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After Life by Ryan Jacobs

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After Life Poem by Ryan Jacobs
Collection of inspirational poems submitted by the poet Ryan Jacobs.
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After Life

it is peaceful;
in the quiet resting place.
The trees grow there;
beyond the cemetery,
were Earth springs blossom from brethren blood.
At the precise moment when the morning brume meets bright light;
in which, the sun hast chosen to rise above the land.
Feel abundant spirit!
Use vivid imagination to bring it into view;
the bark appears to blister,
having had splintered;
separating layers upon layers,
they represent years of torture and death.
The vain pulsates throughout the trunk;
limbs stray ever so graceless,
alike the rigor mortis of finger tips.
Raise up to God;
ye ol’ burial ground!
Envision hands that twitched as the cadaver convulsed;
drawing its last breath,
opening sparsely apart;
twisting and curling in agonizing pain.
No life will be spared!
It is given unto another;
one whom we call our brother.
All is forgiven as we sacrifice for the living.

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After Life by the Poet Ryan Jacobs

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