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Reality by Dana Cardoza

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Reality Poem by Dana Cardoza
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet Dana Cardoza.
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I'm just a darkened angel
that fell with broken wings
I know I'll make it back someday
amungst the queens and kings

I am here till I can fly
and teach someone to soar
I am here to pick them up
when they can't anymore

I came to say that there's still hope
and I heard that from above
so see me as a messenger
for those affraid to love

There is no second chance at life
and no guarantees' on time
so help us all to heal the world
by doing deeds instead of crime

A simple thing we all must learn
is that a smile will show you care
I'ts easier to sleep at night
when it's ended with a prayer

The more days I have left here
the more friends I will make
the faith that was instilled in me
allows my spirit to awake

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Reality by the Poet Dana Cardoza

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