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Gratitude by Mary Pat Nally

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Gratitude - Poem by Mary Pat Nally
An inspirational poem submitted by the poet Mary Pat Nally.
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When I wake in the morning
and I don’t know what to do
I open my mind and I open my heart
Then I thank God for you

When the words won’t come
and there is much to be done
I know that I will be ok
I sit very still and open my soul
as I live, breathe and pray

I wonder where my life is headed
I hope I do not fail
I trust my God and I trust my faith
Sometimes I want to bail

When I doubt myself
or my purpose on earth
When I haven’t got a clue
I look in my heart
where love got its start
I smile and thank God for you

The value of my life on earth
is not measured in Silver or Gold
It is in the love I share with others around
as I watch my life unfold

I am living my life in faith
One step at a time
I am embracing my presence
Here on this earth
I am strengthened as I climb

I am traveling through the mountains
The valleys and the seas
I am letting go of all the hurts
And releasing the need to please

When my life seems empty
and I wonder What do I have to give?
I know that I am supported and loved
I am learning lessons as I live

I am opening up my Heart
I am opening up my Soul
I am opening my life
to a new way of being
I know that I am already whole

You see me as I am
There is nothing I need to do
I want you to know
You have touched my Heart
I thank God for you.

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Gratitude by the Poet Mary Pat Nally

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