Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Wave of Love

I was at a wonderful luncheon on Sunday with some amazing people, my good friend who organised the day showed me this very interesting website called universallifetools. The movie, which is what it's all about was fascinating. See for yourselves, I'm certainly going to follow it, because for along time now I've been a very strong advocate on self-love. I know through self-love the whole world will change, I know it's one of, if not the reason why where all here.

The universe works in so many wondrous ways, I had made a commitment last week to look within and find that greatest love of all "self-love". I guess I've realised we don't ever lose it, so I've nothing to look for, I just have to get back to my self and tap into that nurturing, unlimited well of energy that sits deep inside all of us. So of course the universe brings in experiences, people and things to assist us on our journey and this is one of them for me and maybe for you. I know I have to go back first to the basics and that is self-acceptance, over the past few months that's even been hard to have, India sure shook me up lol.

I was first shown codes at a Wesak festival seven years ago and I got alot of benefit out of them, then about five years ago I attended a Sacred Mystery School for a year, they were big on codes as an activation and healing tool. Most of the group draw codes to assist themselves and others, I've done a few my self over the years.

I found a book of mine the other day that was going to be a journal, you guessed it, I started but didn't keep it going, the entry that I did have was dated the 30th of October 2005, it was nice to read what I was experiencing and thinking at the time, I now find this little message I wrote appropriate for me now as it was back then.

The Return
As the river of self-love returns back to me
Again will I drink and dive in it
Replenishing my self once again
There will be no dam strong enough to hold it back
I shall release it like a flood that covers all of my universe
It will wash my inner world as well as my outer world
For it is time to drown once again in the sacredness of love
How blessed am I a child of God.