Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lasting Change

For the past few weeks I've had many experiences that keep pointing to a very important subject -"how to make positive changes last?". I read an article on this issue today and again parts of my being feel that a lot of what so called "self-help experts" are telling us doesn't give the whole picture.

The article I had read is from a very famous author and after reading it, part of me still feels there are some major components missing. They don't tell you how to truly move through your stuff to have a more permanent state of happiness, joy and love. Now there was a time in my life where I believed that if we truly wanted to move into a permanent state of open heartedness, unconditional love and joy it could be achieved in this life time; if this was your heart's desire. Many people laughed and some even ridiculed me for suggesting such a thing. Well, as I write this, I realise that there's part of me that still feels that this can be achieved. I ask you this one question; if you are a person that believes in ascended masters eg Jesus, Buddha and Babaji then what is one of the main messages that every single one of these masters passes on? 'You can do and achieve as I have done'.

Why do humans limit themselves, settle for second best, choose to believe that there are limits to what we can do and achieve? simple 'FEAR'. Right from when we're born most of the human population is bombarded with limiting thought beliefs, words and action from every angle. Well, if you are another person that believes that 'we are all one' and that we are all, in essence, a seed from God. Then you'll have no problem in believing 'if they can do it (ascended masters) then so can I'. There are a few major things that keep us stuck and things that keep us repeating our old patterns.

Let's look at them; see, the thing that I find is a major problem in many self-help books is they seem to only focus on the mind. Yes, our mind is one of the most powerful instruments in the universe, but we must remember that we are all made up of many things and it is just one of the pieces that makes the whole. You see I had an amazing experience the other night. I was very fortunate to have had a deep, old wound come to the surface that needed to be recognised, loved and accepted. Now, seven years ago when I was going through a very emotional time after my divorce, I read alot of self-help books, I practiced every moment of the day turning my belief systems around into positive , loving ways of being. Well seven years later that exact same energy came to the surface; the difference this time, I have the tools and knowledge to move through it.

Why did this happen? Well for me, I know fully now, especially after the other night, part of my being was still carrying the wound or energy that was from that experience and to be truthful I bet you it was probably from an even earlier experience. What did I do different? I ALLOWED IT TO BE, I welcomed it for it is a part of me, I allowed my self to feel it deeply. It lasted for an hour, mind you it was very intense, the end result I know in my being that I have moved through it now. The lesson and experience is now complete and with that I am becoming a more loving whole being.

So, after all that, what I'm trying to understand? that there is a process for truly making a permanent change, first allow what ever it is, pain, fear, sadness etc etc to come up allow yourself to really feel it deeply, go right into the feeling, accept it on all levels and I can pretty much guarantee it will pass. After this process is complete then I believe this is the time to start on the positive thoughts, words and actions, in some way there is now a part of you that can now allow these processes to take root. In a way we could look at it as emptying your vessel to allow God/goddess to fill that void, with love.

What's another key in forming a new solid positive way of being? REPETITION. You must have a continuous flow of positive thoughts, words and actions to make a permanent change in your life. Now things will come to the surface that's guaranteed, depending on how much work you've done will depend on how often and severe it will be for you in your life and how much you want the lesson before you to drag out. But there's one thing I know somewhere, some part of me understands that it will slowly but surely dissipate over time if you have a true desire to live your life on this earth as if your living in heaven.

I reminded a friend the other day of a saying that I use to fully believe in and again am starting to use 'BE IN THE WORLD, BUT NOT OF THE WORLD' in other words be present and accepting of the world around you on all levels but remember not to get caught up in it, see it for what it truly is 'A WONDERFUL JOURNEY FROM ONE POINT TO ANOTHER'.


At 9:10 AM, edd666666 said...

Hi, great article I think you make some good points about how to achieve lasting change. As an author of the self-help book Sixty Seconds To Success, I understand why you say some of the material leaves out some key points. As to your point about working on change every day, here is a One Minute Motivator I recently sent out that speaks to that as well:
"Do something every day that you don’t want to do. You need to get out of your comfort zone, in order to grow. Doing new things can be as simple as taking a new route home, or having something different for lunch. Doing new things, forces us to look at new things, and that sparks creativity. Doing new things give you new knowledge and experiences, and this will ultimately change your behavior in some way. And you know if you want a different outcome, you need to do things differently."

OK, keep up the good work, Edward W. Smith,,

At 9:38 PM, ophiah said...

Hi Ed, thanks for your insight, never thought of that one, I'll certainly give it a go. For sure most humans get into their comfort zone, then their not challanged and when we're not challanged we dont grow. I love what you wrote on your website about thinking big etc. I had forgotten about that concept over the past few months, I used to use the word risk, I like your concept "BIG", I've had enough of playing small, it's time to step out. Blessings Ed, great work.


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