Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Inner and Outer Relationships

Circumstances over the past month have changed dramatically for me, is it because there has been a huge shift on the inner for me, then this reflects on my outer world, you bet. Going through what I'd gone through over the past few months, clearing's, deep reflection, facing my self with honesty and integrity and being fully aware of where I come from in all areas of my life, slowly but surely I've come through the other side with a new zest and deeper understanding of life. It's easy to get wayward on our own self-growth, to lose focus on what brings us joy and happiness and to forget about what's really important to us.

As I've said before there's now more distractions then ever in the history of the human race, everyone's so busy now we forget about ourselves. We give every excuse why we cant just sit and be, meditate and reflect on where we are in our lives. One of the biggest is when we're in a relationship, this is probably one of the greatest distractions of all if we allow it, because I know for me and alot of society, when we're in a relationship it's easy to fall into the trap of, first placing our inner focus on the person that is the subject of our love and affection and secondly if and when the relationship starts to fall apart we then do the old blaming game and focusing on trying to fix the other person instead of taking responsibility for our own actions. These are certainly fabulous distractions on not dealing with our own inner work.

The key I believe is to communicate right from the start to your partner, friends and loved ones that each and everyday you need time for reflection, meditation or just quite time. Establish this important boundary first off and stick to it. The important thing here though is making that commitment to yourself, if you cant commit to yourself then you wont be able to commit to anyone, simple.

Like any cycle in the universe relationships come and go, with ourselves and with others, for me now on a deeper level then I have ever had, I finally realise how important it is to have the discipline and commitment to having a strong loving relationship with my self each and everyday throughout my entire life. Through total commitment to one's self this is how we can make permanent, positive changes to ourselves which will effect all other areas of our lives. I looked at my current circumstances and at first I felt that I was upset to be alone again, but then I realised that in this word alone there is a key, for when we break it down and look at it, we see what it really stands for "AL-ONE", so over the past month that has been what I've achieved again, a deep connection to my self, to source and a deep commitment to inner work and reflection.

It was said to me by a beautiful friend of mine that her friend describes relationships as 'growth machines' and I fully agree, for me relationships are a necessity and show me where I'm at in regards to my self-worth and self-love. If we can take on the understanding that everyone, especially people that we have an intimate relationship with is a teacher and an angel sent to help us grow and learn more about ourselves, if we all looked at it like this there would be alot less hurt and bitterness in the world if the relationship has run its course and ended.

I personally couldn't be more grateful to the teacher/angel that had come into my life, she helped me learn more lessons about my self in such a short time then any other relationship I've had in the past it was such a blessing for me. I believe that everythings speeding up on all levels and what we may have taken to learn in say five to ten years in a relationship we now learn in say six to twelve months. I know in my heart that one of the biggest gifts that has come up for me through it was there was still alot of things that needed to be brought to light about my childhood and how it has effected me throughout my adult life, especially concerning relationships.

As I've been saying to all my beautiful friends lately, I have chosen to be at all times fully aware, real and come only from integrity in all areas and moments in my life. Now I'm not saying that I haven't been this way throughout my life, it's just I'm taking it to a new level, where I'm aware if on some level I'm trying to manipulate a situation in some way or unconsciously trying to get things to go my way, whether its for mine or the other persons highest good.

I gave a healing to a friend the other day and one of the things I pointed out to her was that when we choose to start loving, nurturing and respecting ourselves then and only then can we attract a person of like mind, its a natural law. I said to her 'IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN?' and this certainly goes for me as well, when will we finally choose to fully start loving ourselves and having a healthy relationship with ourselves first, to go within and not without. I have learnt so much through relationships and I feel now in my heart I would like to have a divine union with another being, to make two parts become one. I fully understand on a deeper level this can only be achieved when I have a divine union with my self first. I accept what has occurred in my life and don't regret anything, far from it, but I feel It really is time for me to make one of the biggest commitments a human being can make and that is the path of self-love.