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Astrology Influence

A friend of mine sent me this email last week explaining what's been happening to me and maybe allot of people for sometime. When I read it, it sure sounded like what I've been going through over the past few months and in a funny way it's good to know I'm not the only one.

I guess when I look back over the past three months it certainly has some merit. Though there is a part of me that cant help but think is it just another thing outside of myself that I think is effecting me, giving power to it, or can outer energies have this much influence in our lives? See this is just another thing that I'm trying to embody, I'm trying not to use the word understand because again is it just my mind that wants to understand and then I'll never fully know what is truth and what is illusion?

I wonder too, do I make it even more difficult on myself by trying to comprehend, trying to learn and embody some of life's deeper teachings, should I just let it all be? It was said to me the other day by a friend of mine, that another friend asked if I was still in my stuff? my friend replied 'yes'. Then my other friend went on to say,'he seems to have been in it for awhile and dragging it out a bit', well I thought to myself yes maybe I do, but I cannot deny what is coming up for me, I thought I could do what allot of people in this world do and just get over it, start thinking positive, fake it before you make it, change my attitude and so on and so on.

Well I'm sorry but I've tried just about every technique there is, from positive thinking to affirmations, feeling the emotion and then letting it go etc etc, and guess what in my heart I don't think they work, I think their just a band-aid effect. I'm hoping to find or a better word allow a new way of moving through our emotions a new way of coming through the other side. You see people like my friend who commented on why I'm dragging out my negative, depression or what ever you want to call it, they might come across most of the time as a positive person, an out going person, some would even say that they have got their stuff together, I see it completely different, if there's one thing I've learned to do very well and that's reading peoples energy, seeing through the masks and veils that they put up to the world. Now I don't go around reading people all day, for some reason when certain people are in my life I get shown at times their core wounds. When this friend of mine is my presence I see straight through her veils very easily and what I truly see isn't what shes trying to project out to the world.

So what is that I'm trying to say? is maybe by letting what ever you are feeling in each and every moment allow it to be what it is, don't make it wrong or right, don't make it anything, just allow it to be. Maybe we don't even have to know where its from just allow what is to just be, through acceptance peace will prevail. I realise too that allot of people in this world don't like to be around people who are going through a rough patch, they want to try and fix people, yes you might say they don't want to see friends and loved ones in pain, I can pretty much guarantee that maybe it hurts them because it brings up their stuff, if it wasn't in them too it wouldn't effect them.

And after all of this who really knows, are there different ways for each and everyone of us? probably, I hope we can understand the truth and the core to human emotions. I see day by day more and more people turning to anti-depressants, which I know some people need to get them back to some normality, but I feel allot of the time taking drugs is the easy way out, another quick fix. I mean when I was doing healing I worked out that about three out of five clients were on, or were going on anti-depressants and that's sad.

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Here's the latest: The Mercury retrograde alongside the solstice (and just the ascension process alone!) began a pattern that we are still experiencing. Some things are just plain weird right now, with stories and scenarios changing by the minute. There also seems to be much to do, oh much to do, and when one thing is finished, another arrives right on its heels. But the "weird" things that seem to be occurring are the most predominant, as much simply does not make sense.

Why? Because we are once again "re-calibrating" and restructuring. Much came to the surface because of the solstice/retrograde energies. This created a lot of debris in our paths, a big mish mosh of energies that were flying around with nothing left to adhere to, and basically a temporary holding pattern for many of us with some of our endeavors. Things, then, are not settled yet, or all the way into their new grooves and we cannot then, move forward until we get stabilized. When much is being purged or released, as was the case with the solstice/retrograde , the darker and denser energies move up and out. When much of these types of energies are flying around, it can create what feels like depression (and it can be very sudden and intense indeed), sadness, grief, a strong desire for something that feels right and better to arrive very soon, and even feelings of panic and great loss.

This is a typical ascension scenario. In the beginning years (from 2000 onward), depression was a continual epidemic because of this. Much has been transmuted and removed now, so this scenario only occurs here and there. If you are one who has been feeling depressed for quite some time, please take care of yourself and don't assume it is simply an ascension symptom. Medication may be required and a good doctor can really help. Most old souls, like we are,experienced abuse and suffering in our younger years (so we could transmute these energies for all of the planet through ourselves), and a great amount of healing can be required before we can move forward. But once we do, many more of the beautiful and glorious experiences seem to arrive in an avalanche!

Ascension depression comes in intense waves and lasts briefly. It can feel nearly unmanageable and it can go deep. But we are able to experience much bliss in between. This is the difference. It is the same with panic and anxiety, and waves of crying and sadness. They come and go, and are not always present. It can be quite challenging to know what is really going on at times. And the ascension process mimics menopause very closely, with short term memory loss, hot flashes and night sweats, heightened emotions, abdominal weight gain, food cravings, an inability to lose weight (no matter what we do!), sleeplessness, and the like. Only most men are having these symptoms as well! This latest round went deep. We excavated much. It was rough. And because of all these released energies flying around, our paths can get cloudy. It is hard to see with so much in our way. The beauty of the ascension process, is that as more and more gets cleared away, we are then able to really and truly "see" what is real.

All the peripherals are gone. We do not need them anymore. My husband Phil loves to cook. He is an awesome cook and does all the grocery shopping and prepares all the meals. Our refrigerator is usually very full. I am not used to this, as I am a terrible cook, and my refrigerator was always nearly empty. I am now having trouble "seeing" what is really in the refrigerator, as it is so full! But he knows what is in there, even if I don't. When much is temporarily in our paths, we can easily lose sight of where we once knew we were headed. We may not know what is going on. It can be tempting to come up with a new and sudden change of plans, as we are confused. But if we know that we are simply re-calibrating, and that much will become clearer when the debris clears, we can then move forward in a new and better way in the near future.

Basically, then, much has been disrupted and does not know where it belongs anymore. There are many old energies that are lost and without a home, as the older and lower vibrating energies can no longer reside in this new world. The energies have nothing to attach to, so "weird" things are occurring that do not make sense. But the "going deep into as yet un-attended to energies" scenario can create some wonderful things as well. Things that were on the back burner or were not ready for attention are suddenly needing assistance if we are to move forward.


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