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Spiritual and Inspirational Poems
Browse through inspirational and spiritual poems submitted by contemporary poets from all over the world. If you also write poetry and would like to share with our visitors, please submit it here.

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  • J. Perry Alldredge - American poet writing about god and spirituality.
  • Tushar Arora - Indian poet writing about life, love and spirituality.
  • Roy Austin - British poet writing about life, love and spirituality.
  • Bakalema - Australian poet writing about life, love and spirituality.
  • Dana Cardoza - Dana is based in the USA.
  • Aaron Covington - Aaron lives in the USA, his poems include writing about god and spirituality.
  • Cyndarion - Colombian born poet, now living in the U.S.A.
  • James Farah - American born poet writing poetry about believing in life and love.
  • Robert Gresak - Inspiring poet from South Africa.
  • Tony Haynes - American poet writing about God.
  • Ryan Jacobs - Poet residing in the USA, writing poems about life, death and spirituality.
  • Robert LiveLearn - Poet from the USA, who writes about God and spirituality.
  • Shametra Mcgregor - American poet writing about God and love.
  • Michael - Australian poet writing about love and spirituality.
  • Michael H - Poet based in Surrey, England, writing inspiring spiritual poems.
  • Oriya - Poet born in Israel, now living in california in the USA, Oriya inspires collecting individuation for a harmonious planet.
  • Mary Pat Nally - Based in the US, writing poems about life love and god.
  • Julie Pisacane - American poet writing about life, love and solitude.
  • Augusto Poderes - Augusto resides in Juncos, Puerto Rico, poet writing about life, oneness, truth and spirituality.
  • Barbara Callahan Quin - Residing in The United States of America, Barbara is a passionate poet writing spiritual poems on love, oneness and spirit.
  • Debra A Richter - Poet from the USA writing about the joy's of life and spirit.
  • Guthema Roba - American based poet writing poems about life and god.
  • Robert - South African based poet, writing about life and spirituality.
  • Robin J - Australian poet now living in Canada writing about life, love and angels.
  • Mimi Robins - Former social worker who is experiencing an amazing,
    artistic, creative, poetic retirement while living in Brookline, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

  • Chris Roe - English poet writing about love and life.
  • Dimlo Sighs -London based poet writing about god and life.
  • Teri Leigh Teed - Poet now living in the USA writing about love and life.
  • Marijke Verkerk - Poet, Master of Metaphysical science, artist, certified rebalancer, national speaker from the Netherlands.

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