Boy, they are cute.

This strange looking bird is a Cassowary. It's almost alien-like.

We went on a boat ride and feed some of the locals. Crocodiles are everywhere
around the northern end of Australia.

Ahhh... one back for the humans. Don't worry! There were no animals
harmed in this photo, it was already dead... Its a baby
crocodile we found on a beach.

As I said once to an english friend of mine in India: "if the spiders don't kill you
inside the house, the snakes will kill outside of your house.
Up this way, if the crocs don't kill you and if the deadly stingers don't
kill you, the sharks will!", and now, an added danger: the deadly out!!!

Waiting for the plane to go back home, what a trip...

The only picture of the trip home...

Ahhh.... back in Byron Bay.