Monday, September 17, 2007

The Nature of Things

I realised over the weekend there was one main ingredient I had forgotten, one vital piece of the journey that we're on, while we're here on this amazing planet. 'NATURE', yes I had forgotten how important nature is to our well being (silly billy, lol). I've surfed since I was twelve years old, there were times throughout my life when surfing was placed on the back burner. When I hit thirty, it became my passion once again.

For some unknown reason since coming back from India, I haven't surfed much at all. If there's one thing in my life I know creates, so much pleasure, joy, healing, oneness, peace etc etc, its surfing. I went for my first surf in three months, that's the longest I've stayed out of the water for years. I tell you I really like to make my growth periods very hard, no half heartedness here lol.

The other blessing I got to experience over the weekend, was going for a forest walk, the backyard of the house that I'm living at has a huge forest(how blessed am I). Now being an Aussie, some of you might question why I used the word forest instead of bush(to everyone that doesn't know outside of Australia, Australians call the forest, bush. We like to shorten everything, lol). Again when we look at the word 'FOREST', if we break it up what do we get? 'FOR-REST', and that's exactly what happens to our whole being on many levels, when we are surrounded by nature.

So please remember as I have done once again, how much of a necessity it is to connect to nature. If there's one thing that will uplift your spirits and open your heart its mother nature. This is why its called 'MOTHER NATURE' because what do mothers do for us 'THEY NURTURE US'. That's probably why they didn't need to change the word 'NURTURE' much, because 'NATURE and NURTURE' mean the same thing.

Now when I go surfing, I just don't go surfing, I'm fully aware of the cleansing powers of the ocean. I call the ocean 'sister sea' and I ask her to cleanse my whole being, from my auric field right down to the cell's of my body. Being in the water also allows me to let any frustrations out, so as I'm paddling I place my head under the water and give a good old scream from the depths of my being. You'll be amazed how freeing it is, many of us especially in the West don't allow ourselves to let go, you might not realise how much energy you store in your body.

Through learning Ka Huna massage, I quickly realised how much the human body stores energy. One of the main areas that I found held alot of energy was the jaw. Think about it, every time you hold back on saying something, every time you don't speak out, energy has to go some where. When its to do with communication that energy remains in the jaw. So make it part of your weekly or even daily ritual to have a good old fashion scream, I guarantee you'll feel a whole lot better for it.

Make being in nature a priority if you can, I know just by the two fantastic experiences I had over the weekend, I feel awesome. It's wonderful to have that spark, spring and spirit in my soul again. Like everything you do throughout your day place out an intention, when you do get to go into nature, ask to be cleansed, ask for guidance on what ever is troubling you. Above all have gratitude to God/Goddess remind yourself how blessed you are to be here, to be able to experience such a precious, wonderful gift and that gift is 'LIFE' it's self.



At 1:50 AM, Anonymous said...

we can all join forces to protect nature

At 3:48 AM, ophiah said...

yes that's for sure, we will not survive without it.

At 7:35 PM, Anonymous said...

it's fantastic to read and feel that your in such a beautiful space of peace and clarity...thankyou for sharing your truly are a amazing being...much love and blessings to you brother and friend..N

At 3:09 AM, ophiah said...

Why thank you for your loving comment, as I've said throughout the years 'one wouldnt recognise, something in another being, unless they had it in themselves', it's the reflection. It's sad though, when people dont see that amazing being, when someone is going through their stuff. The true essence of unconditional love' the key to all that is real love is to see that amazing being in all our brothers and sisters, not just when their shinning. To fully embody the understanding of unconditional love, the biggest test is to remain open hearted, loving and compassionate to all beings especially when there in their pain. Many blessings to you N I hope your new path brings you much joy and happiness.


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